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Bumble Beekeeper
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So sorry you had a bad experience. I made sure to stay away from David’s Bridal when I went shopping for a gown. I went to Lady Margaret’s, in Puyallup, and she and her staff were very nice. I am a 12 street size on top, so a couple of the gowns I tried didn’t fit me, but they got me in them anyway and did not make any rude comments or anything. My budget was the same as yours when I went in. I ended up going a couple hundred over including alterations and a crinoline. I also got a sample gown that was being discontinued, so I got really lucky. I have been to visit my gown several times. And they do not mind. I just call them in advance, so they can make sure they have it handy for me. They did not pressure me into purchasing at all. If you think you might get an opportunity to go there, call ahead and make an appointment. Let them know what you are looking for and I am sure you will have a wonderful experience.

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Busy bee
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I am so sorry you had such a bad experience I know how much of a downer that can be.

 I too  had a terrible experience at David’s Bridal… MORE THAN ONCE!!! I kind of have the opposite problem but still kind of the same i am under 5ft tall under 100lbs and they made me feel like finding a dress for me was hopeless.

Well the second time I went in looking for accessories and shoes and wanted to try on a birdcage veil… well I will admit “I DIDNT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT” but heck who knew you needed an appointment just for that??? Well apparently if you dont have an appointment you get a snarled look and a turned up nose and litterally pointed in the right direction … Its back in the back. We couldnt get anyone to help us… I bet 5 different workers walked by and they just glared at us as if we were doing something wrong…. After finally tracking someone down when i asked about if they had a shoe in a certain size or could get it in a certain size i was simply told “I  am not sure sorry” and she walked off… It honestly ruined my entire day and my entire night

I am sorry to say it but I went into alot of Bridal Boutiques and Davids Bridal really needs to hire some people with some better customer service skills because they all seemed like Stuck up Witches to me

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Helper bee
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Oh do not get me started on Davids!! Just as a bm I wanted to tear the store apart because I had such awful service.  Okay, I’ll start..

1. Tried on bm dresses, found one that fit like a glove, that was the one I wanted, should be end of story right?  No! At the counter checking out the girl was like we have to measure you… so she starts yelling my measurements out (IN A BUSY STORE)… and when she got to my hips she said “You don’t want me to say this one out loud”  I was just thinking “No biiiiiii I didn’t wan’t you to yell any of them out loud!” UGH

2.  My friend and her hubs made it legal in a courthouse ceremony then a year later was a big vow renewal ceremony/reception with family friends bridal party etc.  When we went in I wasn’t sure if she had given them her maiden name or married name and when I told the girl this at the front desk she acted like it was the biggest deal for her to have to maybe search for more than one last name in the system. 

At least they treated her well enough.  Unfortunately in Dayton that is the only real choice unless you wanna drive to Cincy or Columbus a bunch of times.  But the good news is an Alfred Angelo opened up here last weekend.  Exciting!

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Honey bee
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I’m so sorry that happened – completely ridiculous! I’d advise going to smaller shops where you’ll probably get better customer service. At David’s, it’s really hit and miss. I lucked out and had an awesome consultant, but I was totally expecting bad service!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

I know i was uber sad face when I started wedding dress shopping. Largely because I had no idea what I wanted in a gown, but don’t worry eventually you’ll find it :o)

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

I’m so sorry about that terrible experience Frown Maybe it would help to know you’re not alone. There are a lot of “bridal consultants” out there that can be anything from insensitive to downright rude. Good thing I’m not consulting them on other aspects of my wedding because that would make me not want to get married! I don’t think they realize what a personal and intimidating experience this can be to young women. First you’re completely putting your trust in their hands because you’re stripping half naked in front of them, they see your body very close up with all its faults, and they must not realize what their insensitive comments can do to the ego. I sometimes think some of them enjoy it, I don’t know. Just know this happens to a lot of people…I’m a teeny tiny size 2 and I felt like crying after some of my store visits. There were two different stores where the managers kept yelling loudly in front of everyone about the size of my chest. One asked me (with a smirk) from across the room if they’re fake . Then there was the store where I unfortunately ended up buying my dress. After my consultant who was actually very sweet asked her manager on my behalf if the bodice can be shortened, she yelled at both of us “No it can’t! If you’re short, you’re short, that’s how all the girls buy it and wear it!”. No wonder I’m still having doubts about my dress and my body.

Hugs and wishes that it’ll get better. Just try to let it not get to you. After all they’re just selling dresses for a living, they didn’t invent a cure for cancer or anything and are not better than you; and they probably have their own share of body issues.

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Helper bee
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Im so sorry! I went to David’s as well and while the girl didnt say or do those things, she hovered so much i felt uncomfortable! I did howevere go to 2 local boutiques..and they were very accomodating..I too have gained weight and could lose 20-30 lbs..i was actually able to find a Winnie Couture.for 499..check your local places because one near here is having a half off sale all through Jan (it is in Tupelo MS) Im sure you can find something within budget!

Im sorry and i hope your next experience is a lot better!

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Blushing bee
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I had a similar experience at Davids. They made me feel so fat and awful about myself, when really i think it was the quality of the dresses. They also had the nerve to tell me that a dress my size two sister tried on “didn’t come in my size” are you kidding me? I’m an 8! Not like I need a plus size or anything….

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience at Davids….I bought my dress there and didn’t have any of these problems you ladies speak of. My consultant Judy was fab.

Now I will say that I went back there for Bridesmaid or Best Man and Judy was not working so we were forced to work with someone else who I totally didn’t care for. Her attitude sucked and I let that me known.

When I go there I only work with Judy.

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Sugar bee
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Ugh, I am sorry you had such a sad face experience!  I do have to say though, try somewhere else!  Let them know that you want only the size you requested, not like what they did there at DB.  Ask around about local shops that might be more friendly and accomodating!  No one deserves a yuck experience dress shopping…it’s supposed to be fun!!

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Bee Keeper
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im so sorry that you had such an awful experience. i had a decent experience at davids after finally getting thru her head that i wore a size 18! she asked my information (bra size, pant size, ect) but then she said well you should wear a size 16 in dresses here then! that made no sense because i wear a 16/18W in street clothes and my bra size is 40DD.

It took me a couple of times telling her  but then she finally got the hint. i dont understand why they treated you the way they did but you should write a letter to corporate.

I had a bad experience at a wedding consignment shop. i went in and was looking at dresses. they were sorted by size, so i was at the 16-24 end. a lady that was working came up to me and asked if i have ever tried on dresses before. i said yes i have. she said well you do know they run small dont you? i said yes, i have been fitting in size 18 dresses pretty well. she said well i just did not want you to waste your time here because there are not many dresses your size here. so pretty much she was telling me to leave because nothing there would fit me! Yes, there were only about 15 dresses in that area of “plus size” but that was totally rude and uncalled for! the store was in evansville indiana called anelles twice choosen consignment shop! dont go there! I was so upset i left immediatly..i was so shocked that someone would say that to someone. i mean its not like i am a freaking 500 lb person!!

they lost my business and i have spread the word…

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: November 2010

Davids didn’t even have the dress I wanted to try on in my size, it majorly sucked I couldn’t believe it, you know? and they couldn’t get one in at all for me, do you have an alfred angelo in your area?

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Helper bee
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Oh my dear how I understand!

David’s, my experience was much the same! I felt ICKY there, The dresses fit ehhh so so, and the lighting, yes was not much help added to the fit of there dresses. like someone else has said though also, the fact that the dresses, like ALL WEDDING DRESSES run small, so its not the normal number you are use to looking at when you try the darn things on! I took pics and what not of some of the dresses I tried on there and MANY other places. I dont even want to know how many dresses I tried on before I found mine. With that looking back I cant even STAND how I looked in there dresses. I mean I am like a 12/14 in wedding dresses and street size 10. since I bought my dress I have probably gone up a size, too afraid to weigh myself but I know I have! Ugh! Anyways, I am short so a 12/14 is kind of big for me, at least I feel that way. Like someone else said MAGGIE (Maggie Soterro) is AWESOME and all her dresses always looked and seemed to fit much better, much of that can probably be due to the corset backs which are an AWESOME way to go and I am glad mine is! It gives you extra room both ways, Mine is a corset back and even if I gain or loose some weight (hope to be the second one of the two) i will still be golden. I just cant imagine wearing a zipper dress unless I was like a size 6, corsets fit and alter naturaly to YOU!

Do not let DB and that experince get the best of you, go some place else and try on some corset back or just any other line and you will look at yourself and look FAB!!!! Best of luck doll!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

Also, if you have any questions about places to go in the area let me know! I live in Oak harbor and have gone North up to bellingham and all the way down to Seattle and all around! ; )

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