(Closed) Donald Trump – gun control & Paris?

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pink.lemonade:  I see where you’re coming from with your view on a robbery-type situation, but in America, there are individuals who are simply too proud of what they have worked hard for to let someone with a gun take it from them, so they fire back.

Americans are full of bravery, not saying that other countries aren’t, and whether it be a terrorist or a punk attempting to rob a convenience store, there are those proud men and women that simply won’t negotiate. So, being armed in a situation such as a robbery, for example, there are people who would much rather be armed themselves rather than be taken for what’s in the register. Also, there have been many instances when the convict takes the money, then opens fire killing whoever is witness. Not only would that person get away with theft, but also murder. It would seemingly play out differently had the person behind the counter been carrying. As a woman, personally, I have never felt the need to carry a gun on me because I feel safe in my location and with my surroundings. However, I can see how a mother with small children would want to have a gun on her if she was in a location that wasn’t as safe as others. 

In the end, there’s really no winning situation. Guns were created to kill the target they’re aimed at. If we all have guns, we all have the potential to kill. If only some have guns, some can kill defenseless victims. If we take away guns, there will always be something else to do the job. Humanity is losing either way.

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ct2015:  You are wrong. Climate change is a major threat to national security. It immediately threatens resources, security, water access, and where food can grow. Climate change will start wars soon between countries over resources. Religion is a social construct that starts wars over beliefs. There is no getting around pandemics spreading, because suddenly the world is warm and vector diseases can travel easily, or food shortages occuring because can no longer grow in the same areas because the weather is totally different and there is no longer a growing season. 

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ct2015:  maybe YOU should read up and study Islam. Because tarnishing a whole religion because LESS than one percent of its followers are extremists looking for any excuse to lash out (and mostly target others of the same religion who are the “wrong type” – is simply ignorant and horrible. 

Happy people who are secure in their livelihoods, who haven’t seen their families and children grow sick or starve due to crazy storms wrecking the family farm, who haven’t had to change their whole lifestyle (to keep from being outside in the middle of the day because what used to be record once in a decade high temperatures too hot for people to survive without heatstroke is now pretty typical in the summer months) – happy people aren’t desperate enough to turn to terrorism or buy into crackpot extremists telling them they can earn the easy life and be more righteous if they just stop thinking for themselves and do what the leader wants.

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Trump is an American and entitled to his opinions. In Europe we leave the guns to the police. We are becoming a more violent society in urban areas, and I see the need for the police to have guns now, whereas before I would have argued even against that. I visited New York from England about 20 years ago and flinched every time I saw a policeman with a gun. I hated it. I’ve been to events recently in the UK where police carry huge guns and it still makes me very instinctively uncomfortable, but logically it does make me feel safer. There may have been a couple of lives saved in Paris (just a couple) if Parisians went out to dinner with a handgun in their pockets, but there would be a trade-off in a bout of school schootings killing a couple of hundred a year, so overall statistics say no to civilians haveing guns.

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ct2015:  I have studied Islam. I actually lived in a majority (99%) Muslim country for almost 3 years. 

Islam has nothing to do with my point.

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mrsstewietobe:  there have reportedly been 994 mass shootings in the US in the past three years. That’s not even remotely comparable to the number of terrorist incidents in France (Islamist or otherwise) this millennium. That sounds TERRIFYING to me as a non-American!!!

It seems to be a huuuuge cultural difference between (some) Americans and the rest of the developed world (to massively generalise, because you obviously come across pro-gun people everywhere, just nowhere near to the same extent as you do in the US).

I often wonder how safety is defined, if not by violent crime and homicide statistics. It’s always interesting to see other people’s perspectives! Again, it’s a cultural difference that won’t ever be resolved by debating or arguing about it. And I don’t mean to argue with you, I promise I was just curious!

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Trump is a vulgar opportunist.

Also, and I say this as an American, Americans are in no position to advise the rest of the world on how to prevent mass shootings or gun violence….unless it is to say “see our example, do the opposite” 

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Most Americans, polls show, actually want stricter gun laws (even NRA members agree background checks would be reasonable) but the NRA owns all U.S. congressional Republicans and some Democrats, and republicans run both chambers of Congress. So we cant even get a bill introduced. It doesn’t matter how many people are killed here or how upset most Americans are by it.

So please when you judge our country, know that while these voices of crazy are the loudest, they are not the majority.

Trump is a buffoon and an idiot who doesn’t even know how government works. He is also tasteless and should have kept his mouth shut, but his whole party was saying stuff like this the day the attacks happened. They didn’t even wait an hour. 

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To hit on some of the topics that have come up so far: Trump is an imbecile (eta: or an opportunist looking to appeal to imbeciles), more guns would not help in a situation like Paris, radicalization doesn’t happen without economic and political instability (it’s not all about religion and some sort of supposed hatred of ARE FREEDUMS!!!11), and there is growing evidence that climate change caused a drought that sparked the political and economic instability in Syria. 

As my students are wont to say, I just can’t with people who try to deny the threat of climate change, who think about other religions/civilizations/countries/whatever in a jingoistic way, or who buy into “hero with a gun” narratives.  I just can’t.

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mrsstewietobe:  I see your point. But my point is that legal guns do not decrease the amount the deaths. America has one of the highest gun related deaths in the world. While other countries that have stricter gun laws have a much much lower death rate thats caused by guns. Explain that one. 


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He is a complete ass hat. He also said hed “strongly consider” shutting down mosques. Sorry but THATS not American. At all. 

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I just have such a hard time taking Trump’s loud-mouthed pandering seriously. I bet he goes home and laughs at his followers.

ct2015: Ugh. 

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Bumble bee

We need to close our doors to all these refugees, and start minding our own business.  Let the U.S. take care of the U.S.  to many people HERE need help, instead we are off helping other countries.  Im really sick of it.

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I’m no Trump supporter, but I’m am a strong 2A advocate. Is he correct?  I don’t know (hindsight is 20/20) but I don’t ever want to find out. Isis is here, make no mistake. The FBI has stopped a dozen training camps from being built in the US, but how many haven’t. The likelihood of being caught in a terrorist attack or a mass shooting is slim to none, but I’d rather have the opportunity to defend myself and others, than to die like a sitting duck.

SMH, climate change causing terrorism, lol. There has always been terrorism in history and radical Islam is not even remotely a modern construct. Isis itself has its history since the 20’s but it has been know as isis since the 90’s.

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