(Closed) Double wedding? Just an idea! Need your thoughts.

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  • poll: Would you do a double wedding with your sister/twin?

    Yes! A celebration of love and sisterhood.

    No way - totally weird and takes the spotlight away from the bride/groom!

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    I find it awesome! and i dont think it would be that hard if you and your FIs have similar tastes.


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    I think its that one special day to celebrate your relationship and its shouldn’t be shared. Not in a mean way or self-centered way. But the wedding is about that one couple and about celebrating y’alls marriage.

    I think its great that you have such a close relationship but I think you would regret not having that day to yourself. I hope this is not coming across diva like or anything. But each couple will have their own day and y’all will still be able to celebrate together on those separate occassions.


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    I think it sounds like a logistical nightmare.

    It would be hard to decide on colours, general theme. Even with similar tastes there are so many little details. it’s hard enough to just get your Fiance to agree let alone another bride and her Fi.

    How would you break up guest list. Could you each invite a certain number of people? What if one person has more guests than the others. Do you divide the costs accordingly?

    How would you do the ceremony? Both get married at the same time or have two separate ceremonies your guests have to attend.

    In my mind there are so many things to think about and I think it would turn into alot of different arguments.

    Plus I agre with PP, your wedding day should be about celebrating your relationship and love with your Fiance. You only get this chance once. Personally, I wouldn’t share it.


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    • Wedding: August 2013

    I would feel very weird about giving a gift to the couple I didn’t know as a friend of one of the grooms or a relative of one of the grooms.

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    My aunts had a double wedding and it was great! As long as you get along well and have similar tastes i think it will go well.

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    It sounds fun in theory but in practice I think it could really put a strain on your relationship.  Unless one of you is RIDICULOUSLY easy-going, it will be a nightmare to plan.  It is hard enough to be 100% in agreement with two people, I can’t imagine what it would be like with 4.  How would you pick your bridal party?  Who gets to decide colors, cake flavors, themes, songs, food, guests, etc.?  There are so many small details when planning a wedding and I think it would be near impossible to get 4 people in agreement with all of them.  Weddings have a knack for straining relationships.  I don’t think it would be worth the trouble.

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    I would do this in a HEARTBEAT if I had a friend or relative getting engaged around when I got engaged. Not only do you have the obvious benefits of splitting costs and dividing up the work, you have a bigger crowd (which often means better negotiating power with vendors) and overall more excitement.

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    I think as long as you’re not one of those people who want to be 100% the center of attention then it would be great.

    Ooooh, it would make a really fun destination wedding!

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    We are having a double wedding with Fiance sister.  We live in Fl and she lives in MA, planning has been fun, we plan together and discuss everything on the phone. They are coming to FL to get married, so I am doing a lot of the planning but consult her in everything.  When I ordered the cake I hadtended, sent pictures and even called from the bakers before deciding. So not only is it a double wedding but the brides live 1500 miles apart. Then we are all going on a cruise for our honeymoon! We even decided that together. We decided on a simple beach wedding and dinner cruise for our reception with only about 35 including brides and grooms.  Maybe if I was 20 years younger getting married for the first time I might think differently, but we have all been married before so this is how our wedding will be special to us. Everyone’s idea of special is different and like it was said everyone has to agree on all aspects which can be tough. For us it was an easy decision.

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    Whilst I appreciate that you and your sister might love this idea, what about your FI/her BF? What if they want ‘their’ day as a separate wedding? Might they feel pressured to have a double wedding to please you both?

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    I’m a twin and I would say HEll NO to this. We can share a womb, birthdays, all big milestones but not my wedding. The day should be about the couple, if that means a courthouse wedding, or big church wedding. It should represent the couple as a whole, and I could see it getting messy having to have take four people into consideration, and trying to balence your relationship vs theirs.

    Having said that, while I never would personally do that, if all four of you agree and want that type of wedding, and think you culd make it work. Then you should go for it. I also wonder if her boyfriend and your Fi would even be down for that?

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    I think when it comes to a wedding, your very special day; you should do what makes you happy. If having a double wedding with your sister it’s what makes you happy and it will make your wedding day so much more special you should do it. I am coordinating a wedding in September where the bride and the groom are having American ceremony and second more traditional African ceremony. I think their wedding will be fantastic and unique. At my own wedding we did many things that were unconventional. Just to begin with the fact that I am Bulgarian and my husband is Indian and all the cultural mix we had at our wedding:) So don’t limit yourself and do things just because are more conventional. Do things that are outside the box that is what will make your wedding day unique and special. Meg

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    I went to a double wedding of sisters two years ago and it was beautiful (and the talk of the town!)…

    The father walked both daughters down the aisle at the same time.  Each wedding party had their own bridesmaids/groomsmen.  One sister’s party on one side – alternating girl/boy/girl/boy and the other sister’s party on the other — creating the tradtional “v-shaped” wedding party in front of the church.

    They took turns saying their vows – so each couple got their special time.  After both couples said their vows, they announced the newly weds and then walked down the aisle together with the sisters inbetween the two boys.

    I thought it was fun!  Made me wish that I had a sister!

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    We jokingly talk about it. I could pay for it, my sister could plan most of it (since she’s local). When the inevitable naysayers come out of the wood work, you can say “well my sister really wanted it that way” LOL

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    I voted “No” but it’s not just because it would take away from the bride/groom, it’s because a wedding is a very personal and special occasion and I would simply have too many different ideas from my sister. We’d have to compromise big time and one of us would undoubtedly be unhappy with part of the ceremony. My sister and I are totally different people, she’s already married and had an insanely different ceremony to what I would ever imagine (or feel comfortable with)

    Having said that, of course, it can work, depending on the sisters and if their fiances are happy with it…

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