Dream dress or Practicality

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  • poll: How did you decide on your dress budget or justify your budget

    I bought my dream dress no matter the price

    I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money for one dress for one day

    I fell somewhere in the middle and found a dress I loved for a great price.

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    Personally a high price tag (anything over 1000) for a dress that I’ll wear once makes my stomach churn.

    Doesnt mean I want a poorly made dress but that I look for a deal on a second hand dress or clearance sales etc.

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    I admit, I got crazy lucky and happened to find a dress I loved that was half my starting budget (from a designer I thought I hated, ha).  I tried on other dresses that I LOVED that were more expensive, but I figured since I really did love that other one I could work with it, even it if wasn’t the creme de la creme and the ultimate dress of my wildest dreams.

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    For my first wedding, I bought my dress brand new and never worn by another at a wedding dress boutique that was liquidating assets to go out of business. I fell in love with the dress and it was super unique and great quality. It cost $115. 

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    I toyed with this for a while so I know how you feel. Originally I thought I would pay about 1k to 1.5k max, but this was before I went dress shopping.  Once I started looking at gowns I realised I had expensive taste and the dress I loved came to about 3.8k.  In the end I figured there are so many times you have to make the practical choice and for me, my wedding dress wasn’t one of those times.

    The expensive dress was still affordable, granted I had to juggle some things around in the year before the wedding but we didn’t cut the overall wedding budget or go hungry because I splurged on the dress.

    You need to consider what the dress would cost vs the rest of the wedding.  Think about where the money would come from if you were to buy the dress.  Is it possible to take what you were originally going to spend on the dress from the wedding budget and then ‘top up’ the cost from your discretionary spending during the year?

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    I spent quite a lot on my dress (about $1000). I did LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing it. However, I bought it quite a long time before I got married. My second choice dress (which I didn’t see until after I bought the first) was only about $300.

    I probably would have loved wearing that one just as much if I’d found it first.

    I didn’t try on any that were over budget (tbh I don’t love a lot of the more expensive designers anyway).

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    I think I picked the wrong answer and should change it to the last one…

    I couldnt wrap  my head around spending a tonne of money on one dress for one day – although I also don’t really like the full bridal gown on myself, so I went down the custom made / simplified route…

    I think I could have gotten comfortable paying aroun £1500 to have a simple custom made, but now I have decided to let my MUM do it embarassed

    Its shaping up nicely (albeit very rudimentary) so far – but a little nervous!

    To be fair, I had in my head that ALL wedding dresses cost a bomb – but actually you can get LOADS under the £1000 mark – and even less, that are gorgeous. I think I just had a skewed vision from watching too much SYTTD…

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    My dress was $6500. I realize this is a lot, especially when I see some of the above answers, but to me this was justifiable. I did limit myself during dress shopping by not even looking at the designers above $8000 because that would have been outrageous to me.

    Like anything else, I feel like if you can spare the money and it makes you happy, buy what you like. If you have to put in on a credit card or scrimp on something else, keep looking and you will definitely find another dress that you love.

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    I calculated the absolute max I could afford, basically my “stretch budget.” I went in to the appointments and gave them my absolute max (~$2500), but told them I really wanted to stay below $1500 if possible. They were great about pulling dresses that were mostly within the $1500 budget, with a couple more expensive options if they thought I’d really love them. I ended up really liking a couple dresses that were below or well below $1500, and really liking a couple dresses that were closer to $2500, but I couldn’t really pick one out that I loved the MOST out of all the ones I liked.

    So the last shop I went to (the fourth or fifth, I think), I fell in love with the first dress I tried on. It was $1200, so well within my budget. I had also found a dress for $600 that I really liked at a previous shop and was strongly leaning towards it because of the price, but I decided it was worth it to spend double to get the dress I was absolutely in love with and was my dream dress. I probably would have spent even more if I fell in love with a more expensive dress, but honestly I tried on dresses that were $2000+ and I just didn’t love any as much as the $1200 dress I bought.

    I think it’s a good idea to go in with an absolute MAX budget, and then a smaller budget that IDEALLY you’d like to stay under. That way, they can focus on staying under your ideal, smaller budget, but if you just aren’t finding anything you love, they can pull some more expensive dresses that are still within your max budget to see if you end up falling in love with one of those and deciding the extra expense is worth it. But I do think it’s very possible to find a beautiful dress that you love that is less expensive, it all just depends on your tastes.

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    ebbee :  by the time I got married my dream dress was an inexpensive, practical one anyway. There was no compromise for me because I’d already figured out the big gorgeous ones are heavy, uncomfortable and a pain to manage as well as super expensive (plus costs of alterations on top of it!). I love looking at them but definitely didn’t want that for myself anymore. I got a white swing dress for under $100

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    My budget was $2000. I told every store we went to that the budget was $1000 (because they always pull dresses over the budget you tell them). I ended up choosing an $1800 dress but my second choice was $800. There are gorgeous dresses out there at every price point. Spend what you are comfortable spending, don’t stress your budget for a dress.

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    Like you, I couldn’t get over the thought of dropping so much money on a dress I would wear once. I didn’t even look at dresses above my budget (~$500) because I didn’t want to fall in love with something I couldn’t have. I really loved the dress I ended up with when I bought it, but didn’t like it as much when the wedding rolled around. If I could do it over, I might have spent a bit more or gone with a different dress. Of course, I was working with a pretty tight budget since FH was between work and we didn’t know what our finances would look like a few months down. Turns out I could have spent more. Oh well! Just more money in the bank now. 

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