(Closed) Dont these people get into trouble?

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Depends where you live. In my city it’s not illegal, however, in the city I went to college in it was.

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@dicapriosimaginarywife:  yes and no. It really depends on the area.


It can be annoying but some of these people really dont have other options. It is  sad 🙁

Trust me, begging is not anyones idea of a good time.


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@dicapriosimaginarywife:  In my area, most are strtegically positioned in places like freeway onramps, that are county or state property where they cannot be arrested for it.

However, I work at a high-end mall where they will arrest them for trespassing if they cross the road, as then they are on private property. Really, it all depends on the laws in that particular area.

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hmm yeah, I always feel uncomfortable– and I spent 4 months homeless-hitchhiking when I was 21. I stayed at several shelters and most of those people beg for money so they can spend a night in a hotel with a bf or gf or buy some booze. I never asked/begged for money but I must have had ‘the look’ or something because I had random people pull over when I was walking down city sidewalks and offer me food/money.

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@SparkleBee11:  Well they do have the option to not beg on the car off ramp where you’re stuck and can’t get away…



They also did a news story here (Philadelphia) where this guy makes $60,000/yr. begging. He owns a house, has a car and nice clothes. He dresses up “poor” and begs for money for a living. I will buy a sandwich or a shirt for any homeless person I meet, but I won’t give them a dime.

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@dicapriosimaginarywife:  If they really are homeless I think they would be perfectly happy with a sandwich…

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In college there was this homeless guy who always stood at the controlled intersectection in front of my school and a there was a Wendy’s fast food place across the street. Every morning for 2 years straight I would make sure to have $2 cash to give to him. I’d literally see him take the money and go right to Wendy’s for food.

One morning I was running late and had no cash, he walked up to my car and I had no money and I had to look the other way because I felt so bad! He had such a hurt look on his face, I couldn’t stand it. I felt…guilty??

Every once in a while I will give a beggar a dollar or two just because I don’t know if they really need it or not. If they ARE faking it, that’s their bad karma, not mine. I did what was in my heart.

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@dicapriosimaginarywife:  Me too, if I know for sure they are in need of something. Ok. I also saw (in Philly) this guy get off a city bus in a wheelchair, with the whole chair lift thing and everything. Once the bus pulled away he wheeled a few feet, then stood up, folded up the wheel chair and carried it to his car. For sure he did it for reduced bus fair. I guess I just have a hard time trusting anybody anymore.


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@dicapriosimaginarywife:  So you feel bad for people who lose limbs mining diamonds in another countries, but homeless and starving people in America annoy you?

I don’t get it…

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Lol, here is a good story.

There is regular spot here in one of our major Canadian cities at an off-ramp, near an underpass where some homeless sorts regularly congregate… they pan the cars waiting in line for loose change.

Anyhow one day last winter, one of the coldest days of the winter (I don’t know lets say around -20 to -30 C), the drivers waiting in line on the ramp for the light to change, got a strange surprise.

The so-called “homeless man” was flashing a badge !!

He would approach their car as if to be looking for change (a daily occurence at this spot)… BUT if he looked inside and saw any illegal activities… ie NO seatbelt, TALKING / TEXTING on their Cell Phone etc.  He would tell them to pull over to the side of the road when they made the turn after the light (he had another couple of cars on stand-by round the corner writing up the tickets)

Proved to be quite THE STING OPERATION

And as for the homeless guys who were normally “on the beat” on that corner…

They got a nice day inside… a warm place to stay / sleep, 4 Square Meals, Plenty of Coffee, and a few bob I hear to make up for the pan-handling they fore-go on the corner that cold winter’s morning.



Lol, so sometimes not everything that you think you see, is as it appears to be !!


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