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@nawella:  Watch out, there are a lot of ethnocentric bees on here that will call it tacky simply b/c it’s not part of their own culture. 

I can see where you’re coming from. I don’t think you should do it if it makes you uncomfortable. Or do it with dollar bills? Maybe have your DJ explain it before it happens and explain that you don’t need to use 20s and 50s!

Where is your Fiance from? 

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@nawella:  We do it in Greece so there’s a chance he’s got some Greek in him!

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I am Polish, Croatian, and Slovak, and if I DIDN’T do the bridal dance at my wedding, my family would be horribly offended. 

It is a HUGE tradition on my mom and dad’s sides, and every single wedding I’ve ever been to in my life has had a bridal dance.

I seriously had no idea people were “offended” by it until I came on the Bee.

And every time I read one of these threads, I am still flabbergasted.

Culture is NOT tacky.

I understand that you might feel uncomfortable if it’s not in your culture, but it’s really not the giant tacky “gift grabby” (that term makes me GAG) event people make it out to be.

Yes, there is the chance for guests to donate a dollar (or more) to have a quick dance with you and/or your groom.

BUT it is NOT neccessary!!! No one has ever been denied a dance because they didn’t drop a dollar in the bag.

I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man in my friend’s wedding, and when it came time for the bridal dance, I didn’t have any cash – and I still danced with my friend.

Honestly, I think the bridal dance is one of the best/most fun parts of any wedding and I cannot WAIT for mine. It’s a great way to mingle with all of your guests without having an hour long receiving line or spendng your entire reception moving from table to table.

Just make it something fun – don’t think of it as putting pressure on people to donate money. Have a discreet bag just in case (usually held by a BM), but don’t even mention the money. If people give you an extra monetary gift, great. If not, great.

And don’t let anyone tell you this tradition is tacky. Again, culture is NOT tacky.

Just have fun!


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@Stace126:  +1


OP, it isn’t that bad, we did the dollar dance at my wedding, honestly no one is going to force people to do the dance if the don’t want to it.  Don’t worry to much about it. 

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I agree with some of the PP.  My Fiance and I are doing a dollar dance because they are very standard at weddings where we are from (the Midwest).  We would probably be considered weird if we didn’t have one!  Nobody will feel like they are forced to pay money for the dance, people only participate if they want to.  

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@nawella:  You said you’re not sure how your family will think. Ask them what they think about. Your Fiance and the familys’ opinion is important but you and your family also. If your family hates it, use it as a tool to bring the topic. It’s not a very common custom and it can be hard to understand for people who do not have the background. And truthfully, if guests are not aware of it, I seriously wonder how many people will have dollar bills. I normally am cash free and many of my friends are too. Especially when I go some event, I may bring a 20 or 50 “for the case” but do not carry dollar bills. But if your family understand it very well and supportive, it might be a good sign that majority of your guests will be supportive.

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Culture is NOT tacky.


It’s so freakin offensive and ETHNOCENTRIC when people claim it is. Guess what? My culture doesn’t do bachelorette parties. Should I make a post about how this is tacky? Imagine the flames! Why is it okay to insult one culture and not the other?

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I never heard of this until the bee. 

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@Stace126:  +1

Where I live, it would be considered far more ‘gift grabby’ (oh god I hate that term too) to have a bridal shower, but you don’t see me telling people that it’s tacky!

Culture is culture, and every different country/area/family has their own traditions – don’t let the opinions of people from different backgrounds to you define what is ‘tacky’ and what isn’t!

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@Chrysoberyl:  +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Stace126:  +1

I’ve been to weddings with and without dollar dances.  Never before the Bee have I heard it called “tacky.”  It’s just part of some people’s lives.

Now that I think of it, there are a lot of things I would find “tacky” if I based the meaning on “it doesn’t happen from my family.”  Hand written vows.  Non-church ceremonies.  Not including favors.  Having a backyard reception.  Any kind of unity sand/candle/wine box/tree thing.  Not having a registry.


@Chrysoberyl:  I kind of want to see this “Bachelorette party is tacky” thread, ha.


OP, I would have it.  It sounds like your Fiance really wants it, and it’s part of his family.  If you tell him no now, he could be hurt and disappointed.  And to his family, you’re that girl who doesn’t respect their traditions.  (Extreme case scenario.)


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@Apple_Blossom:  It would go down in flaaaames! LOL

ETA: One of the TOS is that we cannot criticize wedding choices. Why is the dollar dance an exception? Tons of bees have called it “tacky” in posts before. 

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