(Closed) Dogs licking wounds?

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Honestly, he probably won’t be interested in it anymore after a few days. My puppy just got neutered last week, and he kept trying to lick it for a day or two, but after that he forgot all about it. It’s been about 6 days now and I don’t think he’s messed with it in at least 3 or 4 days!

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Not good. The factors you mentioned above like tearing out stitches and re-opening the incision site, absolutely. But let’s also think about everything else your dog licks, chews, gets into. Yuck! He’s carrying around a lot of bacteria in that mouth and you don’t want it getting into his incision and infecting it.

If he licks off the scab that’s trying to form, it will never heal. He’ll also create a habit of it and lick off the fur. I don’t have a dog, but I have a bald bellied cat. He got a cut on his tummy a couple years ago, and I tried as much as I could to stop him from licking, but I’m not home 24/7. Now he still licks his tummy and it’s bald. Sigh. He looks ridiculous. I’m worried as well that if he keeps doing it he’ll run the risk of developing sores or drying out his skin. We haven’t had any problems so far since we keep a pretty close eye on him to stop him, but it’s a concern.

So I’d let keep your eye on him and keep stopping him from licking. Let everything heal up naturally. Think about when you get a scab and it gets itchy and how annoying that is, but that’s how you know your body is healing and working hard underneath that scab to repair it. Now what if you rip off the scab? Not good. If he starts licking too much I’d get him the cone of shame.

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bahahahaha @ bakerella’s bald belly cat

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I would buy an e-collar for him from Petsmart.  They sell them in different sizes.  Dogs may have fewer germs in their saliva than people, but they have nastier germs (like e-coli).  If your dog licks his butt then his incision site, he will infect it.  No bueno for puppy and it will be expensive for you.  I recommend the e-collar for two days at least OR a ratty old t-shirt that you can tie up around his tail so he can’t lick at his incision.

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Don’t let him.  I have a german shorthair who has had a zillion injuries- she knows now that she cannot lick- but I have to be pretty extreme about not letting her for her to get it- it sounds harsh, but I will make a loud noise if I see her start to try- or even a small pat on the butt to get the message across that it isn’t okay.

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Oh man. My beagle has a herniated disc in his spine last fall and had surgery on it. He tried SO hard to lick it, but the incision was on his chest, right under his chin and he couldn’t reach it. It was HYSTERICAL watching him try to lick his own neck. He stopped after a couple days.

On the baldness issue, he did the same thing to his chest that bakerella’s cat did. He had a cut when he was a puppy and he kept licking an now he has a huge blad spot on his fat, little tummy. Its been there for a couple years.

Needless to say, he’s not the smartest animal.

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Sorry I thought the “What do the bees think?” question was asking for advice…

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@Jenn – You still might consider an e-collar or a shirt.  We could keep a close enough eye on our dog most of the time during the day but at night he would take full advantage of us sleeping and try to lick himself constantly.  And that’s definitely not a place you want to get an infection going! 

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My dog did the same thing and he was fine. Man, Darling Husband and I so looked forward to that day…

We have a lab and as pups they have amazing energy. Well he chewed the cone off within 5 minutes and while the vet assured us he would be tired and not want to jump and stuff, even though we bought him a new, nice comfy bed he wanted nothing to do with it . (Ended up eating that later too) Snuggling with Mom and Dad was more cozy and his energy was normal when he returned home that same night! We were more wore out! You are fine, your home with him and you can watch the incision. Hope he feels better soon! Dogs will be dogs, still learning this 2 yrs later 🙂

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