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    I can't believe she is doing this

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    I have to admit that I think its pretty funny.  Do I plan to give her any money??  hell no.  I can find far better uses for my money and when I’m feeling charitable,  I donate to a worthy cause.  But see thats just it, no one is compelled to donate and those that do probably see the humor and dare I say, genius, in the whole idea.  If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t have the b*lls to do it myself.   I’m definitely interested in seeing how she does. 

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    do you all remember that chick who auctioned off a spot in her wedding to be a bridesmaid on ebay?

    she got national attention and even had a big sponsor for her wedding… it was tacky in my opinion but damn was it smart too….

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    Yikes. I think that website is totally inappropriate.  I can’t imagine asking for handouts for a wedding- maybe a sick relative or victim of a natural disaster, maybe even a college education, but a wedding?!

    I don’t think it’s clever or genius.  If it was, she wouldn’t be anonymous!  I think the fact that she reveals nothing about herself (other than her love of Desperate Housewives) says something.

    If this behavior was funny/clever/acceptable, she wouldn’t be ashamed to be associated with it.

    A good rule of thumb is- "If I don’t want my mom/dad/FI/pastor/relevant moral authority to know about it, I probably shouldn’t be doing it."

    Also- Do we even know it’s really a broke bride?  Could be a complete scam to bilk people out of money.

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    I think its smart. Its not like she is breaking ettiquette by asking personal friends and family for donations, she is taking advantage of the digital age and trying soemthing new. She said it is an experiment. I’m interested to see how it goes.

    If people don’t want to donate they don’t have to, people who do donate are doing so willingly.

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    @Sansseirf – I also thought they shut down her PayPal account… but if you scroll tot he top of the page, there’s a big PayPal button and that takes you right to her donation site.  I wonder how much she has raised…..

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    "Also- Do we even know it’s really a broke bride?  Could be a complete scam to bilk people out of money. "

    So, I’ve been keeping away from this thread because I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut.

    But. Oh. My. God. Gullibly, that thought never crossed my mind. That would be horrific. Yikes. Okay that’s all I’m going to say about that because I feel very strongly about this.  

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    @<font size=”2″ color=”#81a026″>dorsay</font>: I was going to post that one up to!  I had found it a while ago.  I can’t decide how I feel about it.  I’m personaly wouldn’t do it, but they are getting a lot of free money (and taking probably a lot of comments along with it).  I just wonder who, exactly, is donating?

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    I think she remained anonymous because she knew what she is doing is controversial.  That was smart of her.  She’s not like Octomom with paparazzi outside her house bugging her about it!  I would want to stay anonymous too, just look at the comments here (in one of the most positive board sites on the net!).  People are judgy-wudgy and mean and there might be some stalker out there who wants to ruin her big day!  Maybe she’ll go public after the wedding.  In any case, when I first read this I was like "GAH NO!"  But now I’m thinking people give Octamom money, why not this girl?  There are a million useless causes out there.  At least she’s not selling her virginity on ebay to raise money for college.  Ew.

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    The outrage over this is cracking me up!  I’m just not clear why so many people are upset by what she is doing. 

    I don’t see the few bucks I gave as comparible to the donations I make to charitable organizations (which I do quite often).  When I give to a charity, I give a decent amount. 

    I mean, if I was walking down Michigan Ave and I saw a girl in a wedding dress with a basket asking for money for her wedding.  I would die laughing and then give 5 bucks.  I don’t know, that’s just me.  I wouldn’t do it myself, but I don’t see any harm.

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    eeeee…. no, I wouldn’t donate. I personally believe that if you don’t have the money, then you shouldn’t have the over the top wedding.

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    A wedding is not a cause. It doesn’t improve a life. Those dollars shouldn’t be going to her, they should go to something more worthwhile and she shouldn’t be asking for it for herself. 

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    I’m not totally worked up over this, and I think people have a point about her remaining anonymous- however-

    She put the site up without even telling her Fiance.  She mentions in a latter post, something like, "I told my Fiance and he still loves me."

    I think going behind your FI’s back in such a public way to finance your wedding says something.  I wouldn’t go to my parents for money without discussing it with my husband- nevermind start a website to solicit donations.

    It just doesn’t seem like it’s on the up and up to me.

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    Wow! She’s got guts! Personally, if I had a few extra bucks to donate, I’d donate it to a community charity. Besides, I have my own wedding to pay for! LOL! Anyway, hey if it works more power to her. It’s not my cup of tea and I can think of better ways to earn a little extra cash (second job, tutoring, babysitting, pet sitting, etc.) but who am I to judge.

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    I’m waiting for her to post "April Fools"! Anyone else?

    I guess if she can get away with it, fine. I’m scratching my head more toward the people who are actually DONATING. I agree with previous posts, I’d rather donate money to a real cause.


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