(Closed) Drama bees, wtf.

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Exactly. I agree on the wording issue. You can’t post something that says “I’m sick of my ring” and expect other people not to think your a materialistic bi*** even if your not. Your wording seems to give people the wrong impression. Just think about how to get your question across w/o sounding like your being snarky yourself.

Also it’s unrealistic to expect EVERYONE to have something positive to say about something you post. Thats just never going to happen. I personally value the people who say things in contrast to what I’m asking/posting…even if it’s bitchy or rude, I still wan’t to make sure I think of every aspect.

Let it go, no reason to get worked up over it. Just ignore people or don’t have anything nice to say but don’t ignore people just because they don’t feel the same way as you do. Also posting a bulletin saying that people who are bitchy and rude etc, need to ” shut their mouth” is probably adding more fuel to the fire. Don’t make yourself a target.

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I’m sorry you feel that your posts are being misinterpreted. However, as this is the Internet and we only have knowledge of teh exact words you post, we can’t reply to you unless we have some sort of assumption about what you’re saying, whether we’re right or wrong. Honestly I have to agree with @RainStorm:. I have seen your posts before and your wording often comes across very bluntly, and so you get blunt responses. Also, people aren’t always going to agree with you, and while that’s no need for anyone to be downright mean, I think you should be accepting of other opinions and maybe consider why they think that, and not just disregard them (the ones that aren’t mean anyway- and dissenting opinions are often not mean, just meant as suggestions).

ETA: Sorry, I was looking for something else and didn’t even look how old this was! Embarassed Please ignore my obliviousness, lol

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I think it’s kind of counter-productive  for you to ask for opinions and then tell the people who have opinions you don’t like that they shouldn’t give the opinions that you are asking for. I agree it’s a wording thing- I’ll admit that a few of your posts have really irritated me (i.e., the ring thread, the woes of thin women thread, the makeup thread where you shot down helpful suggestions about your brows) simply because you appear to be very dismissive of other viewpoints.

When I get negative comments on the Bee, because everyone does, I try to figure why it is those people feel that way and try to incorporate that  suggestion/idea/comment into the dialogue (without being confrontational and defensive) to determine if I’m not seeing something. Maybe try to consider other Bee’s ideas without attaching emotions to them- I find that helps me.

Good luck!


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simply because you appear to be very dismissive of other viewpoints

@FutureJessicaMcB: I know this thread is old, but I think you hit a really good point there in terms of making the most of navigating a forum.

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@FutureJessicaMcB: this. those threads irked me too. Especially when the OP took the time to reply to each and every post EXCEPT those that were in any way suggesting she could do something different.

If you don’t want anything other than comments on how great you look or how fantastic your idea is – get a fan page.

This is an online community and not everyone is going to agree with you, nor do they have to. Many of them are not trying to be mean, but give you helpful, constructive advice. And we all need that friend who can see into the future and tell us that no, in 20 years, you really will regret that ‘great idea’ that you had.


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Hahah! Oh dear, I didn’t even look at the age of the thread- I just saw it pop up on the feed after PP posted and assumed it was new where other people were referencing that ring thread.

Sorry Bees!

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