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Sugar bee
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It’s always entertaining! lol

Pups have a playmate

Fiance and I each have a dog to walk

You have two dogs!



Food and vet bills are more expensive

Sometimes they get a little carried away when they play and get a little loud (I just moved from a house to an apartment so this isn’t ideal at midnight! lol)

It’s harder to find someone to watch them when we go out of town


I love having two dogs though.  I think my younger dog keeps my older dog on his toes! (or paws, whichever you prefer)

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Bumble bee
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We LOVE owning two dogs. It gives the other someone to play with. Our boys are about a year apart. I do wish we waited a little longer, only because I know when one dies, the other will be coming up, as they are both ‘bigger’ dogs (55-60lbs and 85-90lbs).

There are downsides, and not just cost of vet/boarding/etc. If you have kids, what about a  big enough car for both dogs? We travel with ours and already are trying to figure out how to make it work with  baby and two dogs in our small SUV (CR-V). Weren’t planning to have a baby so soon, but it’s a little late now πŸ™‚

Otherwise, we love it. Just make sure you match personality and energy levels.

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OP thanks for asking this question, I have been debating adding a 2nd puppy to our family as well, we also just adopted a new puppy at the end of June, but I feel guilty because we leave him alone while at work and would love a 2nd puppy for him, but then I fear he would feel that I don’t love him anymore….so I am torn….. here’s my little guy….love him to pieces….

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Buzzing bee
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I just got my 3rd dog so I definitely can relate to wanting more furry friends!

Pros of having 2 (or 3, or more!) dogs:

-They have someone to interact and play with when you can’t

-Dogs enjoy packs and will be calmer overall

-Fun to watch them play!

-At least for us, house training was easier b/c the new dog sees the “correct” behavior

-More love to go around


-One dog starts barking, everyone starts barking

-Increased food/vet/grooming bill… if your dogs are small, the increase in food is negligible though

-More fur in your house if your dogs shed (see my post today about how I need to get a house cleaning service)

-“Only child” dog may not appreciate his new friend at first–but they will eventually get along.

My 3 the other day:

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i love that my little guy has a friend to play with instead of lazing about. con- much easier to get into trouble. walking them together can also be an issue. if you walk them by yourself be prepared to get tangled up. my 2 love running around me.  also if one is easy to train, dont expect both of them to be. my baby girl is very hard to train. 

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Getting a second dog is tied for the best decision of my life (the other being getting a dog in the first place). They are BEST friends. The older taught the younger how to play and how not to act (put him in his place if ever the younger got testy). Plus it is SO much easier to train the second dog when the first dog knows a handful of commands. I know the one you’re thinking of is the same age as Comet, but the principle stands. Dogs are WONDERFUL at following good examples. If one sees the other being loved on for not barking, there’s a better chance that the other will follow suit (eventually). 

Cons include the opposite of my last point. Dogs will also pick up BAD behaviors from other dogs. Fawkes, my younger, is a barker. He’s obnoxious about it. Before him, Cosmo didn’t bark. Neither did Kloe or Rigby, when we got them. But Fawkes…he’s turned them all into barking heathens. 

But then we’re back to the pros. SO MUCH LOVE. And they have a friend all the time so they’re less likely to be lonely. But they could egg each other on with chewing stuff. Or they could keep each other company in a large kennel or cordoned off area so they DON’T chew stuff. 

Me, I’m all for having more than one dog. It gets lonely during the day. I’d be out of my mind crazy if I didn’t have dogs with me at home, and I’m a human! I have other forms of entertainment! But they at least have each other.

One major difficulty I faced was finding an apartment that allowed two dogs. Two large dogs. A lot of places have a 25-pound combined weight limit around here. When Paul and I moved in together, we then had an interesting time finding a house for rent whose owner would let us have THREE large dogs — and then the crazy people agreed to let us get a fourth! I don’t regret any of the decisions we’ve made, but I do worry sometimes that if we ever have to leave, we won’t be able to find a place that allows us four dogs. I know we will always be able to find SOMETHING, but it’s a panic I feel from time to time. 

(I skipped over the vet bills and food bills and general costs and whatnot; those were covered.) 

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Sugar Beekeeper

@Pomapoo:  I see a POM! πŸ™‚

I am a proud mom of two furbabies and I love every minute of it. Those two are insperable and cannot stand to be apart. When we just had our male he showed signs of boredom and would be quite destructive….those issues cleared up immediately when we got our female.

Yes it is a bit more of a hassle and the costs certainly increase but for us those “cons” were minor in comparison to the benefits of having our two fur babies. I don’t think we would be up for a third dog though unless it was a special circumstance, rescue/adoption etc.

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Bumble bee
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I wouldn’t worry about your pup feeling bad if you get another dog.  My dogs love one another.  They romp around the house and play.  They tag team on begging for food and treats.  They lay together when they sleep.  They pick on one another…they honestly do pick on one another in a very calculated way.  It’s so cute. 

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We adopted a second dog about 2 years ago. We were hoping that since our first dog has gone blind that the second dog would act as his ‘eyes’. Didn’t turn out that way, but I wouldn’t change anything. Shadow is a complete goofball and makes us laugh on a daily basis. Doobie is just one giant sweethart.

The cons would be additional vet and food costs, but we were ok with those.

Just because other people have posted their fur babies.

Doobie our 3 legged husky mix.

Shadow the wonder dog.

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No regrets after we decided to adopt a second furbaby. We had a big moose of a dog already, and we adopted a smaller girl dog, who has essentially become my fiance’s little princess (little by comparison…she’s 45 pounds to our older dog’s 100 pounds). 


  • They love to play together
  • If one learns a trick, the other watches and learns it faster afterward
  • One dog for each human to pet
  • They’re just so freaking cute when they snuggle together (see below)


  • If your dog is dominant, make sure to find a submissive dog to adopt. The second dog we adopted was very dominant from the start and was put off by our first dog’s large size…but luckily, he’s pretty submissive, and now they get along well.
  • They can get rowdy playing with each other inside, which occassionally results in stuff being knocked over
  • Obviously, you go through 2x as much food, 2x as many toys, and 2x as many vert bills

ETA: We took our older dog to the shelter once we’d decided to adopt in order to introduce them on “neutral” ground. I’d definitely recommend this because dogs can have a bad first meeting when one of them is on his/her home turf and feeling territorial.

(Attempting to fit in the smaller dog’s bed together)

(“We brought you a stick!”)

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I wish I could get another dog.  But my brother-in-law has three dogs (Great Dane, Boxer, Golden Retriever) and my mother-in-law has two dogs (2 Golden Retrievers).  Needless to say, the Holidays are already ridiculous with 6 dogs.  So I’m bummed about it.

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@Treejewel19:  He’s actually a Pomapoo (like my name–pom/poodle mix).  Your pomeranians are sooo cute!  I would have all poms/pom mixes if they weren’t such crazy shedders–I think they are so adorable and cuddly and smart.

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