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Hormonal IUD. Mirena. Yes, it has hormones, but it’s in your uterus and very little is in your bloodstream compared to other hormonal methods. No cramping or heavy periods. The risk of weight gain is very low, and it does not carry the risk of blood clots that the pill does.

Ultimately though, you’ll just have to keep discussing this with your doctor to figure out a good fit.

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In your situation (don’t want hormones, no kids for at least five years, perhaps ever), your best bet is the copper IUD (Paragard in the US). I have it right now and there has definitely been an adjustment period getting used to it, but if you want incredibly effective non-hormonal birth control, this is it. Luckily with Obamacare, the Paragard has become incredibly cheap for most people (five years ago, it would have cost me over $1000 to have it put in — I think total, it cost me like $12.70). I would recommend getting it put it, trying it out for six months, and if you can’t handle it, having it taken out. It’s worth giving it a shot.

If you do choose Paragard, I would talk to your doctor about using a cervical block for insertion. They inject local anesthetic into your cervix (I didn’t feel the injections), and then I didn’t feel ANYTHING for the rest of insertion. It was awesome. The cramps I had for the next 18 hours weren’t as awesome, but there have been women on this site who have had minimal cramping after insertion. It’s really a different experience for everybody.

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I’m on low dose birth control pills, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.  I’m happy with them.  The regular dose pills gave me awful cramps.  The Lo is much better.  I did gain about 5 lbs in my first year of taking them but other than that, it’s been good. 

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@Stace126:  I don’t know, with you being a “natural girl” and everything… I don’t know if this is helpful (sorry), but I’m on the pill myself and have been fortunate enough not to have any of the side effects some of my friends present with (mood swings, weight gain, bloating, headaches, cramps, etc).

If you were willing to give it a try…? You never know. I read also that there is an injection that you (or your bloke? Can’t remember) can get every couple of months to prevent pregnancy. But thinking about it now that might be even worse than trying a pill?!

Hey wait, have you tried the Billings method? It’s a completely natural way of preventing pregnancy, with no chemicals, medication or physical implementation – basically you track your ovulation cycle and refrain from sex when you are most fertile, which is like a couple of consecutive days a month… Haven’t tried it myself, but there are book reviews and other online forums with people saying that it’s pretty accurate.

Sorry I haven’t been too helpful(!) but I do hope you find something that works for you both.

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I can relate to how you feel – yaz messed up my life and body BIG TIME. After that, I was scared to try anything else. I discussed it with my dr and tried a low dose hormone pill that has been on the market for a very long time, and it works GREAT with my body. Not being on the pill wasn’t an option for me because of intense headaches, cramps, clotting periods, acne, etc. Yaz made me feel crazy. I became very depressed and had suicidal ideations, which is not normal for me. I flipped out on everyone before my period. My Fiance and I had a lot of hard times because of this, I would turn into a psycho bitch and say really hurtful things and cause fights. I knew I was doing it, but I couldn’t stop. 

It was all solely because that birth control pill wasn’t right for me. Nuva Ring’s hormone levels probably aren’t right for you. I would consider the pill before an IUD personally, but only you can know what you are comfortable with. I hope you figure it out!

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@Stace126:  I had a non hormonal IUD. DO NOT GET ONE IF YOU HAVEN’T HAD KIDS!!  They didn’t tell me this – I’ve never had kids before and the insertion itself $)*%&ing HURTS! I was on bedrest for a week after the insertion.

Also, I’m a bioengineer, so I knew that copper is not biocompatible. When I asked my doctor how it worked, and how the noncompatibility would work with my body, she really didn’t have an answer. That should’ve been my first red flag.

 Turns out, that the copper wire elutes (or gives off) copper ions, leaching these ions into the in utero environment. This makes the environment hostile for implantation. So basically you still ovulate and there can still be fertilization. Essentially making you have the possiblity for a miscarriage every month.

When I had the IUD in, I had constant bleeding to the point where I had to get it removed and go on an iron supplement for anemia. I also got non stop UTIs and other infections :/

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! So I advise most women to stay away if they can!! I’m back on the BC pill, tricylcin and I feel like the cycling of the hormones helps with my mood.


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Check out Fertility Awareness. It’s a completely natural and brilliant method of family planning. I’ve been using it for nearly 7 years and no babies.

It involves taking your temperature and examining your vaginal fluid every day (this is known as ‘charting’ and it takes a few minutes each day). Unlike the useless ‘rhythm’ method however, it takes things like sickness, differing cycle lengths and early or late ovulations into account. It is also one of the methods than can be safely used by women with irregular periods. One study showed that this method was 99.5% effective with perfect use and 98.2% effective with typical use. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/02/070221065200.htm. Another study rated it as 97.9% for those who combined it with another method (such as a barrier like a condom or a diaphragm) and 97.7% for those who used it on its own http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1755469. Other studies have shown similar effectiveness rates.

Other natural methods include The Marquette Model, The Standard Days Method, electronic fertility monitors and even an App called Lilly available on iTunes.

You can also check out Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. There is also a fab website and forum at http://www.tcoyf.com.

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Certain pills make me moody and crazy, so my doctor keeps me away from the tri-phasic ones.  I loved Yaz for my PMDD and my skin, but it killed my sex drive and made me too dry to do it anyway.  Now I’m on an older low dose pill that leaves me with mild acne, but I am capable of having sex and am not an intolerable bitch.  

If I were you, I’d ask for a low-dose pill like Lo Ogestrel.  I don’t think it can be any more harmful than the NuvaRing, but a different type of hormone might help you with the mood swings.  

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i think despite the insertion fears, paraguard (the non hormonal iud) sounds like it would be a good option for you, especially since you want to be protected for up to 5 years. I’d be wary of using a hormonal birth control for that long (some bees might disagree, but thats how i feel personally)

i personally wouldnt feel safe using a method of natural family planning (charting etc) but maybe you can look into it and see if it might be right for you

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Older Bee here (over 50)

Lol, and have LOTS of experience with BC, as well, I’ve been sexually active for over 35 years.

I GET the idea of not wanting to “mess with your system” but still find something safe and reliable.

Which is why after my first pregnancy I found that The Pill didn’t work for me (hormonal methods).  And after all the bad stuff that came out in regards to Copper IUDs (including deaths) in the 70s and 80s, not something I’d ever consider !!

In the end we changed to a barrier method… in our case a Diaphragm which when used properly is extremely effective.

The downside is needing to plan ahead a bit (loss of a bit of spontaneity) and the use of Spermacide (not great for oral sex)… but it sounds like you have some experience with both these issues in that you’ve been using Condoms & Spermicide already (a Diaphragm is slightly better than Condoms for spontaneous sex, in that you can insert it in advance)

My Ex & I used a Diaphragm successfully for over 10 years… no issues.  We only got pregnant when we wanted to, stopped using any BC.

There are other barrier methods that a similar… the Cervical Cap gets good reviews too.

I suggest you talk to your Doctor or Birth Control Clinic for more info.

Hang in there… you will find something that works for you (( HUGS ))


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I tried the Nuvaring as well & my legs ached terribly.  I stopped inserting for fear if blood clots in my legs.  I am now on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo & I’ve had no issues. I’ll be coming off soon because we want to get pregnant soon after the wedding & my doctor says I should be off for at least 3 months before we start trying.

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Ortho tri-cyclen lo works really well for me, and as a bonus, has made my skin amazing. Also, it’s free (thanks Obama!).

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I know how you feel, it took my going through a ton of pills, the patch, the ring, and now finally Mirena for me to find something that keeps the cramps away but also doesn’t cause me to have horrible side effects.

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I just got off birth control because I gain weight and it makes me absolutely crazzzzy. I never felt like myself. I have a couple of friends that chose options other than the pills or nuva ring. Have you looked in to the shots (Depo-Provera) or the implant that goes in to your arm (Implanon or Nexplanon)? Those might be some options. I don’t know vey much about them, BUT it’s kind of like the nuva ring where you don’t have to take something everyday. I think the shots last for three months and the implant lasts for 2-3 years. 

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