(Closed) Dreading my amazing holiday. So close to cancelling for my pets

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GO THROUGH WITH IT!! Trust me, it will be worth it.

I have left my dog and horse before. I no longer have the horse, but when I did I wasn’t too worried about her. I had a leasee plus friends at the barn so I would get updates on her and honestly, as long as she has her needs met (turnout, clean stall, fresh water, hay & grain, and a few pepperments here and there) — she was perfectly happy not seeing me for 2 weeks. Me = work. Me on vacation = fun trail rides when ridden, but mostly chilling with her friends in the paddock. 

My dog is NOT a people dog and is really only attached to me and Fiance. I hate leaving her at the kennel, even though everytime we drop her off she wags her tail when she sees where she is and happily goes off with the staff. So I *know* she’s in good hands but aaargh I hate hate hate getting back into the car without her and driving away. But you know what — that’s life, sometimes you gotta put yourself through a little bit of pain to get to the good stuff. Plus, we need to put our human relationships first above our pets, and it sounds like this cruise is a really good thing for you and Fiance. Sure it’s nice to kick back and relax at home with the four leggeds and I don’t love my Fiance any less when we do that. But going on adventures together and creating memories is also so important to a relationship. 

It’s just like with children — you can’t let your relationship become domintaed by them. Same with pets, hobbies, whatever. You need to take a break from normal life, have some time to focus on the two of you, and then resume normal life. Trust me– your dogs will be totally fine and will not resent you, hold a grudge, or be in any way mentally scareed from being away for 2 weeks. 

They say with dogs it’s 3 days to transition to a change, so for the first 3 days your dog(s) may mope and be sad, but then they’ll adjust and they’ll be happy in their routine with your parents.

You can do this! Don’t cancel the vacation — it will totally be worth it!

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Bumble bee

youll regret it if you don’t do. The pups will be fine!  They have your parents and their own home. My mom always has that guilt. Especially when our two elderly pups were still in with Us. But she was happy she did it EVERY time and the pups were fine. A little fatter from being spoiled by our family friend, but fine.   If you don’t go now when will you?   Life will always give you reasons to put it off. Before you’ll know it you’ll be grandparents and Still never went away for more then 3 days.     All us bees will nag you to pack your bags.   Some may even pack for you. GO!

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Sugar bee

I absolutely understand your feelings, as I am very much attached to my dogs. I see several positive things that should help you minimize your misgivings: first of all, your dogs will stay in their familiar surroundings, with their familiar routines. Your parents, who are also familiar to them and love them, will take care of them.  The fact that they are three dogs is great, as they will also have each other for company. All of this is a huge plus!  These circumstances are what every dog lover dreams of; I sure do!

It is also true that when you’ve been on a cruise, when you start walking on firm terrain for  longer periods of time, you get a slight wobbly feeling, but actually, it’s kind of delicious/funny.

Please go ahead and enjoy your trip, it will be quite an adventure for you and your Fiance, and when you get back home, give your dogs huge hugs and many kisses.

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Bumble bee

You really need to relax and go on this cruise! All these things you’re worried about are typical going away ‘annoyances’, but come on! You’ll never get to experience anything if you don’t go anywhere. 

Your dog will be fine and well looked after – it’s only 2 weeks, and even dogs that pine for their owners get over it pretty quickly when they have other attentive care givers. You might get a little homesick towards the end but that makes coming home wonderful, and yeah, it can be difficult to adjust to new sleeping conditions, but the majority of people are used to it after 3-4 days. 

And I’ve honestly never heard of anyone getting landsick enough to seriousky bother them. I’ve been long cruises and long boats trips before, with several differebt groups of friends and family, and the worst that happends is you feel like you’re swaying a bit on solid ground for about an hour or something? 

Lastly, sure it’a a bit of a drag having to go straight back to work but you’ll get over it quickly enough. I once flew from Australia to UK (so 24 hrs travel) and had to go back to work the next day – yes, I was tired and a little bit stressed but I was also really looking forward to seeing all my work friends and telling them about my trip. 

In short, all these things are normal and people handle them! 

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Bumble bee

Dont cancel! They will be fine and its only two weeks. They will be taken care of by your parents. If you are really concerned I would consider looking into wifi and how much phone calls would cost. It might make you feel a bit better knowing you can contact your parents just to check up on them. 

I travel alot and everytime I prepare for a long trip or one that breaks my comfort zone (ie travel through dangerous zones or areas without hospital/ doctor access- I have health problems) I always stress out near the time and consider cancelling. Every single time I am so glad I didnt cancel and know I would have missed out on so much if I had. My fears disappear the moment I step on the plane. Enjoy your vacation!

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Bee Keeper

honeybadger9693:  Sweetie, sounds like you’re an overthinker with a touch of anxiety/ pessimism. I can relate to this because I’m an overthinker with a touch of anxiety & pessimism. So while I start out super enthusiastic for vacations, special occasions, major events etc, I am very accomplished at fretting over Every Conceivable Worst Case Scenario as the time for the vaca or special occasion/event draws closer. One of my go-to worries is What if one of us gets sick (the day before the trip, the evening before our wedding, in the middle of a road trip yada yada yada). But what is important is not to let it stop you from living your life. I know you’ll miss your pets- and I do get that, our pets are part of our family- but it sounds like you’ve taken proper steps to make sure they’re looked after while you’re away. They’re in a familiar environment and I’m sure your parents will give them extra TLC, they’ll be fine & when you get back it will be a joyous reunion- lol cause one thing about pets, they know how to do the joyous reunion thing 🙂  As for being tired when you get back, yeah you probably will but, sweetie, so what? An amazing vacation is totally worth a few days’ tiredness/ readjustment to your schedule.

I know it’s near impossible saying ‘don’t worry’ – but at least aim to try and keep your worry in perspective. Have fun Bee, and update us when you get back!

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GO! We had a 6 month old kitten/cat when we got married, and had to put him in a cattery for 2 weeks while we were away for the ceremony and the honeymoon. I felt SO bad for leaving him behind, but I knew he’d be kept well fed, warm and looked after by people that knew what they were doing. Of course I thought about him a lot, but it didn’t spoil our time away. We got back, picked him up and brought him home. He was fine, hardly seemed to miss us at all!

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honeybadger9693:  I have 3 dogs so I understand how you feel. But when I read that your parents will stay with them in your own home, I’m like GO! Yes, they will miss you, but it’s so much less traumatic for them to stay in their own home. You’ll have a great time and forget about them most of the time. That happened to me a year ago so trust me!

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Go through with the trip. It will be worth it. It is hard to leave your pets, I know. I feel guilty whenever I do too because my dog is extremely attached, but you can not allow your pets to stop you from doing amazing things with your SO. You just can’t. They will be fine, and it sounds like they are going to be well taken care of while you are gone. 

As far as coming back and going strait back to work, that’s hard too, but worth it. I did that for our honeymoon, and with a 5 hour time difference it was a bit of a rude awakening. I would not trade our honeymoon for any of that. 

I think you might regret not going, but your pets will be OK. Enjoy yourself and I hope you come back engaged 🙂

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Oh my goodness… I thought this was going to be about cancelling because a pet was sick or nearing it’s end… THAT would be a tough decision.

But cause you’re afraid they’ll miss you too much or you’ll be homesick?  Naw, 2 weeks is nothing, it’s going to fly by.  The pets will be well cared for.  You’ll have a blast.  I usually don’t get homesick and tired of traveling until about the 3rd week.

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Go! Go! Go! Cancelling for pets is not a good reason to cancel. They will be absolutely fine – trust me! I hate leaving my dog too but within a few hours, he settles in and is totally fine without me. 

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Curious on how this is a third world problem…? Third world problems are having a lack of clean water, desease and lack food. First world problems are having the opprotunity for an amazing cruise and missing animals, whick is legit of course.

Our first vacation we were worried. The dogs stayed at a dog hotel, had doggie play for 8 hours everyday and lots of treats and attention. When we came back, the next morning I found two big piles at the bottom of the stairs. Their way of says the situations was shit. We have since had many other vacations and the dogs are now used to it, even if they miss us.

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honeybadger9693:  Ok, trust me. Go through with your holiday. I adore my two cats and when I went away for two weeks last year I missed them, but my Mum came and looked after them and they missed me but they survived. I know dogs are different, but you need to stop worrying and beating yourself up. Everyone deserves a break and you are clearing doing the best by them, they will have company and will be well looked after. Please do not cancel your trip. If one of them was at deaths door it would be different, but as it is, you need a break. Don’t waste the money.

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