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    I’ve had my dog for eight years, and he’ll probably still be around when my Fiance start having kids – which I imagine will be somewhere between three to five years from now. There’s a good chance we’ll get another dog before that as well. 

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    I think a dog is good practice for taking care of someone who needs alot of attention and care. If trained right they don’t have to be a big handful and can be lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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    It depends.  If you (general you) are the type to use a dog as a stand-in because you’re baby crazy then get rid of it once you have a baby because you’re too busy, or the dog is too hyper, or sheds too much, or blah blah blah, then baby first.  

    If, however, a dog would still be a beloved member of the family even after a human baby was added to the family, then I think the dog should come first.  

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    We have a dog now, I got him when I was moving into an apartment alone. He is young and most certainly will be around when we have kids. I can’t imagine growing up without pets!! We always had something.

    I think the key is, if you have a dog first, work on training it (keep it from jumping, walking well on the leash, control barking, listen well to commands, get it used to being woolied and pulled on some, not snapping about food/toys that kind of thing) so that when there is suddenly also a screaming child, there isn’t a badly behaved dog too. I think that is more where people get in trouble with having a dog before baby. Some things that aren’t such a big deal suddenly are serious issues when the dog wakes baby up every 20 minutes barking at squirrels outside the window or knocks over a toddler because it was never taught not to jump.

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    I have 2 rabbits and one will be coming to live with us (sadly, my boy*** has to stay with my mom…he’s too big for our apartment, plus he’s a “senior citizen” now and I don’t want to put him through the stress of moving…I feel bad about it, but I think the best option is for him to  live out his life in familiiar surroundings, cared for by a person he loves just as much as he loves me).  

    The rabbit who is coming with us is still young, so she should still be alive if/when we start having kids.  I would never get rid of a pet just because I had a baby.  

    ***I also just want to add that I never would have gotten him if I’d had any idea I’d be moving within his lifetime, as I believe in thinking ahead before getting a pet.  I got him before I met my fiance.   

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    We’re planning to get a dog once our kids are like 5+.  I would have gotten a dog first if I’d been in a lifestyle and house that would be fair to it years ago because I think an adult dog would be fine, or to have already kept a dog for its entire life span would be good practice but don’t want a puppy and a baby at the same time. 

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    @guitargirl:  Our puppy comes home next week and *God willing* a baby will come in about 5 years haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Yes, definitely do not get rid of the dog!! It should be treated as part of the family, not a practice baby. I’ve heard of people doing that and it’s awful. It would break that poor thing’s heart… but if you aren’t one of those people, you might as well get the dog first and go through how hard that is before you do babies.

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    Definitely dog before baby for us. I need to make sure that I can keep a pup alive before being responsible for another human.

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    I think If you are truly an animal person who seeks to be educated and proactive about the animals needs and training, then you will never give up on one, throw it away, neglect it , etc etc then you can have a dog/pet at any point in life, even the most challenging times aka childbirth and beyond.

    Also matching the correct breed with your energy level, lifestyle and such is crucial and typically determines the success of the relationship.

    However , sadly many people are very much temporary pet people. I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count for how many people I know just personally that gave up or terribly neglected a pet do to having children. Its really not fair. So like others said, it depends on the person and is never something I would take lightly or acquire on a limb.

    We have dogs first. but its always a good reminder that as much as we try to control our family planning to say we won’t have a kid for another 3 years, things do happen and you could find yourself with a puppy and a baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    My fiancé and I won’t be having kids, but we do already have four dogs (two were mine, one was his and the fourth is ours) and I would do it in that order even if we would be having kids down the road.

    He, on the other hand, has two kids from previous marriages (yes, plural; I’m number three and, not to brag, but I’m pretty awesome so I’m definitely the last), so he went kids –> dogs. 


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    Dogs, no kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Definitely a dog. Puppies especially are good practice for a baby. obviously not exactly the same, but its good training for caring for someone that relies on you completely! 7 Months after we got our puppy I decided I was ready for kids at any point. I wasn’t a year prior.

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    We have had our dog for 4 years, won’t be trying for another year or so, so dog came first for us. For her we have had to make some sacrifices (like you would when having a child) as we can’t just get up and go whenever we want, need to find somone to watch her (as we don’t live close to family or friends). So for us, that was a good lesson as to how these things can tie you down.

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