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I was 28 when I got pregnant after being on the pill for.. 7 years I think? Not sure..

Anyway after getting off the pill, I got one period after 28 days, just as if I had continued the pill. I got pregnant right after that.


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I was on the pill for over a decade, but came off  several months before TTC.  When we did start actively trying, I got pregnant the first month (but I was also charting my temps).

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I was 29 when I conceived, turned 30 two months into pregnancy.

I wasn’t on the pill, but had been on (oldest method to newest method) birth control pills for about 5 years, the Depo shot for 2 years, Nuva Ring for about 4 years, and then an IUD for 3 years before TTC. I had fairly irregular cycles when off birth control, and no periods with my IUD.

I had my IUD removed 3 months before TTC. I had two cycles with 28-33 days between, and we got pregnant our first try. I was also charting temps and had an ovulation kit that I used once my temps began to go up a bit and it was in the range of when I might be ovulating.

We used an app (sorry, don’t know which one, that is DH’s territory) to track everything. I don’t think the prediction feature of that app was worth a hill of beans, but it was a nice way to have everything tied together and easily visible/accessible.

Good luck, and the best tip I can give you is to try not to stress out. Stress seems to make it harder to get pregnant 🙂

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I just turned 30 in May.  I went off the pill in at the beginning of June then actively TTC in July.  We concieved in the first month.  I did use the My Days app to track everything.

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I was on the pill starting at age 16. I went off in December 2011. I am fairly certain my cycles didn’t normalized until somewhere around April/May honestly (just based on charting etc.).  That said, I then got pregnant in June.  (I was 29 then and am now 30)

On the other hand, I had a friend who skipped a week on the pill because she was timing her period for her wedding. Nine months later she had a baby.  (She would have been right about 30 or 31 at the time)

Moral of this story: I would build in some time for “coming off the hormones” before you start actively TTC or actively worrying AND USE ALTERNATE PROTECTION if you’re not quite ready yet.

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I’ve been on the pill on and off for over 15 years – I just came off four years straight, and I got pregnant right away.  I’m 33, 32 when we conceived. 

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I consider myself pretty lucky… I was on the pill/nuvaring since age 18 (though there was probably a year or two in there when I wasn’t on anything). I went off bc and started charting 5 or 6 months before TTC at age 33. Got pregnant the first time we tried in January but miscarried. Waited one month per doctor’s orders. Got pregnant again the next time we tried in March. I’m currently 34 and 37 weeks pregnant. Good luck!!!

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Wow everyone’s been lucky! I was on the pill for a good 12 years and got off of it in August or September 2011. We were using condoms until we started TTC in April. I had a couple of VERY long cycles (I think I hit 80+ days for the longest one and another one for 42 days) until I regulated between 31-35 day cycles. I was on track to have a 31 day cycle when I got pregnant – I was charting/temping and it took us four cycles, but that was a span of six months or so.

The four cycles it took felt like A LONG TIME but in hindsight, we were still very fortunate that it happened that soon. Full disclosure, though, every month, I was kind of trying something different: used Vitex since I got off the pill because I had long cycles before so I wanted to regulate that off the bat (and stopped after I read that it might actually throw hormones off), took guaifenesin (also stopped, after one month), tried BDing a lot during my fertile week (didn’t work that cycle)… but the month we got pregnant, we BD’d every other day after my period and every day when I had EWCM, which was two days’ worth, and used Pre-Seed every BD.

I’m not sure how much the Pre-Seed helped because I do get a good amount of EWCM, but I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. DH happened to like it so we didn’t lose anything by trying – I know some couples HATE the texture but it worked just fine for us, and hey, now I’m about five weeks along! 😀

Good luck!

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