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Do you not have any pet stores where you live? I would go there and any sales person can tell you what you’ll need and the best products to get. As for a dog food container, we just use a plastic storage tub thing.

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I would probably wait until you get the dog to get a collar and leash.  I personally like to match these to the dog.  For example, we fostered a female white GSD so I picked out a cute purple collar and leash for her.  Our dog is a golden retriever/lab mix who is colored like a golden, so I picked a red collar for him.  I don’t know why, but I like to coordinate gender and fur collar with collar color, and I want the collar to match the leash.  Plus, unless you know for sure what size dog you’re getting, you don’t want to get a collar/leash that is too large or too small.  Also, DO NOT get a retractable leash!  

Petsmart.com and Petco.com are great sites to visit.  You can comparison shop a little bit on other sites once you’ve found something you like, but I like to start at one of these two because they have product reviews.  

If you get toys, I would only buy a couple at first.  Some dogs don’t play with toys.  Mine will play with balls, but isn’t much a stuffie guy.  Some dogs love every.single.toy. you give them.  Some destroy every single toy you give them.  LOL!

You can buy bins specifically for dry dog food.  I’ve found that a Rubbermaid container is just as good, and usually cheaper.

You will probably want a crate, but again, unless you have a specific size of dog in mind, it might be better to wait.  

You should download the Amazon Universal Wishlist add-on for your internet browser, if you don’t already have it.  Then you can make a seperate “Dog Wish List” and add stuff to it as you think of things you need/want.  

Good luck, and thanks for adopting!  Post pictures when you find the new family member!

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I got all my stuff from Amazon.com, I found they were always cheaper than pet stores.  Home Goods has a decent selection too, I just picked up ceramic food dishes for my pup there.

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I would go to petco and petsmart. I received coupons when we showed them the adoption papers.

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Try craigslist for your area.  When we adopted ours, I found a igloo dog house, bowls, dog bed, and toys all for under $100.00.  At least in my area there were a lot of postings from people who got a dog, where unable to care for it, got rid of dog and then sold the things they bought for it.  It can take longer to find what you are looking for but you can get some good deals.

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Places I’ve found my Furbabies Supplies:

  • Target- When I first got my babies, I got my collars and leashes from Target.  Their doggie bowls are actually from Target’s picnic line.  I love to switch and mix up there bowls so its great when I find deals @ Target. 
  • Big Lots-I also use Big Lots.  I’ve found puppy pads, beds, dog food, dog treats, retractable leashes, etc. there. 
  • Costco- Costco is also a good place for beds and treats. 
  • Amazon-I love Amazon for dog food.  I have two little ones that have digestive problems so I buy their food online, which is cheaper and home delivered.

Container- we actually use an old cooler because we normally have 50+ lbs of dog food @ one time. 

Toys- I 2nd not buying toys until you have your furbaby.  2 of my baddies love my hubby’s socks so I give them old holey pairs.  Also 2 of my baddies only have an interest in their toys when we’re not home, so they have less than 5 toys to share btwn them.   Also if you have a chewer, spend the money on quality instead of qty.  Our Shep has a mini basketball as her only toy.  She punctures and destroys all other toys same day.  We are on her 2nd mini basketball in a yr, which is an achievement. 

Good Luck!!!  Its really wonderful when you do add to your family. 

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It’s better to buy all this stuff after you choose the dog because a lot of things (like the length and thickness of the leash) depend on the size of the dog. Also, I think it’s better to check out the variety and quality of these supplies in a pet shop.

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You’ve gotten suggestions on where to buy, I’ll offer a few hints on WHAT to buy:


Bowls – Get stainless steel bowls. Plastic bowls can harbor bacteria, even when washed. Ceramic bowls break, especially if your dog is like one of mine that when the bowl is empty, she alerts us by flipping it over and batting it across the room.

Collars/Leashes – I love Lupine brand, they are guarenteed; even if your dog chews them up, they will replace them for free! Very helpful especially when you have a puppy! I’ve replaced several collars/leashes, they don’t give you a hard time at all, you just take the damaged collar/leash to a store that carries the brand and they swap it out no questions asked. http://lupinepet.com/

Dog food – Research the food you’re going to feed, and read the ingredients! (This goes for treats too!) Good websites to start with: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/ and http://www.dogfoodproject.com/  Or if you’re interested in feeding raw, here’s a good place to start: http://www.dogster.com/forums/Raw_Food_Diet/thread/431875

Toys – Don’t go crazy buying toys, see what your dog likes first. And don’t let your dog have all the toys all the time, we rotate through toys, and when a toy comes out the dogs haven’t seen in a while, it’s more interesting to them than a toy that they’ve had for a couple months sitting on the floor.

Grooming supplies – This will depend on the breed for what types of combs/brushes you need. And get some dog shampoo, the pH is different than that of human shampoo, human shampoos can irritate a dog’s skin. Also, get a toothbrush and dog toothpate (do NOT use human toothpaste, it is toxic to dogs).

Crate – Even if you plan on letting your dog have run-of-the-house when you’re gone, still get a crate and crate-train the dog in case you need to crate at a later date. And when you take the dog anywhere in the car, the crate is the safest place. (My dogs each have 2 crates, a wire crate for their house crate and a plastic crate for the car.)

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How exciting! What kind of pup?

I have two dogs and have saved so much money on petedge.com, the prices on this website are a lot of times less than half of those at Petco or Petsmart. This store sells directly to vets and groomers so it’s wholsale prices, but anyone can buy from them.

I also send squeaks35 with Costco. They always have a lot of great deals.

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We got things really gradually which I think was good because we could wait and figure out what she would use and need.  For example, we started with a nylon leash and then found out she is a leash biter so now we use a chain leash.

The crate we got from Amazon, Lifestyles brand.  I think we picked up a basic crate pad from Marshall’s or one of the discount stores.

Her dry food containers I love, we keep a big one in the laundry room and then empty some into the little one that fits into one of our lower cabinets.  They were from Target, the Boots and Barkley Pet Food Container.  The big one is on wheels and they both have like a rubbery gasket to seal them shut.

We started with some stainless bowls from Target with rubberized bottoms but then grabbed an elevated unit for her bowls on sale at Petsmart that came with its own stainless ones.

We found out very quickly that we always needed to keep positive things on hand for her to chew (as opposed to say, our shoes).  We use bully sticks which are expensive from Petsmart, so we try to get them in bulk to save some money either online or out at this feed store we found.  Red Barn brand is by far the best IMO.  She also has a deer antler but doesn’t enjoy it as much as the sticks.

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