DREAM ring with moissanite or diamond ring? HELP!!!

posted 3 months ago in Engagement
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    Another design with small diamond : (34 votes)
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    I would pick my dream ring!!!! I have a Moissanite and love it. Most of the time I can’t tell a difference between it and my diamonds. When I’m at work and my moissy is the only stone throwing colors and dancing, it makes me smile. I personally would want my dream ring with a bigger stone vs a smaller diamond anyday, and that’s what I picked for myself 😉

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    Remember to factor in your wedding band.  You need to realize your wb will change the overall look.  So, if you go with diamond, you can really bring up the bling factor depending on your band.

    I love moissy.  LOVE it.  I have sold some, but have owned a C&C cushion, C&C Forever Brilliant Oval, 2 smaller India moissies at .5 and .84, a round old classic (very very warm) and my beloved Emerald cut.

    For me, my dream stone is the pear shape, and for me (no offense to any one who has one) the pear shaped moissy just didn’t do it for me.  I ultimately ended up with that dream ring in diamond and am very blessed.

    I rocked my moissies.  However, I don’t have that situation of worrying what others think or if it’s “believable” as a diamond.  I just love how they look no matter that they aren’t diamond.  Now that I don’t reach for them, I’m looking into resetting the emerald into a RHR, and probably the oval too as they are currently solitaires and I don’t like to wear solitaires as a RHR.

    Maybe moissy first and save up for diamond later? 

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    victoria07 :  

    I think I would like people to assume I have a diamond  Then get one.  I don’t like sims myself  so would always prefer a small lab  l diamond or gemstone  to  a large sim and I certainly would  not like having to decide what to say  about it if asked  . 

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    victoria07 :  You have to decide whats most important to you! If the size is most important to you, then go with a moissanite. Bling it up for a smaller price. If having an actual diamond is important to you, then go for a diamond. For me, the size was the most important factor in my ring. I have large hands with very long thin fingers. There was no way anything under 2 carats was going to cut it for me. So I went with a moissanite. Once I first stumbled upon moissanits about a year ago I NEVER looked back. I wouldn’t even glance in the way of a diamond anymore. They are not rare what so ever, so don’t fell for that scheme. Everybody has one, whats rare about that? I’ve never cared if people thought my ring was a diamond or not. I actually brag to people that its not and educate people about moissanite. I don’t think people should have to spend the price of a car on a ring that isn’t even very large, but thats just my opinion. Deciding just comes down to what aspect ranks number 1 on your importance scale. I went with a 10×7.5 radiant cut moissanite (about a 3.8 Carat equivilent). Here is a little fact I stumbled upon the other day that made me fall in love even more!! “On Earth…..There is a quadrillion tons of diamond, 6 trillion tons of copper, 4.5 MILLIMETRES of moissanite” 

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    Other people don’t think about our rings as much as we do … you’ll be the one spending the most time with her –

    so I choose : get whichever will have you sigh with happiness when you look at your hand, or catch a glimpse of her while you’re driving, etc. 

    get which one melts your heart. 

    I chose the dream ring 🙂 absolutely, without question. 

    To have a diamond in mind to save for is fun, and it’s always nice to have something in the future we’re excited about – but right *now* you need to love your ring. The setting could be diamonds, yeah? 

    And the moissanite can always become a pendant or a rhr when you replace it. 

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    I hate when people call moissanite a “diamond sim” …because it isn’t…..but sadly, people use it as such. Moissanite has its own amazing history and well….came from SPACE originally (of course we just make it here on Earth now) …. so why not love it for what it is. 

    If you are truly trying to “pass” another stone for a diamond…get a diamond. If you are looking for something unique, without blood on it’s facets, and with a much more happy background story, then get some moissanite and be proud to say so ^_^ 

    Either way …remember….what other people think doesn’t matter….it is what you think that matters most!! <3 

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    l1989 :  Agreed! Anything over 1-1.5 carats screams costume jewelry to me and I assume its fake. Maybe becuase I live in the Midwest? I got a moissy equiv to about 0.80 carat and its perfect

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    I personally find moissanite prettier to look at, since I love the fire it gives off. And I prefer ovals to round brilliant solitaires. However, you may not, so definitely watch tons of videos comparing them. CZ is supposedly more diamond-like, so you may want that instead if you’re going to upgrade anyway. 

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    A lot of people consider a moissanite as “settling” but I dont feel that way at all!  I made the conscious decision to get a moissanite and I don’t plan on ever changing the stone for a diamond.  It’s more affordable and financially responsible, I got the ring of my dreams, ITS GORGEOUS!, guaranteed conflict free, it has zero imperfections and beautiful clarity, it is MORE brilliant than most diamonds and just as strong, and literally NO ONE knows the difference (not that I am even slightly ashamed).  I get comments like “WOW! What size carat is that?  That must have set him back a pretty penny… it’s gorgeous!” all the time.  Why would I want to spend waaaay more money to get something nearly identical just for the “satisfaction” of having a diamond.  To me, that is less than satisfactory but it’s about how you look at it and what matters to you.  Me?  I will advocate for moissanite until the end of time. 

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     I have a 2.3 carat cushion cut CLARITY ENHANCED diamond. 

    Purchased it from Patrick Fay at Big Diamonds USA. His office is in Chicago but he also sells on eBay. We went to his office and looked at many rings and they were all beautiful. 

    If you buy from him he has a lifetime guarantee on the enhancement process and if for any reason the process is altered they will fix it for free, for life! free ring sizing for life and free ammonia-free cleaner for life. Also, GIA certified and comes with the paperwork to prove it. 

    I love my diamond and I love Patrick Fay. Trust-worthy, reputable and honest jeweler. 

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