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  • poll: Do you donate blood?
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    Yes, I have donated in the past, but I am not sure I will continue. : (17 votes)
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    I have considered donating, but haven't yet. : (16 votes)
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    Are you kidding?!? Needles are scary... : (18 votes)
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    I have a religious/personal reason why I haven't donated. : (14 votes)
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    Other : (15 votes)
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    I do semi-regularly. I usually do platelets and plasma when I go. It’s so funny, because the place where they do the paid donations can’t manage to find my veins but when I donate at the blood bank they have no issues. Though the first time I donated plasma and platelets the lady who stuck me did it badly so when they did the return on RBCs I got this HUGE bruise that lasted several days. The other times I haven’t had an issue. 

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    I’ve donated whole blood many times.  I’ve tried platelet donation, too, but probably won’t do it again since I didn’t like the anti-coagulant they used.  It made my face go tingly and numb. They said I could prevent that by eating a cup of yogurt before I donate but I’m afraid it won’t work.  I’ll just stick to donating whole blood.

    Also, because of blood donation, I found out that there aren’t a lot of asians on the bone marrow registry.  So I joined and now I’m on the bone marrow registry.  It’s such a great feeling to help people.

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    I would like to donate, but I’m under the minimum weight requirement, so I’m not able to

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    I’ve got good veins and plenty of blood:) I feel its my duty. i used to do it on the regular when I was in my 20’s but now it’s sporatic. I only go when they call me and ask if i’d like to donate. sure! why not? schedule me!

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    I seriously go on a iron (and vitamin c) eating binge for like 2 weeks just so i can donate! I have had to have a blood transfusion so I think its my job to pay back that blood (and then some) 

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    I have donated once, and I would like to again.  When I went they had troubles getting the blood flowng after the first half was done, they had to keep moving the needle around in my arm to try to pick up some blood flow.  It didn’t bother though, just an odd experience

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    my veins are smaller than the needles so i can’t donate ๐Ÿ™

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    I’m an avid donor and have been since high school.  I have an awesome vein in my left arm that the phlebotomists always rave over so it makes donation for me fairly easy.  I’ve been denied on occasion because my world travels have taken me to ‘risky’ places that require a waiting period before you can donate again, but I always go after that’s expired.  

    The last time I donated (which was here in Australia), I was told that they don’t really need my whole blood as I’m B+ and less than 5% of the population here has that blood type.  They suggested I try becoming a plasma donor, which I was fully set on doing…..until I got my positive pregnancy test last week!  No more donations for me for a little while.  ๐Ÿ™  

    Darling Husband would love to donate but here in Australia, they have a regulation stating if you’ve lived in the UK for 6 months or more between 1980 – 1996, you are permanently banned from donating all blood products because of the risk of CJD.  DH was born in the UK in 1982 and lived there until 1986 so he’ll never be able to donate here.  ๐Ÿ™

    @ttn133:  I just signed up for the bone marrow registry too!  My fear now though is that I’m going to get called for it whilst I’m pregnant and won’t be able to help.  Knowing I could have saved someone’s life but was unable to would be extremely difficult to accept.  

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    i am under the minimum weight limit, so i can’t. but if i wasn’t under, i know i would have a hard time doing it! i am afraid of needles, and i usually get queasy after blood draws. so to make me feel less guilty about not being able to, i “make” my SO do it ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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    I have donated twice. The first time was fine, but i passed out walking to the table with the juice and sweets. The second time the nurse took FOREVER sticking the needle in my arm trying to find a vein, and i was out then and there, as well as walking to the table. So I will not be going away.

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    I like to think that I have really smart blood….A+
    (sorry, cheesy, I know).

    I donated once but won’t again unless I gain weight.

    I think I was underweight when I donated the one time back in college. I had a really cheap scale in my room and it said I was 110 (but not a pound more) and even tho I knew my scale wasn’t accurate I really wanted to donate so I just did anyway.
    That wasn’t really the smartest idea. Even tho I had had plenty to eat/drink, I passed out near the end of the donation. Somehow blood got on the sweater I was wearing, gross. They made me stay there for over an hour before they would let me get up. Also, because I passed out right when the bag filled up, they weren’t able to get the little sample tube things from me. So after waiting an hour, they got that from the other arm. So I had bandages on both arms.
    Incidentally, I was supposed to go on a sort of ‘blind date’ that night with my suitemate’s brother. I wasn’t allowed to leave the blood mobile for awhile of course, so that made me late for dinner. I didn’t have the guy’s number so I had to call my friend to tell him I’d be late. I didn’t get released from the blood mobile until like ten minutes before the cafeteria was supposed to close. So I showed up over an hour late to this blind date wearing a sweater with dried blood on it and with wraps on both my elbows. Have you ever tried to eat with those things on your elbows? It’s hard since they can’t bend all the way! And I may or may not have dropped cake in my lap because of that. Needless to say, although the guy was incredibly sweet about the whole thing, nothing ever became of ‘us’.

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    I don’t like needles. But I can fill a bag in under 10 minutes. I figure I might as well help out others anyway I can. I’m 0+.

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    I would like to, but they won’t accept my blood.

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    I don’t, they won’t take my blood or my hubby’s. But he works for the blood bank, and I’ll occasionally volunteer there.

    My parents give all the time. They like to give when they’re over at the movie theater, b/c they get a free ticket and a snack. It’s a perfect afternoon at the movies!

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