Dramatic Haircuts

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2015 - City, State

My hair used to be VERY long- like almost to my belly button. I only really styled it for special occassions otherwise I just tied it in a ponytail since I hate having hair in my way. I chopped off my hair like a year ago and I will probably never go back to long hair. This was a pic the salon took (I normally wouldn’t style it so edy but it is purposely a little longer in the front, shorter in the back). So low maintenace and styling it is quick and easy. I’ve also never gotten so many compliments on my hair in my entire life. Coworkers, friends, family all gushed over it and even a year later I still get told people love my hair short.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: December 2014

Just a couple days ago I cut off 20+ inches (I haven’t actually measured yet). I have the ponytail and will be donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. My hair was to my mid-butt and I cut it to shoulder length. I feel bald, but it’s so nice not having my hair get caught in everything, it had become really cumbersome even though I’d get complimented on it daily. I feel like I look younger. The last time I did this, I donated 18 inches about 2 years ago. It wasn’t quite as long and I didn’t cut it quite as short though. My hair grows fast, so I don’t worry too much about cutting it, it’ll grow back and I’ll do it all over again. 


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

I’ve done it all! I currently have a pixie with longer layers on top, but the sides and back are shaved all the way up on all sides down to a 1 on the clippers, which is as short as you can go before it shaves directly to skin. I’ve also had it every neon color under the sun (hot pink, bright green, blue, silver, etc). I love my short funky hair and I feel so much more like Me than when it’s long and basic and brown. Go for it! It’s truly just hair and it will grow back. 

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Helper bee

I’ve cut my hair from waist length to a pixie I think three times? to be completely honest it was 100% a decision I made because other people liked my hair short and I’m much happier with it long! However, it was fun! Dramatic hair changes are exciting! I’ve also iced-out my color with gloss and dyed it red (also with gloss, I don’t recommend, it’s been months and my roots still show!)

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Bumble bee

I have a really short pixie. Jean Seberg style. It was a shock when I first cut it. I’ve never been self-conscious about my looks, but I had a really hard time adjusting to the change. I didn’t realize how much I connected my hair to my femininity until it was gone. 

I love it now, but it took some adjusting. You’ll never know until you go for it ๐Ÿ™‚


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2018

I had my almost bra-band length hair cut to a jaw bone length bob, and dyed from brown to bright red whilst I was at it.

I will confess to getting home and saying to my husband in a very small voice ‘I don’t know if I’ve screwed up big time’. I’ve gotten used to it now (and the red has faded) but I would prefer it slightly longer, so I will only get a small trim and probably the colour put back in at my next appointment.

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Worker bee

I had hair that was almost belly button length and I chopped it off to my chin. I was 17 and everybody in my class told me before I did it that it would look terrible and blah blah blah. I did it anyways and everybody loved it! A few of the popular boys even went as far as to say it was sexy lol which, to 17 year old me was just the most amazing thing I could have heard haha

I also just recently cut my own bangs….like gave myself blunt bangs. My boyfriend is refusing to let me grow them out now haha I will have to with my upcoming job since I don’t like them with the hat that I need to wear during work. And I don’t like them nearly as much as he does anyways. They are just too much work. 

I love changing my hair up though. I do a different kind of color almost every time I go in (about 4 times a year). I never do anything really crazy with the color but sometimes it is blonde, sometimes it is almost black, and I’ve done red a few times. 

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Helper bee

I went from mid/lower back length hair to a ear lobe bob. Best decision ever, it allowed me to figure out which length was my favourite for the next grow-out…which for me was at the clavicle/collorbone length.


Highly recommend a good clipping. I’d love to dye it turquoise but have thin, weak hair that will probably just start falling out in clumps if I bleached it.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

The most dramatic cut I’ve done was from waist length to just below chin length. I ended up not liking it that much and have since grown it back. My hair is very thick and wavy, and when it’s short like that, I just get “triangle head” hair since it’s so puffy with nothing to weigh it down. I work out daily and am way too lazy to actually straighten or style my hair fully every day.

The most dramatic thing I’ve done though is probably color! A few months ago was the first time I’ve done loud, unnatural color – my hair is bright fuschia ombre. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: January 2011

I’ve had lots chopped off at once multiple times.  I mostly keep the same style though, it just goes from long hair to medium length.

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Helper bee

I just chopped my hair off on Monday! I have a 13″ ponytail sitting in my kitchen that I’ll be mailing off to Children With Hair Loss! My hair is now right above my shoulders in a bob/lob style!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2018

My hair was nearly waist-length and all virgin. I got it highlighted for the wedding and then cut it to above my shoulders right after. It feels super liberating and light!  


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

I had my first hair cut when I was 14, so my hair reached my knees! I had it cut to my waist. It stayed around there till I was 18, then I lobbed it all off into a pixie cut and donated to Locks of Love. To be honest, it was a bit too dramatic for me. I was ok with it as it was for a good cause, but I wasn’t happy with it by itself.

Since then, I grew it out to hip length and got it cut to about my clavicle a couple of times and donated it to Little Princess Trust (UK charity). It’s my super-strength maintenance of “I don’t need to get it cut, I’ll just tie it in a ponytail and ignore it”. My hair now reaches my hips again (I was growing it for my wedding) and I’m planning on getting it to about shoulder length and donating it again then commencing the grow-out phase! I’m now 31 for reference ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2019 - City, State

I cut my mid-back, thick, CURLY, hair off to a very short pixie when I started marathon training. Now, I’m growing it out for the wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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