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Blushing bee
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@SimonSaysBride:  Sorry your mom said that.  Sounds like she wants to be on Say Yes to the Dress.

I went dress shopping twice with my family and twice by myself.  I actually liked the dress shopping by myself better, because I didn’t have anyone else’s opinions affecting my decision.  The only tip I have is to just enjoy yourself and have fun!

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Sugar bee
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I’m trying to get up the nerve to go dress shopping alone too, though for different reasons. But there is nothing worse than having someone rain all over your parade. Go alone!

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@SimonSaysBride:  I went by myself as I live far from family and most of my good friends…I had great consultants each time, so that made the experience enjoyable.

The best thing was that the consultants were honest – they told me if something was not really working, but let me make my decision first. Just be clear about what you’re looking for, and what your budget is.

At the end of the day I asked FI’s aunt to come in for a day to come purchase the dress with me. But I had already pretty much made up my mind. I just felt odd buying something that critical without anyone else ever seeing me in it! That being said, I loved going by myself.

Good luck! And maybe chat with your mom and let her know that you only want CONSTRUCTIVE feedback? If she’s like mine, that won’t make a difference, but hey, worth a shot!

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Busy bee
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I went dress shopping with my mom and my seamstress, then later I went dress shopping alone.




I don’t even know why.  the wonderul ladies took pictures and I texted them to bridesmaids and friends and that worked out so much better than people getting involved in the selection process.  it was smooth and stressfree.  🙂

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Buzzing bee
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I had a positive experience with David’s Bridal. So, you should have a great time there! I hope you would get a great consultant, OP!

I’ve done shopping with a cousin and my Future Mother-In-Law. I included my Maid/Matron of Honor, who lives in Australia by the way, by shopping TOGETHER on SKYPE!! The consultant put the bird cage veil on me and then we could hear my Maid/Matron of Honor barking on my phone, “Veto on bird cage veil!”

So, bring your smart phone with you if you wanted to include certain bridesmaids who live out of town.

Otherwise, if you plan to shop alone, get your consultant to help you take pictures, so you can take notes of what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Hope that helps!

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@SimonSaysBride:  I think DB is one of those places where you won’t get the princess one-on-one dress salon treatment. I didn’t mind sharing my consultant with other brides and walk-ins. It allowed me to admire myself in the mirror and decide whether I liked the dress or not. My consultant was very nice. Even though our consult was supposed to be an hour and a half, it ended up being 3 hours long! I was having TOO MUCH fun! 🙂

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Busy bee
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I went alone too, on a whim.

I knew it was the right dress because when I put it on, I saw him.  I saw my Fiance face and how overjoyed he would be.

When I called him to tell him, I felt guilty because I had planned on taking ‘everyone’ with me…I felt guilty for taking away that experience from everyone else but you know what?  He said…is it your dress? Then buy it.

Regardless of what dress you buy, everyone will think you are beautiful in it.  You’re the bride, of course you will be stunning, and glowing, and full of light – and that doesn’t come from the cloth.

Go by yourself, make it a surprise for everyone else…They will love whatever you choose.

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Busy bee
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@SimonSaysBride:  I had a great time at David’s Bridal.  I went on a Tuesday afternoon and I felt like I got lots of attention from not only my consultant but other employees also.  (There was only one other girl trying on dresses at the time)

I would take a pic of EVERY dress you try on.  I also was really glad that I glammed up a bit before I went.  I went and got a spray tan the night before because I know myself and I knew I would not like the way the dresses looked with my pale winter skin.


Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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@SimonSaysBride:  So sorry your mom said that, a lot of times they react more differently when they see the dress ON you. 

I couldn’t go with anyone as I lived across the coast from my family and friends at the time.

I LOVED my alone shopping experience. I am very strongly opinionated and I work in fashion so I did not want to hear other people’s opinions. In fact I think it was better that I shopped alone because then I was able to make a decision very quickly. And then I showed the picture to my mom later and she loved it, though when it was one of many dresses I first showed her she wasn’t thrilled about it (she had no idea it was the same one!)

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@SimonSaysBride:  I first went shopping with my mom and grandma, and then some girlfriends. I finally went by myself, and it was SO much better! The consultant I worked with was amazing.

Try on anything and everything that interests you. No one can tell you not to, so take advantage of the freedom you have. As long as you are comfortable speaking up and being upfront with the consultant, you’ll be good!

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@SimonSaysBride I live across the country from my mom and my Future Mother-In-Law had some very rude things to say after I took her with me the first time so, I went alone.  It was really helpful to go alone and get an idea of what YOU like.  I think the bridal consultants like it better when it’s jsut the bride too.  I defintiely got better service when it was just me.  Good Luck!!

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I WISH I went by myself!

I wanted to go with my mom (who I’m not terribly emotionally close to) to sort of make up for missed time (she was emotionally MIA when I was a teen & in college) and it was the worst idea ever. Can’t say I didn’t try.

Among other things like throwing a temper tantrum in the street and embarassingly making inappropriate comments about my body…She stood in front of the mirror and wouldn’t let me see myself in the dress because “no one gets to see you in the dress before I do”. GET OUT OF MY WAY, LADY.

I knew it was a bad idea to bring her, and I should have went with my gut. If you get ANY sort of bad vibe or pushback, go by yourself. It should be a POSITIVE experience, and you owe it to yourself to make it that way. Afterall, it’s YOUR wedding and everything should be as perfect as possible for YOU.

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I went shopping 4 times, to tell about each experience:

1: with my mom, sister and Future Mother-In-Law: this was a great time to get initial reactions to dresses and determine any strong opinions, such as my Future Mother-In-Law really didn’t like strapless and my mom thinks puffy sleeves and lots of tulle are ‘all the rage’. Also a fun way to get my mom and Future Mother-In-Law talking candidly.

2: with the bridesmaids: this was a great way to try on what I really wanted, but not productive as it is hard to talk strict budget and get really honest feedback with a bunch of girls who are just there to have fun.

3: by myself: by far the most productive. I felt at ease to take my time and go through the dresses, have honest conversations about the budget and what I like without anyone else’s preferences, and I ultimately picked the dress.

4: brought my mom back, mainly because she would have felt bad if I didn’t get her ‘approval’ first. Knowing that I narrowed it down to only what I loved and can afford (I threw another dress in the mix so she can think she actually helped make a choice) took the stress off and the appointment lasted about 15 minutes. We both left happy ladies.

PS-I’ve never seen a dress that looks like a pineapple! 


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