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@MichiganGirl24:  In my area this is a hot button subject. I’m a big animal lover in a family/town full of hunters/meat eating enthusiasts. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree with hunting, but their mind set is so totally different from mine. 

I just don’t get the point of having an outside dog at all…even in the summer. Wild dogs naturally migrate and live in packs to keep warm and cool. Being chained up to a plastic kennel doesn’t really cut it. 

My dad has always had outside dogs and we’ve always argued about it. Their life spans are really short compared to their breed average. One was attacked by a wild animal, one drowned in a crazy flash flood, and another was bitten by a snake. It disgusts me… but there’s nothing I can do. 

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@MichiganGirl24:  I don’t understand “outside dogs.” I mean, maybe it is because, to me, a dog is a companion, a family member, but I can’t think a dog has much use being in a small dog house outside and all you do is throw it some food every day, maybe pat it on the head.

My dog is an indoor dog, but if you see him outside in 10 degree weather chewing on the tree or digging for the past 3 hours, it’s because he refused to come in and snubbed me, lol.

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In my area there is a lot of people who leave their dogs outside for an extended period of time.  I live in a city that gets heatwaves, blizzards and the occassional hurricane.  “outside dogs” dont exist here but people will leave their dog outside for hours in a small 8 x 8 yeard (or smaller) and the poor dog barks forever to come back in.

My old neighborhood has this pretty bad.  Neighbors started calling the spca on the owners.

Also, I see a TON of strays on my ride in to work on the local roads, which is a very very high crime area.  It all breaks my heart.

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I currently live in a very urban area (right outside of Washington, DC) but my parents live in rural Ohio so I’ve seen both sides of it.  They have neighbors that do the SAME thing and it drives me insane.  Here in Northern VA, Arlington County recently passed a law limiting the amount of time people can tie their pets up outside to (I think?) 3 hours.

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@MichiganGirl24:  When my Grandma was little her family had a Scottish Terrier. In the summer he would sleep outside in his little dog house because it was more comfortable. In the colder months her parents would set up a little bed for him in the kitchen (it was warmer there than other parts of the house at times).

I think if someone wants an “outside” dog then that is probably the best way to go about having one. Leaving them outside year round is just cruel, especially because dogs are such social animals; they need a pack and to feel loved to really thrive.

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I’m from the Canadian prairies and can tell you that rural people here leave their dogs out at -20 farenheit. I definitely don’t support it, but as long as the dog is of a breed with a heavy coat and there’s insulated shelter provided, it’s not considered animal abuse.

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@megz06:  +1. We are our dogs’ pack. He likes to stay outside by himself for maybe 20 minutes, tops. But other than that, he’s with us constantly. It makes me sad just thinking about him having to spend a night outside by himself.

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@MichiganGirl24:  I don’t understand ‘outside’ dogs.  Dogs have always been family members around here.  My parents currently have a sign that says “We got rid of the kids – the dog was allergic.” That sums it up.  

That said, the dog has a double coat.  He’s a cold weather dog.  He doesn’t do well in the summer and if he refuses to come in (which he does in every season) he digs a hole under a shady bush and hangs out there for a bit.  He always has a shelter and water outside.  And he just has to tap on the door to be let in.  

In the winter?  He lays in the snow until he’s completely snow covered.  He will be outside for hours on end.  I dog sit when my parents go south.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve called, whistled, attempted to bribe to bring him inside in the winter.  Eventually I have to go and put on boots and a jacket and hustle him in from the yard in my pjyamas.  Some dogs actually like (and do well) in the cold weather. 

But the idea of keeping dogs outside all the time makes no sense to me. 

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@ebarnes0:  That is an awesome law! I hope they enforce it.

My dog is a large breed with a thick coat, and she would happily stay outside all day in the winter if I’d let her. She’s snow obsessed (turns into a giant snowball because it sticks to her fur so badly). However, in the heat she turns into a big panting baby, and will only stay outside if she can lie in the shade or run in and out of the dog pool. I cannot IMAGINE leaving her outsdie for an extended period of time… I obviously could never do the “outside dog” thing. She’s a family member, and belongs in the house with us.

It makes me really sad (and pissed off) to think of all the lonely dogs stuck outside by themselves… dogs are pack animals FFS.

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@MichiganGirl24:  Absoluuuuuuuutely. A friend of mine lives in the country and she asked me this same question, and I was all “if it’s a dog with a thick coat and it has shelter, there’s not much you can do.” Apparently it wasn’t–she described something that sounded like a Jack Russell–and I told her to call the local police to go speak to the owner about it immediately. Sickening.

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@MichiganGirl24:  I really do not understand how a person could leave an animal in the cold. I have really considered breaking into a couple of backyards in my neighborhood and puppy-napping their animals because they have left them outdoors.

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I get that it upsets some people, but most outside farm dogs are work dogs.  These dogs like the freedom of being able to run all day long, and living in a house would upset them more than being out in the cold.  Most of them have behavior that is not appropriate for a house dog, such as herding or pretective mentalities.  They end up being destructive to stuff/themselves when they are pent up all day. My parents dog lives outside, and has multiple outbuildings to sleep in if it wants, and a heated pad to lay on.  I would never want to confine that dog to a house as it does not have a house dog personality.  My parents ended up with the dog as it did live in a house and was destroying EVERYTHING it could get it’s paws on.  It’s doing so much better on a farm with being able to run around as it pleases. 

I actually am more against having a large dog in a kennal inside a house for 8 hours a day.  I had a roommate who had a large dog in a crate most of the day, and it just always made me so sad when I got home and let it out, and it was always so sad when I had to put it away before I left for work.  I also had neighbors who locked their large dogs in their appartment all day, and they would always be howling at the door when I got home.  For this reason, we are not having a dog, because it just makes me sad to leave them pinned up in a house all day. 

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