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there is not much you can do apart from getting her to drink lots of water.

Adding extra water to her food can help.

Document the frequency & ease/difficulty urinating  and amount of urine produced. If she is straining to urinate and not urinating, bring her to the vet sooner than monday.


It would be very benificial to bring in a urine sample in a clean vesicle into your vet- will help them diagnose underlying issue very quickly.



Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚


ps dont give her any human preparaions

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My dog had one (with the same symptoms) a couple weeks ago. We were able to get her in ASAP at the vet. They put her on 10 days of antibiotics, and the frequent urination didn’t stop until around the 5th day. Just make sure you’re paying close attention to him/her. I don’t really have any suggestions on how to keep her comfy. Good luck!!

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My dog had one a while ago, he was lethargic and whiney and we didn’t know what was wrong until he peed on the floor. Normally our dog would die before peeing in the house, he never even had an accident as a puppy. We went to the vet but he absolutely would not take the pills no matter what we did, but he drank soo much water and just rested. We made sure he always had water and let him out frequently, but otherwise he just resolved it on his own. I wouldn’t be worried. It sounds like a UTI and she may even improve between now and when your vet can get you in. Until then I would just make sure she’s peeing and maybe grab a cheap thermometer and get some rectal temps so you know if she’s developing a fever. Hope she feels better soon!

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Get D-Mannose (available at health food stores) & start adding it to her food! My dog gets frequent bladder infections & since I added the D-Mannose, she hasn’t had any other issues. I’d pick it up today as that will help her over the weekend.

Take her out many times a day & if you can set your alarm to go off during the night, it is likely hard for her to hold it for very long.

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Also, you’ll want to bring in a urine sample when you go to the vet, it has to be fresh. What works the best is getting a cheap aluminum pie crust pan & (while wearing gloves) when she goes, set the pan between her hind legs to catch her urine. When she’s done, I pour it into a plastic cup, put plenty of saran wrap over the cup, then set that cup in another plastic cup, and and sometimes I’ll put it in another cup too. Then refridgerate it (only if its an hour or so before you’re going to the vet), it is best to get the sample right before you’re going to the vet & not having to refridgerate it. It should fit in your car’s cup holder. You can get all your supplies at the $1 Store.

What I’d do, is bring that sample over to them when they first open, even if its hours before your appointment, that will give them time to test it.

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There is a possibility that getting a urine sample yourself isn’t what they’ll need.  If they want to send it off to be cultured, it has to be obtained by the vet staff in a sterile manner.  They’ll need the sample to not have any “outside” bacteria that’s been introduced.

Besides a UTI, she may have developed bladder stones.  One of my dogs ended up with a bladder full of them, but I’ve seen dogs at my vet’s office (I’m a volunteer there) who only had a couple of itty bitty ones and were straining to pee because of the inflammation.  

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My male dog had a couple of UTIs when we first got him– he was a rescue and got sick a few times at the beginning, but once we had him a while he never got sick. The first time he had one, his urine was bright red with blood– it was absolutey terrifying. We managed to get him to the vet that night, so I don’t know how to make your dog more comfortable until Monday other than lots of water and lots of pee breaks. Oh, you can also try something like pedilite to get her extra hydrated, although I’d do research about what is dog safe or not.

I will say that my dog was WAY better within 24 hours of starting meds. They gave us a liquid that we had to shoot into his mouth with a syringe-type thing (no needle) and he loved the taste so it was super easy. 

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@JeniRae: does your dog you pee pads? Might help her if you pick some of those up. And help you keepign your house clean.

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