(Closed) Dog owners what do you do when you come across an agressive dog while walking?

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Can you bring a water gun along?  Or a spray bottle? 

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@dv3849:  This irritates me so much.  People have these yappy little dogs that are so aggressive, but no one cares because they’re so small that they figure they wouldn’t hurt anyone.  (Not saying all small dogs are aggressive, just that a lot of people don’t do anything to curb aggression in small dogs because they think they’re not big enough to be a threat.)

We have an adopted pit/greyhound mix, and she’s so inquisitive and friendly, but if a small dog starts yapping at her, she immediately pulls back and tries to leave (which we obviously encourage).  I’m worried that one day she’ll snap back, and then she’ll be see as the aggressor, because she’s bigger and part pitbull.  I think you handled this as well as you could, and don’t be afraid to comfort your dog and get the other one out of there.  I also think you could say something to your neighbor sometime, but there’s only so much you can do. 

Sorry I don’t have better advice, good luck!

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@dv3849: Aww, your poor foster. First off, to help keep you puppy calm, try to stay as calm as possible yourself. Also, the woman was in the wrong with her actions, but her snotty comment to keep walking is unfortunately right. You did the right thing by putting yourself (or trying) between the little yapper and your own. You would also be totally in the right to yell at the little monster to get back. Well not yell because I think that might rile it even more but using a loud, assertive voice anyway. I have had to do this with loose dogs before. Good luck!

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@ZoeyGirl:  I completely agree with you and I’ve said this myself. I hate that little dogs get away with being aggressive.

I run with our pit mix and I’ve had numerous people’s dogs come running after me. Usually the owners yell out at their dogs are friendly and I usually yell back for them to contain their dogs. It’s so ridiculous. I want to yell back something like “mine isn’t friendly!” but I don’t want pits to get a worse rep then they already have. 

Usually when I get in this situation, I say something to the owner such as what you said, and then try to get past the whole situation as soon as possible.


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Since her dog bit yours, report it to animal control.  She’ll learn a lesson from them about keeping her animals leashed and under control.

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How big is your dog? Are you able to pick him up? Whenever I come across an unfriendly dog on our walks, I just pick my dog up and walk past. I can’t go alone anymore because there are too many dogs out there in my neighborhood that the owners just let run free. These are like pitbulls, boxers, etc. Big dogs. Not something you can take on on your own.

I always carry pepper spray with me, but companies also make a spray specifically for dogs. It is supposed to just make them go away…haven’t tried it though. I also carry a walking stick with a metal poker on the end. If someone’s dog is attacking mine I am not going to hesitate to break that up with force.

I am sorry you had to deal with this. Especially because they drew blood. I would have come unglued. I would try bringing spray or a walking stick with you. Or you could yell at the dogs and be damned the owners. They SHOULD have them on leashes, especially if they are aggressive like that. Drawing blood isn’t because they got excited.

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I bring treats with me. I throw them far away from me after I get the aggressive dog’s attention so they know what’s going on, and then get the eff out of there with my dog.

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Sadly my dog is small yappy and aggressive, we got him from a shelter and he was badly treat when he was younger and we have tried to train the aggression out of him however he is 5 so it’s to late…but i am very responsible and my dog is muzzled and on a lead and i really don’t understand people who know their dogs are anti-social yet let them off the lead.


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@dv3849:  One trick I learned to stop an unleashed dog from approaching is to throw a giant handful of treats/kibble at the approaching dog’s head. They go hunting for every last bit, turning away from you and your own dog, allow you to get away. I like this approach more than an aversive thing like a spray bottle because the water would make my own dogs even more freaked out. One of my dogs is especially nervous around unfamiliar dogs. This treat trick has gotten us out of several tough situations. I carry tons of treats with me in a little pouch on every walk. Great for training my dogs and distracting any naughty dogs with stupid owners who don’t use leashes!

Here’s a video example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-JuN555OtI

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@dv3849:  If you see her again you should tell her that her dog in fact bit yours! We took our dogs to the dog park yesterday and this one fog kept trying to hump our jack russel so he kept growling at him to get off. The owner not once came over to pull her dog off ours after 10-15 min of this my DH grabbed the other dog and pushed it away.. we were afraid if this dog kept at it that our dog would have snapped even though he’s the friendliest dog ever. Some owners are clueless & you have to take charge of the situation

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@dv3849:  I run with my shepherds and at least once a week we have a dog chasing us or nipping at their feet. I keep a water bottle with me and just squirt it at the other dogs and keep moving. It normally helps to get the dogs to back off. Even with large dogs myself they hate being cornered and we trained them to back off and walk behind us. They only react if it comes to a physical fight with blood, which has happened a few to many times in my opinion and as an avid foster pup mom I know the struggles you have in the beginning trying to adjust and these negative interactions dont help.

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Honestly?  I would have (and have in the past) given it a good hard kick.  I actually just did this to a pomeranian that was doing the exact same thing to my friend’s (GINORMOUS) black lab that we were babystitting.  It barely even noticed, it kept coming back for more.  The poor lab was scared out of his mind!  I tried the treat trick, but it ate all the food and then chased us down again.  Finally, animal control showed up and helped me.  Turns out that it was a stray they’d been chasing all morning.

My grandparent’s golden retreiver was perfectly well behaved for years, until an offleash dauchshund came up underneath him and bit his manly bits (bit actually, he was neutered).  After that, he became leash aggressive.  Meaning if he saw a dog off leash while he was on leash, he would display aggression.  We could control him, but it was still a hassle.  Don’t let this happen, if you can help it.

I would try the spray bottle, especially considering that it’s the norm where you live to have dogs offleash.  Fill it with half water and half white vinegar and get them in the eyes or mouth.  The vinegar causes no permanent damage and we actually use it as a training method for our own dogs.  I imagine it’s a little like getting soap in your eye.  You get it out quickly, it hurts, you tear a little bit, but you forget about it pretty quickly.  If that doesn’t work, give it a good hard kick and tell the owners (who will be angry with you) to get control of their dog. 

Other than that? Walk, don’t run, as quickly as possible away. Running ignites the predatory insticts (LOL predatory instincts in a yappy barking hamster). 

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I’m so sorry your dog had a bad experience.  Greyhounds are the sweetest things!  Do you have a small camera?  I wonder if you could manage to take her photo or her car and find out who she is to report it that way?   That really is thoughtless of her.  I carry citronella spray and had to use it once on an Akita who attacked my dog – it worked well.  Best of luck to you and hugs to your sweet dog.

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