(Closed) Dog licking is driving me INSANE

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I can definitely relate. More than likely it allergies.  My dog used to do that & that’s what the vet said.  You can get a special shampoo from the vet & also give them benadryl. 

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Worker bee

Sounds like an allergy. I feed my dog a hypoallergenic food because he has an allergy which causes skin discomfort, rashes, ear infections. the change in food has erraticated all issues. common food allergies include grains, beef and/or chicken. If you can get a grain ffee food with alternate protein this could be a good trial. if that doesn’t work it could be a behavioral issue. Try to deter his/her attention in a positive way and uses positive encouragement, ie a squeaky toy when licking starts, and a good dog praise when the licking stops. 

id also get a second opinion from another vet. The shot thing isn’t usualy first steps for a allergy. You need to know the source of the allergy in order to eliminate it. food allergies are notorious for exacerbating other allergies. 

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We have a beagle mix that licks constantly, but it’s not just herself…She licks whatever she is laying on, another pet, etc. it’s annoying, but I don’t scold her or get onto her bc it’s instinct, and she isnt harming anyone/herself. If she was licking herself to the point where she had hotspots, then I would seek treatment to try and get her to stop. 

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My dog licks his penis constantly LOL. It’s gross. Even the other dog licks his penis sometimes, I don’t know what the deal is with that thing! I asked the vet about it and they said it was normal.

I agree though that it could be skin related. Are you feeding her good food? You really should be feeding her a grain free high quality food. I really like Merrick. Blue Buffalo is good, but it is really fatty and probably not good for an older dog who may be less active. You could also try a fish oil suppliment for dry skin.

It’s also possible that this is entirely behavioral. She may just be getting some relief from licking herself. 

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Buzzing bee

I sympathize with you because I know the sound can be annoying, but as annoyed as you are, she’s  probably going crazy with some kind of skin allergy or rash. I dealt with a severe skin allergy this summer and it was a pretty miserable experience to constantly have to stop myself from scratching.

Please think about going to another vet for a second opionion. It may be something as simple as contact dermatitis, which means you’re allergic to some chemical that your skin comes into contact with. For example, is she sleeping on a blanket that gets washed in a detergent that bothers her? I had to switch to fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic laundry detergent. Does your dog run outside in grass that has been sprayed with a weed killer chemical? Could it be her flea medication or the type of shampoo you’re using on her at bath time? Just a few ideas.

Also — right now one of our dogs is having a problem with inflamed skin in the crevices of her paws. We have been using generic, anti-itch hydrocortisone cream from the drug store (super cheap) and it is helping her a lot!

Good luck, I hope you can solve the problem!

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My shih tzu used to do this. Turns out his skin was dry because we were feeding him crappy grocery store dog food. Once we switched to crazy expensive grain free corn free salmon dog food he stopped. 

You could also try adding like a teaspoon of coconut oil to her food to moisturize her skin From the inside 

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Totally sounds like allergies. Dogs can take Benedryl but ask your vet first! My boss’s lab has to take it, and it helps a ton. Also, she says fall is always really bad? (also since we’re from the same area, she says this year has been the worst by far- Benedryl stopped working and she had to take her back to the vet and get a different med, but it worked immediately!) Good luck, girl.

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One issue is the dog food you’re feeding her. It contains menadione, a vitamin K supplement. It has been known to cause allergies. It is expensive to feed dogs, but if they need better food, they need better food. If anything, just feed the dog with issues better food. Kirkland’s food from Cosco is highly rated and the big bags are quite affordable.<strong style=”box-sizing: border-box; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”><br />

There was a study done last year that found dogs who licked compulsively were found to have GI disorders.

It could also be anxiety. You have a new baby and maybe the dog isn’t getting the love he used to.

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One of my dogs licks his paws constantly during the spring and fall. My vet and I are pretty sure that there is some allergen in my grass that is bothering him. His paws also get red and look a little inflamed, especially around this nail beds. We give him prescription prednisone when it’s really bad, but we have to be careful with it because they can easily build an immunity and you have to taper them off the drug. Vet said giving him half a benedryl is fine also, but it makes him so sleepy! 

Does your dog have ‘hot spots?’ I also agree with others that switching his/her food would be a good bet. We’ve always fed ours Blue Buffalo.

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Your pooch could have an anxiety problem or OCD too. I know that sounds weird, but it’s legit.

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MrsPhishBee:  Do we have the same dog?  Mine does it currently because he’s recovering from fleas and is itchy, but he makes the grossest noises and I HATE IT lol.

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My family had a dog for 10+ years that licked her foot constantly. Same foot, same spot. Her vets. said it was an anxiety issue. She was a rescue that had a tough life before coming into our lives. She was an amazing dog and would stop if you told her “no lick.” Nothing else (cones, socks, liquid bandaids), but the “no lick” worked. It was not her fault. And despite it all she was a pretty happy and spoiled dog that lived a nice, long life.

We have a short coated dog that is sensitive to something in the desert that we can’t pinpoint. Everytime we come back from playing in the open space his skin gets a little red. I will wipe him down with a wet washcloth and then rub coconut oil on him and it clears up in no time.

How often do you bathe your dog? Too many baths with harsh shampoos dry out the skin and could make the situation even worse.

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