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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I drink hot chocolate and eat chocolate and thats about it. I never drank coffee or soda before I was pregnant anyway. I did used to drink herbal teas but I’ve put that on hold for now.

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Busy bee
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I cut out all caffeine the first trimester, but 2nd trimester, I went back to 1 cup/day. If I buy it somewhere, I get a small, if I make it at home, I have like a regular mug-full. I’m not all that worried about it, I just wouldn’t get a venti at starbucks or anything (or have more than 1/day unless 1 was decaf).

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I used  to have 1 or 2 cups a day at work during the week. I still drink 1 small cup almost every week day but I always have breakfast first. I rarely drink soda and am not into sweets lately so no chocolate. If I have coffee on the weekends (which is rare) I order a decafe.

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I’ve cut back on my Diet Coke a day habit (started before getting pregnant) mainly because I didn’t like relying on the caffeine and found a soda make by fatigue worse.

But, I still have a soda every other day or so and am completely comfortable with a soda every day. Plus chocolate. Most sodas have such a small amount of caffeine (as compared to my daily allowed amount), I think it’s almost a non-issue.

Luckily I lost my sweet tooth during my first trimester and didn’t want chocolate. Unluckily, it came back with a vengence for my second trimester.

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Bumble bee
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I cut it out completely except for the trace amounts that are in chocolate. I don’t want to take any chances because there is caffeine in migraine medicine I’ve been taking so I don’t want to double up. Plus DH looks at me sideways if I take a swig of his coke 😛

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Busy bee
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I really miss my morning coffee, but I decided to ditch the coffee so I can still have some chocolate. My husband wanted me to cut caffeine out of my diet entirely, but I told him if 0was going to be that strict I would hide the chocolate from him and eat it anyway. Once we read in the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy that I can have 200mg a day, he calmed down a little bit.

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U have a Coke every other day or sometimes everyday. I don’t bother with coffee, but I see nothing wrong with a cup a day.

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Pre-pregnancy I was a cup of fresh ground coffee in the morning then a afternoon cappuccino kinda person. I might have a glass of coke once a week but I LOVE coke.

Now with pregnancy I cut out 95% of coffee/caffeinne, it’s a personal choice. When I need the jolt I go for a cup of tea. And maybe one or two pieces of chocolate a week.

March Of Dime/APA recommend between 200-300mg a day so you’re perfectly fine with a cup of coffee a day! 🙂

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Honey bee
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I cut down A LOT when we were TTC (from like 5-6 mugs a day to 1-2). It was super easy to cut down when we got pregnant, though…I pretty much lost my taste for it. If I’m somewhere that I know has really good brewed coffee I’ll have a small cup, but it’s rare–maybe once every other week. I have a can of diet coke probably twice a week. 

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I agree with @Goldilocks1107. I completely lost my sweet tooth 1st trimester. We had a carton of ice cream sitting in our freezer for a good 6 weeks and it’s still in there! lol I still get sweets more for my husband or nephew when he spends the night with us on the weekends. Better them than me. 🙂 I’m 3 weeks into my 2nd trimester and the sweet tooth still hasn’t come back…and i’m fine with that. I cut my caffeine intake down a LOT but not out completely. I’m down to maybe 1 diet dr pepper day but drinking lots of water during the day too. I don’t think having 1 cup of coffee or coke a day will be that bad. Just make sure and drink plenty of water as well. I know easier said that done, I hate drinking water in the winter. lol Good luck!

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I used to drink 1-2 cups a day but now, it smells so good, but the taste is awful to me.  I’m totally missing my daily coffee.  And i just don’t have a sweet tooth at all anymore.  I used to crave chocolate every day but now, it doesn’t even cross my mind.


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I still drink a couple cups of tea each day.  Without my little fix each morning, I get awful headaches.  I typically use two teabags for my tea since I use such a huge mug, but when I refill I just reuse the bags instead of replacing them.  As long as I’m eating a relatively balanced diet, I’m not too worried about a little caffeine here and there.

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I cut it out completely. The day I found out I was pregnant I had morning sickness and the baby did not like coffee! So I haven’t had any since. I also cut out chocolate, soda. Soda was found to increase your risk of neural tubal risks, so I stopped that habit. I’ve had a soda once…and chocolate twice in my pregnancy so far….I’m just about 11 weeks now. I’ve had decaffinated tea a couple times.

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