(Closed) Doubting myself regarding my bridesmaid decision.

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I think you should talk to her, it would be very awkward for the whole bridal party and even for her, esp. since everyone has taken the ex boyfriends side. 

Personally, altough it will be very hard to do, I would drop her, it will cause unneccessary drama on your wedding day due to the fights and no one speaking to her

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whiteshortstar16:  Assuming you want to still be her friend, I think you should make more efforts to catch up with her, and keep her as a bridesmaid. In no way do I condone cheating, but she has done nothing wrong to *you*. A month of not talking isn’t really that long, and obviously there are big changes in her life.

The other bridesmaids should, for your sake, be civil to her.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t need to interact except on the wedding day (and even then not much, it’s just a matter of standing near each other in photos), so I don’t see a problem with her ex being a groomsman either. Obviously don’t “pair” her with her ex though.

In some ways I think this is analagous to dealing with divorced parents of the bride or groom. So long as the separated couple isn’t forced to sit near each other or talk to each other, everyone should be able to put their feelings aside for one day, for the sake of the couple getting married.

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whiteshortstar16:  I would rather be awkward with one person than my entire bridal party. You leaving her on the bridal train gives the impression that you are on her side.

Due to the fact that your Fiance has been friends with the ex longer than the girl has been to you, I would suggest that you put their friendship as a priority over the unstable behaviour of the bridesmaid. It cannot be easy but for the peace, it is a very small price to pay.

Also if your Fiance does not want her near him, please indulge him. What if one of them gets drunk at the reception and cause a scene?

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Even if you still want to be friends with her (which is your right), I wouldn’t dream of having anyone in my bridal party that my SO couldn’t stand to be around. It’s his wedding too and he has the right to have people he loves and respects (or at least feels neutral toward, but not hates) at the altar as well. Just tell her that you’ve talked it over and feel like it would be too awkward. Hey, it’s ultimately her decision-making that has led to all this fallout, so if she ends up being upset with you, she’d be wrong for that. 

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I’m wondering if she would even be comfortable being in the wedding party now, as she likely knows that the rest of the wedding party has sided with her ex. If you can, maybe you can get her to talk to you about it and see how she is feeling? She may remove herself from the situation and you won’t have to ‘fire’ her from the wedding party.

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I think you need to give her some space and some time, and have your mutual friends do the same. This friend has basically had her life turned upside down. Her relationship is destroyed or in serious trouble, there’s a child in the mix, there’s the guilt of having cheated and destroyed the relatoinship, and if that’s not enough, everyone knows, everyone’s in her business, and she knows that everyone knows. Not surprised she wants to distance herself from your wedding almost a year down the road.

I think right now you do nothing. Go about your planning as normal; at almost a year out, there’s not really anything for the bridesmaids to be doing. Tell your friends/bridal party to butt out. Your bridesmaid and her ex are not going to get any closure nor get any closer to being civil to each other (for the sake of their child at a minimum) if they are constantly being talked about, gossiped about, etc. The fact that she cheated is NO ONE’S  BUSINESS but hers and her ex’s. 

Tell your bridesmaid and her ex that #1 you will not be taking sides (and hold yourselves to that promise), #2 you will respect their privacy during this time and #3 you will always be there when they need you.  If they don’t want to talk, then so be it.   And don’t take it personally if she chooses not to turn to you, because people do strange things when they are grieving, and she’s grieving for her relationship. Maybe privacy and solitude are what helps her heal.

Remind your fi that cheating is  a terrible thing to do but it doesn’t make your bridesmaid an evil person and that there’s good and bad in everyone.

Then just go on with life and see where things are in a few months.

If everyone acts like adults, there’s no reason these friendships can’t continue and no reason you can’t all be under the same roof for your wedding.

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Seriously? This situation is not about you, and most certainly not about your wedding. This woman has a lot going on in her life right now and is quite likely reeling from the sudden and dramatic changes. I’m pretty sure her life is not at all going according to her plan. Give her the space she’s asked for. She’ll come around when she’s ready.

The bridal party choosing sides thing is ridiculous. This is not middle school. They all need to grow up and mind their own business. And if they are uncomfortable, it’s by their own choice to impose their judgements upon her. The same goes for your Fiance. Your maid hasn’t done a single darn thing to your Fiance. His animosity to her is unwarranted, and rather unhelpful to boot.

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If I were you, I’d drop the Bridesmaid or Best Man from the bridal party for your own sanity and the fact that she’s been MIA.  Based on her behavior and how she responds to you, the best thing you can do is to let her off the hook from Bridesmaid or Best Man duties and allow her to just focus on her own life and get her sh*t together.  More than likely, she’s aware how your other BMs feel about her so with that kind of opposition it’s not surprising that she’s been avoiding any wedding related events.

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For those saying to drop the bridesmaid because she’s not living up to her bridesmaid duties…. it’s almost a year before the wedding. What exact duties does a bridesmaid even have at this point in time?

Some very heartless and short-sighted people replying here.  If there’s any hope of anyone still being friends in a few months, let alone a few years, people will recognize that this woman’s relationship (or her own emotional state) was so troubled that she was willing to cheat, her cheating was exposed, she’s caused loads of pain to someone she was supposed to love, and all her friends are sticking their noses into her business.  With all that going on, and with almost a year before the wedding (hence nothing for her to be doing yet), it’s no surprise that she’s gone MIA.

It’s a sucky situation but it sounds like the gossip and choosing sides and open hostility is not making it any better.  I think anyone who’s not the bridesmaid, the guy she cheated on or the guy she cheated with, y’all need to find something else to do and leave those people alone to figure out what happens next for them.

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