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@PrncssDva:  Oh no, how frustrating!  Can you block her from being able to comment to your posts?

I luckily haven’t had too many of those.

Both my mom and Mother-In-Law wouldn’t let me carry shopping bags when I was 5 weeks along. Shopping bags that had some clothes in them and were light as a feather. Because, you know, pregnant women shouldn’t carry anything. I’m not gonna tell them that I picked up 28 pounds of cat litter yesterday.

Darling Husband told me not to cook a certain dish, because it had feta in it (pasteurized and cooked!). He also told me not to eat honey. He got that one mixed up with not feeding honey to babies under one year old. I thought that was kind of cute, though.

Our neighbor’s kid (~9 years old) always asks me how “she” is doing. We haven’t found out the gender yet. But that is kinda cute, too.

I was recently giving a ride to my cousin’s Mother-In-Law and AIL and we came across a bumpy road with pot holes. They both repeatedly asked me if I wanted to drive slower (than the 15 mph I was going) as to not “hurt the baby”.  Uhm, the baby is well cushioned in amniotic fluid and my uterus. A few bumps won’t damage anything.

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@PrncssDva:  People mean well but I hate it when people comment on what I’m eating. If I want to sneak a candy bar, fine. Don’t need a lecture on how unhealthy it is. If I want to eat fruit great! Don’t need a ‘congrats’ on how I’m eating something nutritious.

I feel your pain…

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Get used to it… soon you’re going to start hearing about everyone’s labour and delivery, and which pre-school your child should go to. 

Best advice….. zone out. It’s just so not worth it 🙂 

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Agreed!! I told a friend at work after she walked into the bathroom when I was horrificly up heaving everything I’d eaten in the past ten years (or so it felt!!!)

And now she tells me CONSTANTLY what to eat, what to drink, asks me how I’m feeling, tells me what my risks of miscarriage are, asks when my next dr appt is, etc. It drives me crazy. I told her 1,000 times that I’m not announcing it to the office yet (not til 12 weeks, unless I continue to get that sick or start showing or something)…

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I feel your pain with this. I am so sick of unwanted comments from people.

I’ve had friends comment about taking medications during pregnancy and how they don’t think I should be doing it. Um, I’m sorry, but if you were throwing up every day, all day, and lost 10% of your body weight you too would consider it. I’ve also been lectured about what I eat.. again, I’m still under my pre-pregnancy weight by about 7-10lbs right now AND I’m just about 20 weeks along. If I want it, I’ll eat it, because my doctor told me too. I don’t want that pile of salad or your healthy food.. I want those chicken nuggets and fries.

People like to butt in, it’s just their nature. I’ve learned to ignore most comments, but have been known to get a little nasty back. One thing I’m fed up with is being told “it’s just morning sickness”.. well sweetheart, if it was, it would have ended by now, and I also wouldn’t have that fancy paper that shows I’ve been diagnosed with hyperemesis and still be taking meds this far into my pregnancy. So shove it.

@apex: One thing I learned, don’t tell people I just threw up or feel like I’m going to.. or the lectures start more about what you should be eating and how what you are eating is actually what is causing it. I’m going to throw up whether I eat carrot sticks or pizza, it really doesn’t matter.

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BAH!  Just let it roll off your back, everyone’s a critic, an expert and a loudmouthed know it all smarty pants when someone is pregnant….there’s nothing to do to stop it, but if you can translate whatever crap they’re telling you about when they were pregnant and all they wanted were lima beans and bacon it meant that the iron…blah, blah, blah…..start fantasizing that they’re singing show tunes for your delight, and smile…cause it’s all crap and any minute they might just break into a dance….like Ethyll Merman…yeah….Ethyll

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Lol simple solution don’t post on Facebook 

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Oh it’s SO infuriating! I have had someone tell me not to take anti-sickness medication – um, yeah whatever, you try being sick 11 times in one weekend and not being able to stop or leave the bathroom or drink water and then come back and tell me just to let nature take it’s course and feel the nausea because it’s natural.

I also have ppl regularly ask me if I’ve had a scan to check if the baby is abnormally big since I’m showing so much so early – I am FAST running out of polite responses for these people!!

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@snoie: Ooh you sound like me! How annoying are these ppl! The doc also said I had hyperemises (spelling?) gravidas 🙁 How dare they comment when they don’t know the misery of this and how dangerous it can be not be able to keep food and liquids in your body.

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Ugh, that’s irritating.

Most people don’t know I’m pregnant yet so I’ve really only gotten crap from my dad. I work in retail and my job involves occasionally lifting boxes, some of them moderately heavy. I’m not very concerned about it but my dad keeps telling me I need to tell my bosses immediately that I’m pregnant and need to be put on light duty. I’m not ready to tell my bosses or other coworkers about my pregnancy so that won’t be happening. My dad would probably flip if he knew I went out and bought cat litter all by myself last week. 🙂

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@iheartnerds:  eek, I’m not trying to be one of those annyoing busy-bodies that this post is aimed at honest!..but cat litter is one of the things that doctor’s do seriously warn you against, it there no way you can get hubs to do that?

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