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How awful.  I cant help but wonder what they were doing in the supermarket in the first place.  Younger people aren’t being raised with the same morals anymore.  So sad


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When teens get into a group, they tend to show off… I guess I had to be there to listen to the tone of their voices. I think it was weird that the lady would offer bread to a bunch of teens…

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I think it was weird that she offered loaves of bread to a bunch of strange teenagers as well.  I’d be uncomfortable if some random person at the grocery store offered me loaves of bread, or anything else, for that matter.

However, a simple, “No, thank you,” on their part would have sufficed.

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@UpstateCait:  I take the subway into work.  During the school days, it is hell on the train.  The teens are loud and obnoxious; and, they would shove and push their way in.  If you didn’t move, they’d talk really loudly next to you and make it uncomfortable for you. 


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That’s just how teenagers are.  They grow out of it…when they’re about 25.  

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I don’t know what I would have said to a rando offering me bread to be honest…

But yeah in general kids are obnoxious right through high school

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My Fiance and I started dating when we were 17 and I know that if that happened to either of us we would have just said ‘no, thanks’.

Being in the ‘Teenager’ stage does not give anyone the right to be rude or disrespectful. I hate that it becomes an excuse for a lack of social skills!

I feel really bad for that woman 🙁

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The situation just sounds weird, and I would be weirded out by it too if it were me. At the same time, I would have just said “Oh, no thanks, I think we’re all stocked up at home.” No need to be rude..

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I don’t find it odd, I have a Grandmother who has very little, but is always offering people things.  If she saw some random people and had extra of something, she’d probably ask if they needed any.


Yeah, when I was a teenager I probably would have just said “Oh, no thank you, I’m set.  But thank you for the offer” and then asked if she needed help loading things into her car.  Of course, I wouldn’t have been getting into a beamer, more like my 1990 Pontiac Sunbird.  Not that the money issue necessarily has anything to do with it, but my parents taught me respect and manners. My Mom also would have cuffed me in the mouth (no matter my age) if she heard me behaving that way.

@mnp:  Yeah, I hear you about the subway.  It always annoys me.  Especially since they practically yell the entire time as well (not to mention discussing things that shouldn’t be discussed in public IMHO).

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The title made me laugh. The biggest douche-baggery I have witnessed (I have seen alot of it!) had to have been during the car accident that was right outside our house. We live on a street that tends to have sudden turns. Well some teens decided to race each other and ended up slamming into a parked car and then slid into the neighbors yard and took out their wall.

All of us were standing outside in our pajamas at 2 in the morning looking to see what had happened. The neighbor with the wall was yelling at the teenagers not to touch the friend as he could have sustained a neck injury. The kid was sitting in the drivers seat, not moving and we were scrambling to call 911.

The other car? Well, it sped off after the call was made. Fortunately, someone else got the plates. Not sure who was the worst. The car that sped off without a concern as to their friend, or the fact that both cars decided to go speeding through a residential area making them equally as bad.

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Yeah, teenagers are really annoying sometimes.  ESPECIALLY when there is more than one of them together. 

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I come from a small town where people tend to help eachother out a lot. It’s like a lost art. So if something like this went down, no one would think that a grandmotherly kind lady offering bread to a bunch of teens was weird. She probably assumed they were roomies in college and could have used some free food. I know when I was a kid I appreciated anything and everything I could get my grubby little hands on. Plus, the older generation tends to not waste b/c of the hardships they themselves grew up in. Children today have it so good that it’s almost unreal. They should be ashamed of themselves for treating someone this way. But of course, they won’t, so hoping karma catches up sounds good to me.

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