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Worker bee

Driving slowly in the passing lane.. ugh, so irritating!

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Sugar bee
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All of the above!

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Bumble bee
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I know this is something determined on where your from, but in my city people ‘wave’ when you let them in etc.

If I don’t get a wave I am mad! I actually don’t wave anymore I give the peace sign lol, so lame I know! (I work with all british people and when you give a peace sign motion its like your saying ‘F-You’ in the UK’ lol good thing Im not there)

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Helper bee
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When people run stop signs in parking lots.  Just because it’s a parking lot, does not mean that the rules don’t have to be obeyed.  The signs are placed there for a reason – the safety of pedestrians and other drivers.

I also hate people that slow down without reason in order to change lanes.  If you have to slow to create space between you and the car in front of you, that’s fine. . . but if the lane is wide open, why bother? 

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Buzzing bee
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ALL of the above.

I hate when people have their turn signal on and never turn! 

@Chantellamus — I AGREE with the wave thing. I think its so rude when people don’t acknowledge when you let them in. I go so far as waving and actually saying the words "thank you" out loud (as if the person can hear me lol)

Another "city" driving pat peeve is when you are at a light and people are beeping at you to go before it even turns green. Its like "I’m paying attention! Where would you like me to go? Why are you in such a hurry?!"

Another thing that bugs me is when you are in a BUSY parking lot (like the grocery store on a Sunday or Target on a Saturday) and there are no free spots. But then a person will decide they need to back into a spot… taking up their good old time so people can’t continue down the road. Really? are you in that much of hurry to leave that you need to pull in and pull out just so your backed in the spot? Drives me crazy. I understand when its not a crowded lot or if you are talented enough to park in one quick swoop.. but if its going to take you as long as a 16 year old trying to parallel park on their driving test, you need to go away!

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Bee Keeper
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mine would be not waving thankyou to acknowledge that i let you in front of me! if people just did that one simple act more im sure driving around sydney would be a much happier experience

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Sugar bee
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I drive a decked out sports car, so people tend to think they have "something to prove" when they drive near me …

so my pet peeve are the people who feel the need to get in front of me so they can feel like they "drive fast" … usually slowing me down in the process 

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Sugar bee

I hate when there’s a sign that a lane will end, but people wait until the very end of the lane and then want you to let them in.  It’s the WORST.  Happens around here all the time! 

A side-note, here in Michigan, even though I think it’s technically illegal, almost EVERYONE passes people on the right (i.e. in the "slowest" lane of traffic).  It was years after I got my driver’s license when I met someone from another state who said it was bad driving!

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Bumble bee
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No blinkers!!!!!!!


(A blinker is also known as a turning signal, I dont know why I call it a blinker but I’ve been told that it’s weird.)

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Helper bee

People riding my A**!!!!!! UGH it drives me nuts!! Especially when I’m going 70 in a 60 to pass someone, then someone gets behind me going like 80 and I can’t get past the person fast enough so they FLASH THEIR LIGHTS, omg it pisses me off! hah!! I drive on a really dangerous road on the way to work, two lane only, and the limit is 55- there have been hundreds of wrecks on this road, so I do 55 MAX, and 45 on really nasty days- and people that ride my butt on that road irritate me like crazy!

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Bumble bee

Yup, I’m with frenchie and humarock – that little thing by your steering wheel…IT’S A BLINKER….USE IT!!!!! So flipping annoying!

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Busy bee
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This has been bothering me recently but it’s hard to explain. 

There are a lot of those 4-way intersections with stop signs on my way to work.  I’ve noticed that sometimes, I’ll pull up to an intersection where a person is already stopped at one of the other stop signs.  I’ll slow down and come to a complete stop and they will wait for me to completly stop before they will go.  It drives me crazy!!  It’s like they are checking to see if I’m really going to stop.  Seriously people, stop for your 3 seconds, then go, don’t want to see if other people are stopping for the full three seconds. 

Did that make sense?  Am I crazy for being so angry about an extra 3 seconds??

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Helper bee
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I hate it when people refuse to use the turning lane to slow down… there are a lot of these in my city, including up and down the entire length of the frontage roads along the main highway. On the frontage road, folks routinely go 45-50 mph, but when someone needs to make a turn they’ll slow down to 15mph and do it IN THE MAIN TRAFFIC LANE, moving to the turn lane at the last minute. I hate it.

I also hate people who won’t accelerate on onramps, but get to the end of the ramp and then stop dead waiting for a good spot on the highway. Learn to merge!

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Helper bee

Haha don’t feel alone I call them blinkers too!

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