(Closed) Dr. Scheduled me for a mamogram…but im only 22??

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When I was around 24 I found a lump, but the doctor sent me for an ultrasound, not a mammogram.  It was still pretty scary, but it turned out to just be a cyst and I was kicking myself for worrying for a whole week straight!

My advice: try as best you can to put it out of your head.  This close to your wedding, there are probably a billion other (less scary) things you can worry about!  I know it is easier said than done but seriously don’t do what I did, which was google all sorts of terrible and frightening things.  I believe, from my mother’s experiences, that the turnaround time on mammograms isn’t too long, so you should have your results quite soon after. 

Good luck!

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First, I would get a new doctor…anytime a woman says she feels a lump, it shouldn’t just be brushed aside.

Anyway, it’s always best to be on the safe side! I think it would ease your mind to get the mammogram. My mom had one recently and she had the results super fast.

Try to refrain from googling! I had surgery last summer and the week leading up to it, I did some of my own “research”…bad life decision!! People can put all kinds of crazy things out there that aren’t the full truth.

Best of luck!

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At 29, I had a weird “ridge”.  I was sent for a mamogram and an ultrasound.  At any time in your 20’s or 30’s your breast tissue is too dense to read on a mamogram.. but most do it as a first screen anyways.  They didn’t find anything with me.

You can get nodules and tissue deposits all formed by fluctuations in hormones.  The odds are that it’s just a cyst, and it will go away, but it’s best to get it check out.

My mom had breast cancer at 39, so now at 31 I’m doing mamograms every other year, and will go to every year at 35.  If you have breast cancer in your family, it’s good to scan early.  If it’s a direct decendant like me, you are supposed to take 10 years off their number and start your scanning at that age.

I’m sure you are okay, but get it checked out.. if only for YOUR peace of mind.

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First thing. Relax.  there’s nothing you can do about it in the interim, and worrying about it will just stress you out.  It’s very likely that its nothing, but the doctor just wants to be sure.  I had my first breast exam when I was 12 (and barely had boobs at all!) because of a weird lump in that near-the-armpit-area where cancerous lumps typically show up.  It was just a cyst, and on a similar thread posted on the boards earlier, I mentioned that I get cysts all the time now – usually closer to the surface, because of how fibrous my breast tissue is.  So.  try not to worry too much and like some of the others said, don’t go googling it cause that’ll most likely just make you feel worse.  You’ll have results soon and will know how to proceed from there.  

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Unless you have a family hx of breast cancer they try not to irradiate young breast tissue with a mammogram, the recommendation is an ultrasound. I would have them start with an ultrasound first, you can tell alot at that point. Then if deemed medically necessary they could order a mammogram. I would also set up an apt to see an OB/GYN instead of a walk in clinic.

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My family has a long history of cysts in their breasts.  My grandmother had a double masectomy in her 40s because they had become so painful.  My mother has many lumps in her breasts, one in specific is almost the size of a golf ball.  I know that I’m more prone to having problems with my breasts now too, so I make sure to check them every month like the doctor recommends to do (HA!  I just realized that I can’t seem to floss everyday, but I’ll check my boobs monthly…).  I’m actually very surprized I haven’t found anything (or my doctor) because my mother and grandmother both have had problems since their early twenties (I’m 23).

Do you have any family history of problems in the breasts?

Try to relax.  The lump is there, and it’s a wonderful thing you found it!  It could very well just be a cyst, so try not to think about it too much.  I’m sending good thoughts your way.

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