Dog Won't alert at night to use bathroom

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We have a bell by the door that we trained our dog to use to request to go out. It was easy to train her and it works really well and is loud enough that we can hear it if we are in one of the bedrooms or kitchen.

Do you let your dog out in the evening before bed? Is he having accidents even after the last night time potty break? Is there a reason he isn’t crated at night?

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Kennel him.In A Small Kennel At night. They will not poop or pee where they have to sit. 

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It is unusual for an adult dog to not be able to hold their bladder for the duration of the night. If you are doing a night time pee just before bed and letting him out first thing in the AM and he still can’t make it then it’s worth a conversation with your vet to rule out underlying physical issues (e.g. bladder infection).

If you’re expecting him to go more then ~8-10 hours, then that’s probably too much of an ask and a re-work of your schedule will be needed to get him out later in the evening and/or earlier in the AM.

If both of the above are taken care of, then I second TwilightRarity’s bell training suggestion. I also suggest that you crate him in your room. Dogs do not like soiling where they sleep so he will be more likely to whine/cry when he needs out. 

When we were first getting my girl on her schedule right after adopting her I would crate her and need to have her nearby as her whines/whimpers were VERY quiet. Fortunately I was sleeping very lightly trying to listen for any unrest on her part so would bolt upright at her first little cry to take her out. Once she figured out she got a 10 30 PM outing every night she quickly learned to always pee on that outing and we never had anymore night time wake-up calls.

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Seems like he has never been formally house-broken or has bladder issues (as one PP mentioned). 

If you have reasons for not crate training him, I respect that BUT I will say it was a lifesaver for us. Our pup learned SO fast on that and we were also diligent about taking her out to the same area to do her business. It sounds like your dog thinks your rug is his bathroom area.

Is he formally house broken and these just appear to be accidents? If so, I’d understand maybe not crate training but a good reward system and a more diligent potty routine. Just like TravelingBride31 :  said, take him out every time before you guys go to bed, leave for a few hours, etc, etc whichever fits and he gets all the loves and treats when he goes and nothing if he doesn’t. 

I’m not a fan of them, never have been but to deter him from using the rug you could place those puppy pads somewhere that isn’t on carpet (i.e. by the door you let him out at)

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An adult dog should be able to hold it through the night. This seems like a lack of proper house training. 

Have you tried shutting him in the bedroom with you? I have a dog that will go downstairs to his favorite rug to go when it’s raining because he hates water (you know, steps from the open dog door, too), but he won’t do that if I lock him in my room. 

Also, if this doesn’t stop, would you consider crating him at night until he gets it? It’s very hard to correct an issue when you can’t catch them in the act, but maybe repetition will help. If not, at least the crate keeps this from recurring.

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Our dog puts his face on our face if he need us to wake up in the middle of the night or he just starts pacing and we’ve found that it’s so easy to ignore and roll over or not even wake up at all to the pacing. 

We started using a bell and it’s been so much better. We have one on our bedroom door (because he slept in there with us and one on our back door. It was really easy for him to pick up and made it super obvious when he has to go out now. 

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Flora1 :  Our dog is 11 with a weaker bladder than she used to have, and she is still never goes to the toilet between 10pm and 7am.

Are you taking her outside and staying out there until she does her business, right before bed?  If not, that’s where I’d start. 

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Flora1 :  Personally, I wouldn’t crate him. Dogs move around in the middle of the night to cooler and warmer spots. Personally, I wouldn’t want to sleep in a confined space. Can you set you alarm to wake yourself up in the middle of the night to take him out? He may catch on, and come alert you when he gets used to the routine. Set the alarm for a week, then try a night without the alarm. If he poops, start the alarm again. Dogs are smart, and start looking to you for routine. They’ll remind you when the routine is broken. 

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