(Closed) Dog peeing on carpet…long.. need advice

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If it was my dog, I personally would start over on her training and have her go outside only. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of people having issues housetraining when they used those pads, I think they can be very confusing for a dog. There is really no reason an adult dog should need to go potty multiple times in the middle of the night, unless they have a medical issue or something.

Is she reliable during the day? If not, I would keep her confined to the kitchen or get an xpen to keep her in when you’re gone. No pads, unless you need to be gone a really long time. When you’re home, she should be in the same room with you so she can’t sneak off to pee/poop. At night, I’d put her in a crate in your bedroom. Once she is reliable going outside you can allow her back in the bed with you. Make sure you are taking her out on a leash and praising the heck out of her for any potty outside.

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I could have written this exact post.  Down to the just moved, pee pads, and baby on the way! My hubby and I were just talking about how we are going to deal with this today, so I don’t have any advice, but I feel your pain!  I’ll be following this thread for sure!

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Good news! Adult dogs are quick to learn 🙂 I work for the retired greyhound trust and even the 12 year old never been in homes will learn.

As the other post said, start from scratch with garden training. Let her out once an hour to go throughout the day and she should get it. If she pees in the house scold her and put her in the garden untill she goes and then praise her for it. Use a citronella spray on the places where she’s missed and hopefully she won’t go there again.

Perhaps feed her in the morning rather than the evening so she goes throughout the day rather than the night?

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Train her to go outside! Put pee pads only by the door you use to go outside. I suggest starting on a Friday evening so you have all weekend. Watch her like a hawk and let her go potty a few times on the pads by the door. Then remove the pads and take her outside when she approaches the door and every hour or so. When she potties outside, heap on the praise. 

Take her for a long walk or outdoor play session before bed. If she still has accidents in the bedroom overnight, crate her. 

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I agree with PP that a dog should be able to hold their bladders through the night, are you sure nothing else is wrong?

I think crate training will get you in the right direction but it’s not something that has to be a permanent, once they’re trained, you don’t have to pen her up anymore.

I also agree that the carpeting is probably confusing for her. Are the pads in the same spot every day? Are there multiple spots? I honestly think the only way those work beyond the initial training is to keep them consistent, and only having one but you should really work towards preventing the indoor behavior all together.

You left her downstairs the entire night, did she have any accidents?

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I trained my dog on pee pads too, and everything was great, until I moved and decided that I didn’t want her to use them anymore and I wanted her to go outside only.

Well, that didn’t happen, as she never learned how to hold it and she started going by the front door.  I didn’t really mind because it is tile, and I put the pee pads by the door.  Eventually, she started going in the bedroom, on the carpet, and I wake up to turds by the bed almost every morning.

I blame myself for not training her properly in the first place, but I have started to put a dog diaper on her (the kind intended for dogs in heat) because she will not go to the bathroom in it and is forced to hold it.  She hates the diaper so much that I feel guilty, but I do not want to live in a bedroom that smells!

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Its possible she can’t really tell the difference between the carpet and pads.  Try putting the pads in a different location (like downstairs on the hardwood). Then if she misses in wont be a problem and if she continues going elsewhere then she needs some re-potty training.

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@kelly105:  I know it’s tough to think of your pet sleeping alone, especially if they cry a bit, but I think you have your answer as to why she is doing it. That and because she could pee at any time, she doesn’t have a schedule.

I have small dogs as well (one is about 15#) and they go out three times a day, maybe 4 on the weekends. It’s because they are on schedules that they don’t have accidents. I’d say creating a schedule along with crate training for a couple weeks would likely solve your problem.

When she sleeps in bed with you, do you wake up when she gets up to pee? If so, don’t allow her to. If she can hold it downstairs, she can hold it upstairs too.

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With you guys moving just recently, she is probably dealing with some kind of stress and just not used to the new house.  Also you might want to try reducing the pee pads to one or two as from experience, multiple pee pads can make them think that they can pee anywhere and it’s okay.  I would also try to limit food and water to a few hours before bed, so that she doesn’t have to go in the middle of the night.

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