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Helper bee

Absolutely no furniture & no people food. Those are two hard and fast rules. We have broken the furniture rule when we were on vacation, but he knows he’s not allowed on at home.

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Busy bee

Our dogs are allowed everywhere and their cuddles make the extra loads of laundry (fresh sheets 2x per week), vacuuming the couches, etc. worth it.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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lily2018 :  we just trained “up up!” like any other command. He sees us grab the blanket and lay it down so he comes and stands near the couch and waits until I say “up up” and pat the spot he’s being invited to. When we first started allowing it he would try to jump up at other times and we’d tell him “off!” and send him to his own bed. We repeated that enough that he caught on and it was never a problem again. In fact we were having family photos taken right after our daughter was born and I came into the living room and found the photographer trying to get him up on the couch without the blanket and he just stared at her and refused to do it because he knew he wasn’t allowed! 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Our dogs love sleeping in their own beds. Our last dog slept in bed with us, but when we adopted these girls, they seemed to prefer their dog beds and that’s fine.

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Bumble bee
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The dogs ask and wait for permission if we are around, if not they just get on. But yes, they are allowed on our bed and furniture. It’s why we have a King. They generally do not stay very long on our bed. One will visit for a few minutes and the other is off and on, she has multiple dog beds and her kennel and all the furniture in the house to choose from so she bounces around.

I’ve never viewed them as dirty. If they were dirty I’d give them a bath.

When we bought a new couch I kept them off it for a while and then got lonely watching TV without them, so I put a blanket over it.

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Our dog has run of the house however now that she is getting older she prefers her crate in bedroom or dog bed in the living room. 

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Helper bee
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Our dogs are not allowed on any furniture other than the stuff in the man cave.  We incorporated this for 2 reasons.  First, we needed our dogs to understand they are not equals and giving them boundaries really helps with this.  Second, I didn’t want hair all over our new furniture, hence the allowance with the old stuff downstairs.  The learned quickly and we have had no issues with them trying to get on the couches that they know are off limits.  Granted, there are two dog beds and two kennels with cushions in our family room for them to enjoy.  They sleep in the kennels so that helps with them not being allowed on the beds.

I do believe I saw someone mention an issue with the dog destroying soft bedding.  We got a raised dog bed that has a mesh type mat.  It’s scratch resistant and not something able to be destroyed by teeth.

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Bumble bee
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I’m allergic to one of our dogs, so I can’t have her on the furniture. As it is, I am sneezing and breaking out in hives all the time because of her pointy fur and dander that gets everywhere. To make it fair, we cannot allow our other hypoallergenic dog on the furniture either. Both of them have very plush orthopedic beds and multiple places to lounge.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Nope, no dogs on furniture at all.

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Sugar bee
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Our dogs are allowed on the funiture, within reason.  Somedays I really just want to stretch out on the couch (especially now, since I tore my meniscus last week), so every once in a while, dogs get booted to the floor….where they have an insanely comfortable bed to relax on. lol

Our dogs are allowed on the bed, but not allowed to sleep with us.  We have 2 giant breed dogs, so there is no way both of them and both my husband and I would be able to comfortably sleep at night.  Usually on Saturday mornings, the dogs crawl up into bed with us and snuggle for an hour or two.  It’s a tradition I love!

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@hikingbride:  same here.

There is no way I could watch TV & not have my animals on my lap or next to me. They’re also allowed on the bed, even though my partner doesn’t like it. But 12 years ago my partner knew that the animals were always going to be allowed on the bed & if he didn’t like it, I told him the sofa turns into a bed, he can sleep there if he doesn’t like it. I was to the point at the beginning of our relationship, so he knew what he was getting into. There is no way I’d change it now, even if I was the one who didn’t like it. The dogs have come to expect certain things & to change that it wouldn’t be fair on them.

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Blushing bee
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Both of our dogs are small, but we let them go where they want. We have dog stairs up to the couch and the bed because one is too small to jump up and the other is a senior who’d rather walk up than jump. They’re trained and well behaved, and I think that’s imperative. I get the shedding concerns, but I don’t understand not allowing pets to go where they please in the house. They’re family and it’s their home too. It’s a lot of vaccuuming and dusting, but it’s definitely worth the snuggles.

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Busy Beekeeper
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We had always allowed our dogs on all the furniture and they slept in bed. Our older dog has since passed, but our current dog does sleep in bed. However, since we moved she is now no longer allowed on other furniture. We spent $6k on a new leather sectional, and I’m no interested in our dog destroying it with her nails. Funny enough she never even really tried getting on the new couch. She has gotten up a few times and we let her stay, but overall no. 

DH and I have agreed that any future dogs will NOT be sleeping in bed. When we were in our late teens early 20’s we could not have cared less about having a dog in bed. As we’ve gotten older, and had a child, we have both come to a point where we just do not sleep good with a dog in bed. Our current dog is 13, so we won’t be kicking her out, but we definitely won’t let any future dogs in bed or on the furniture. 

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Worker bee

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@lily2018:  We actually bought a king size bed to make room for our lab! Our previous dog was trained not to go on furniture or the bed. It was a huge adjustment but I was annoyed with all the hair but I got used to it as I love having her on the bed with us. I just had twins due to how she jumps on the bed she is no longer allowed on it. I felt so terrible for doing this but she handled it so well. It took her two days to stop jumping on the bed. She still sleeps in our room but her bed. She is allowed everywhere else though! 

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Helper bee

My little girl is allowed on the couch, but has to get off if anyone is eating. She is good at hoping off if she sees someone coming in with a plate. She doesn’t come on the bed though. First, it’s too high for her to hop on and we never got in the habit of scooping her up. Second, she was crate trained as a puppy and still prefers to sleep in there even though the rest of the house is open to her.

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