(Closed) Dress doesn’t fit right! Need your help and thigh slimming secrets please!!!! :(

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Also, look up a little on fasting cardio.  2-3 x a week of steady state cardio on an empty stomach will burn fat.  It may be controversial, but at the very least it works in the short term.  Be careful though, as you lose fat, your top will lose it too. 

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Are you wearing the mermaid slip under your dress? I originally bought this dress and the slip worked wonders on my hip/thigh area. It will work similar to spanx, but I found the slip to be less restricting than spanx.

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For a very temporary solution you could try a body wrap. I think they only last a couple days, so you’d have to go right before your wedding, but they should get rid of some water weight.  I’ve never tried it, but I’ve had friends who have & they thought it made a difference.  Has anyone else tried one? I don’t want to give bad advice!

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As the others stated, you can’t target areas! It’s hard when you see all the hype and how to trim down here or there but you are doing everything right! Eating right and excercising regularly will be your biggest influence, everyone loses in different areas first and the rest catches up. Doing target areas though can help build muscle!

Cardio is important, but so is strength training!!! Building muscle allows you to burn more calories and fat while you are resting/sleeping.

You look beautiful!!!

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I just googled and this is something I found.  Seems like it might bulk you up if you do it too hard but might be a good start?



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        Watch what you eat. Add more protein and fiber to your diet. Fiber keeps your body lean and healthy, while protein helps to boost the effects of your exercise.

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        Jump rope three to four times per week. This is a good thigh exercise and is an excellent warm-up or cool-down routine. Start by turning the rope forward and alternately jump your legs using the jogging pace. Slightly bend your knees to keep the impact low as you jump, and keep your back straight during the entire procedure. You can increase the difficulty by jumping both legs at the same time instead of doing the jogging pace or step.

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        Ride an exercise bike, swim, jog or go on a brisk walk. These are excellent aerobic exercises that trim your thighs and your whole body. For an effective hit on your thighs, try to stand up instead of sitting down in an exercise bike and pedal as fast as you can. For swimming, paddle your legs more as you go over with your strokes, especially when you’re doing the back stroke. Jog three to four times a week. You can incorporate it with brisk walking if you choose to. Begin by jogging at a comfortable pace for about 30 seconds and then brisk walk until you have enough energy to jog again. Execute this alternating jog and walk cycle for 25 to 30 minutes, three times per week.

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        Execute squats three times per week. Start by having your own body weight as a resistance for the first three weeks of your squat routine. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Inhale as you lower yourself to a squat — bend your knees, keeping your knees from extending past your toes, until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Exhale as you go back to standing position. Make sure to keep your back straight during execution. Do this procedure in three sets of 10 repetitions. Gradually increase your resistance after the first three weeks by performing it with dumbbells in both hands. As you improve, work your way up to using a Smith machine or barbell.

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        Perform some dumbbell lunges. Begin by standing upright, feet shoulder-width apart, with dumbbells in both hands. Relax your arms and shoulders to allow the dumbbells to hang down at your sides. Step your right leg forward as far as you can, while you keep your left leg in place. As your right foot lands in front of you, bend both your knees to lower your body. Then step your right foot back to starting position. Now step forward using your left leg. Repeat the right and left alternating lunge 10 to 15 times. When you flex both your knees, make sure that the knee of your front leg (the one stepping forward) is not flexed beyond your front toes. Make sure your back leg (the one in place) does not touch the floor as you flex.

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        Do lying leg curls. Position yourself on the hamstring machine on your stomach (prone position); hold on to the hand grips and place both your feet below the attached weights. Inhale as you carefully curl the weight up, bringing your feet toward your buttocks. Exhale as you lower them back down. Repeat this procedure 10 to 12 times and relax. Do not allow your bottom to arch up as you pull the weight toward your back side. If this is happening, you may have too much weight.

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        Execute some leg raises. Lie flat on your back on an exercise mat. Inhale as you elevate your legs and exhale as you bring them back down without letting them touch the floor. Maintain your legs elevated about 1 to 2 inches from the floor and make your legs stop on that level as you bring it back down. Repeat 10 times and relax.

    Read more: How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2319557_lose-weight-thighs.html#ixzz1tjHkZct2

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    @lmarsch1:  My mom got one before a big gala for work. Definitely took 2-3 inches off everywhere, but came right back on 2 days later. So, as a last resort I think it would probably work.

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    Doing the doggie leg lifts on all fours targets that area for mr. You gets on all fours and keeping leg bent lift leg 90 degrees in sets og ten. Burns like heck but works the exact area you are targeting.

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    It’s pretty tough to spot lose weight.  You should try to up your cardio to drop fat and maybe reduce squats and lunges since those will bulk you if you don’t lose fat on your legs.

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    I swear by the old eliptical machine..I’ve only been back to working out for less than two months and i’ve lost two inches on my thights.

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    were dress twins! I LOVE THIS DRESS!  I dont think it looks like it is pullin on your thighs but as everyone is already saying if you wear spanx it will really help.  I havnt gotten my dress altered yet as i am still trying to loose weight and not getting married until december.  But I wanted to go down a size  …but for the same reason, my thighs, the consultant talked me out of it.  The top part is actually too big and will have to be taken in and it fits perfectly on my thighs right now but hoping to loose some weight in that area but we shall see. 


    Good Luck!

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    I really don’t see that it’s pulling on your thighs, you look great!

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    @AshleyR83:  This! Interval running is the best for quicker fat loss.

     And Spanx, they are the wonder of the world. They have Spanx that are like shorts that would suck in the thigh area as well.

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    @beachchicbride:  I have never had success with body wraps despite several tries in a couple locations. 🙁

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