(Closed) Don’t you hate the mind games weight loss commercials play with you?

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Sugar bee
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Sizing and BMIs are all just crap (especially since size isn’t standardized and BMIs don’t account for body fat). I say if you eat okay, get some exercise and feel good then who cares what your height to weight ratio or pant size is. What’s sexy is being self confident + wearing clothing that fits.

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Buzzing bee
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I hate hate hate weight loss and diet ads so very much.  I hate the way they make it seem as if these women had no happiness or worth in their lives until they spent money on the diet, equipment, or whatever and lost that all important life changing 20 pounds.  I hate the ones on the men’s ads that make it seem like dieting is for women but being fat is emasculating so you need to man up and do nutraslim or whatever they’re selling.  I hate the obviously misrepresenting people’s sizes, the shaming of larger people, the plastic looking after pictures.  I hate the expectation that I’m a glutton just because I eat more than the minimum mandated number of calories per day and the idea that if we’re naturally larger we’re SUPPOSED to be starving ourselves. I hate seeing hunger being portrayed as the enemy when it is a biological mechanism for alerting us to a life-sustaining need.  I hate the fake before and after pictures.  I hate that what’s actually unhealthy is portrayed as healthy and sexy. I hate that we can’t sell people what’s actually good for them – a healthy, well-balanced diet, eating when hungry to provide energy, and regular exercise but we can and do sell crash diets, unhealthy fasting, and health being all about body size.

I also hate that I spend so much time thinking about hating this stuff!

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Buzzing bee
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I HATE the Hydroxy Cut commercial with the doctor who says that he looked at the studies of how much weight people lost, so he endorses the product.  Then they show a bunch of bikini bodies and profess that diet pills are the only way to get there.

No mention of how terrible diet pills are for you.  No mention from the doctor that he looked at studies of the users’ short- and long-term health.  No mention of diet.  No mention of exercise.

Agh!  I hope I have boys.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Weight loss is a business. All of this is just part of their tactics to make you buy into the need for their product or business, the same way the cosmetics  industry makes us all feel like we need to spend a fortune on our skin.

Apparently it works or they wouldn’t all still be in business.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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You know I never really thought about it but you are SO RIGHT. It does always bug the crap out of me when someone is like “I fell into a deep depression when I realized I weighed 150 pounds… I thought my life was over” ummmmm stfu. For real. 

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Bee Keeper
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Yeah I don’t like the guilt mind games either. And I totally agree, I see commercials where the woman is clearly a size 0 and claiming to be a size 4. How do I know? Because I”m a size 2 and bigger than her. It makes me wonder for a second if I’m lying to myself about my size, then I realize that’s crazy and they are just trying to make me insecure.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: June 2011

I hate the flip-side too: that thin women get stereotyped as “anorexic”, “unrealistic”, “extreme dieters/exercisers”, etc.

People have different body types and different genes. Some women are healthy at 110, some women are healthy at 150.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I hate how a size 14 is not the same on everyone but they make it like that! A size 14 on someone is is 5’2 is different on someone who is 5’11! That has always bothered me.

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Bumble bee
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@abbyful: As a person who has a few friends who are naturally very thin and small boned, I completely agree with you.

@MissTattoo: Good point!

I am annoyed/amused by the commercials for diet pills that show the “befor” picture of a person who is chubby/puffy and then the “after” picture they have 12-pack abs! Yeeeeaaaaa….riiiiiiight……

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Blushing bee
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My favorites are the before and after photos. The before is always shot head on (ie the least flattering angle), with the woman flat-footed and pale as a ghost. The glamorous after shot has her in a bikini, stilettos and a fake oompa-loompa tan, and she is arranged to look as thin as possible. Whatever, diet ads!

My most recent anger boiled up with those Jenny Craig ads with the red-headed actress who lost 50 pounds. She said she couldn’t smile when she was heavier. Please! Let’s just reinforce the idea that weight loss alone solves all your emotional problems, why don’t we? Ugh!

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Blushing bee

All that matters is that you are healthy and that you are comfortable and happy with your weight. 

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Helper bee

I know what you mean! I was looking through an ALLOY magazine at the doctors office and was so mad! NONE of these women had hips! At all! It was a real live stick figure! It makes me angry that women cant have curves or they are “overwieght”!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

I would kill to be 140 pounds. Right now I weigh 220, I’m 5’5… And my weight is distrubuted so unevenly over my body that I seriously look in the mirror and think, “What the hell?!”

Am I a stick figure? No. Am I “hot” according o society’s standards? No. Do I have boobs? HECK YES I DO! Do I have a great butt? Of course!

Do I have days where I feel like an XXXXXXXL bag of fatty? Of course. I plan to lose a little weight to look better in my dress. But hey, I have T&A, which is a lot more than I can say for those scrawny little girls

: D

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