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  • Wedding: April 2011

Oh no! I’m sorry that happened to your dress. How disappointing.

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Oh that is awful. Do you have any pics of it? For $900 I would be ticked off!

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  • Wedding: May 2011

Oh no! That is terrible you had such a bad experience. I would be so sad if my dress fell apart on my wedding day!. I had a totally different experience with Dolly Couture. My dress was impeccable, and the quality really was fantastic. It didn’t even need to be altered by a seamstress, the fit was perfect straight out of the box. Have you talked to them about  the issues with your dress?

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  • Wedding: November 2012

Oh no 🙁 I ordered my dress from dolly couture a couple of weeks ago. This is the one bad review I’ve seen for them, so hopefully it will work out. I went to the store to try on some samples and I was impressed with the quality. fingers crossed!

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  • Wedding: February 2012

Wow, I’m so glad I read your review. I ALSO ordered a dress from Dolly Couture and ended up very disappointed.

Like you, I spent $900 on my dress. I thought it would be the best made dress ever for that kind of money. I got my dress in and they had messed up my order, just like you. They did respond quickly and told me to ship them the dress and they would fix everything. Eventually they told me the best solution would be to remake the dress entirely, so I was super nervous as I only had a couple of months until the wedding, but trusted everything would be ok.

Over a month later I had the new dress, whish was STILL done incorrectly! I couldn’t believe that TWO dresses later mistakes were still made. At that point I had to take it to a tailor since I was only weeks away from the wedding, but they said they would reimburse me for it. I hope I do indeed get a check for it.

It was the tailor who told me how shoddy the seams were. She said the person who made the dress had an old fashioned sewing style, and the seams were poorly done. I was totally deflated at that point with my Dolly Couture experience. I had such high hopes, and I agree with what you said: design is fabulous, but the actual product you get is very poor. 🙁

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  • Wedding: February 2012

@grrlfrommars:  Same issues here 🙁 See my reply at the end of this thread…

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  • Wedding: October 2011

Wow, I’m shocked at these reviews. My experience with my Dolly Couture dress was totally different… I feel like the quality of the dress is SO good that I want to pass it along to another bride, sentimentality set aside!

Maybe it was the style you both ordered? I had the Beverly, sleeveless, and could not be happier about my experience and the quality of my dress. I felt so supported in it and comfortable. Maybe yalls had lace and not as much support built in?

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  • Wedding: August 2012

I don’t ever post, but wanted to in this instance because I have never been happier with their customer service or quality of work. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with them though.

I looked and looked for bridal gowns and had hear great things about Dolly Couture, so I decided to take a leap of faith and order online.  The sales rep worked with me to make my customizations come to life. They said it could take up to 12 weeks to get my dress, but it arrived even sooner than I expected.  When I got the dress it was amazing.  The design was amazing, it flattered me where it should and hid what it needed too. I thought the quality of the work was also levels about what I could have hoped for.  (Side note: I have a ton of stuff tailored, and I’ve gone through a bunch of them as I have found not all tailors are that knowledgeable about stitching and fabrics , but boy are they quick to make you think they are)

Overall, I would recommend Dolly Couture over and over again.  Unfortunately, you must have gotten a lemon.  Even cars that sell thousands of cars still have a few that don’t turn out perfectly.  I would give them 5 out of 5. 

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  • Wedding: March 2007

Thank you SO much to our satisfied customers for your support, and for making me aware of this thread.  We really are mortified to read that anyone had a number of decorator buttons come off at their wedding reception.  This was news to us and would have been just as aghast to read this in a personal e-mail.  Indeed, we take great pride and generally stand behind our factory.  Our dresses are crafted in Vietnam by some of the most experienced and caring tailors I have encountered during my seven years in business.  I’ve tried and tried to find even matched quality here in the US and I’m sorry to say I have not.   Made only by senior seamstresses from gorgeous fabrics, these gowns are not inexpensive at any level of thier production. Our friends in Vietnam put the same care in to every garment that we do with our customer service here in the US.  In fact, sometimes touches like decorator buttons are added here in the US.  We are investigating what may have occurred and are taking the matter very seriously. 


We will gladly accept the dress in question back and repair the decorator buttons with heavier buttons so that it can be treasured for future generations, along with a gift for the trouble.  Please contact [email protected] to let us make this up to you.


Functioning buttons are a little bulkier than decorator buttons and we feel they can be less attractive, but perhaps a switch is in order.  We do supply several spare decorator buttons with every dress, but perhaps during a dance or rub up against a wall…a giant hug from a great auntie, it seems it was possible that more would fall to the ground than a quick repair would have saved, which leaves me shaking my head with chagrin.  I am determined never to hear of this happening again.  We are all so sorry.  Lots of brides are amis when they examine the pristine white gown they put on before their ceremony after the day is through.  Often it bears little resemblence to the tattered gown that exits after a great party has had its way with it.  Still, the loss of a questionable number of buttons is unacceptable unless the party was thrown by a troop of acrobats. 

We’ve enjoyed a stellar reputation for so long, not because we are perfect, but because we go out of our way to make every bride happy for her big day.  I have sold thousands of dresses. With this volume, naturally mishaps have occurred on both the side of our factory and our own staff.  It is our policy to be sure every bride is aware that she should budget time and expense for possible alterations.  This being stated at every purchase, we’ve found that we can usualy satisfy any unmet expectations our brides may have. Often we will refer them to a local tailor with the materials they need (shipped at no charge) and when we caused the dissatisfaction, we pick up the tab whatever that might cost.  We don’t play around when something goes wrong as I doubt anyone would refute.  I think many happy brides have been even more satisfied with us seeing how diligent we are in handling mishaps.

Regarding the quality of our garments, it seems that while we may not claim perfection, we are able to stand behind our manufacturing.  Decorator buttons have always been a sourcing issue for us (the bane of many bridal designers I’ve spoken with).  I have studied couture stitching and the methods we use to create the dresses very much in line with such standards.  Old-fashioned though our made-to-order techniques may be. We use horsehair lining inside the hem.  A couture technique that causes the gown to roll beautifully along the edges.  While it is called horsehair it is actually woven polyester that is sewn into the hemline of the gown.  This was common in the mid-Century era and actually a mark of high tailoring. We are often praised for our hemwork.  Still, this could be a matter of opinion and perhaps odd to someone not familiar with the technique.  Each dress is hand made to order and we give the seams a good pull during our quality ispection during which we have never had an issue.  Some tailors find it interesting that we leave the gowns to open inside at the waist to accomodate easy tailoring…something that subracts nothing from the attractiveness or quality of the gown and makes “exploratory surgery” before tailoring unecessary.  We have heard rave reviews from many, many tailors over the years as we have them in mind when manufacturing. 

Reading this thread I admit, had my heart beating a hundred times a minute.  We did not earn our reputation for disregarding the quality of our garments.  In fact we heartfully take pride in the quality and constuction of every garment that leaves our hands.  Since each dress is made to order and the dress in question was rushed it would have bypassed our inspections, but I’d be surprised if there were ever an issue with our seam work.

If there is anything we can do…particularly repairing the buttons on the wedding dress the bride hoped to treasure, I hope you will afford us this opportunity.  I’m so sincerely sorry.


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