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Have your tried Sparkpeople?  It’s free and easy to use.  I’d stay away from a low carb diet, I think long term no one does good on those.

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Bri- you know whats funny? I started a new workout dvd yesterday and as I wiped my brow, I thought how great it would be to have an accountability section for weightloss on weddingbee! Guys just dont get it, and its nice to have someone to count on, you know?

I just started the Denise Austin cardio bootcamp dvds. It may sound funny, but boy can she whip your butt into shape- literally! As for dieting, its all about portion control an moderation. If you know you’ll gain weight back from going low carb, I wouldnt cut it out completely. But finding a way to jump start would be good too. Take advantage of your free gym membership and do 30-45 min of cardio per day. Once you start seeing some results, add in a little resistance training. When I was in grad school I had a personal trainer, he taught me many things but the one thing I remember most is “no food tastes as good as thin feels.” Hope this helps a bit..

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Remove the word diet from your vocabulary. You are trying to focus on a lifestyle change 🙂 

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t work out. ever. I’m pretty lucky that I have a fast metabolism and can keep the weight off just by eating decently. So I don’t have any advice for you there. Food wise, however, I can give you a few good ideas.

Eat a lot of small meals during the day. I know you are in school and are busy, I am too, so it is hard to eat healthy on the go. Make sure you have healthy snacks in your bag to eat during the day. I like the green Nature’s Valley granola bars because they have a bit of protein and keep me full until my next meal. Or I will have trail mix with lots of peanuts, cashews, raisins, and a few m&ms for sugar. Celery and peanut butter work well too. Always carry a large bottle of water on you. I find during class if I have a bottle of water on my desk I will drink it to help cure my boredom :p

Always make sure to eat breakfast, again I know its hard as you are a student, but it can be done! I tend to drink Muscle Milk Light shakes in the morning if I have early class. Or I will eat a non-fat yogurt with granola and fruit. Whole wheat muffins with peanut butter are quick and easy, or oatmeal with some fruit.

Pack your lunch the night before. When I come home from the grocery store I prep all my food right then. Fruits and vegetables get cleaned, cut up, and put in tupperware. I will cook a chicken breast or two and cut it up to throw in a salad or something. If everything is prepared before hand it makes it much quicker to throw a lunch together.

I wouldn’t recommend low carb, whether you want short term or long term results, because our body needs carbs for energy! You just have to pick complex carbs (think whole wheat anything) and balance it out with a lot of protein and veggies. I’ve also switched to eating ground turkey/chicken instead of beef. Its just as yummy and it is a lot better for you!

I know it got a little long, I just want to give you as much help as I can offer! I’m a biochemistry student with hopes to get my phd in nutritional biochemistry so stuff like this really interests me 🙂

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You can do WW without paying for it… if you remember how many points you should be consuming from the last time you tried it, there are online calculators all over the place, and you can track it on your own on a spreadsheet or a notebook. It can be done!

Low carb is generally a bad idea; it’s not a sustainable diet if you want to be both thinner *and* healthy. Just mix in your breads with lots of fresh foods (the more fruits and vegetables you can fill yourself up on, the better) and you’ll probably start to see some progress.

Good luck!

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Does anybody have link to a points reference list for WW?

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Not a diet–it’s a lifestyle change =]

In general, i go no whites…no white sugars, no starches, etc. Complex carbs at breakfast and lunch only, protein and veggies for dinner. I drink 2 nalgenes+ of water a day and get regular exercise.

Baby steps! It takes awhile to adjust to eating healthy. BUt once you do, you’ll realize how gross you feel if you stray! You’ll have more energy, you’ll feel better (no more yucky feeling). Start small and it won’t seem so daunting. Experiment with new foods. Focus on how “bad” foods (like, say, a cheeseburger) makes you feel AFTER you eat it (for me, the grease upsets my stomach now) and use it as a deterrant to eating one. Or, rather, only eat half, then havea  salad with it.

Healthy foods cost more money–but so do more doctors visits and new clothes if you gain weight. So look at it that way! And, you can buy used clothes when your clothes don’t fit. And when they don’t fit, THROW THEM OUT. I have to do that to stay motivated to fit into my pants otherwise it’s like “oh i’ll just wear these….” which doesn’t help

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I agree with posters above. Lifestyle change. Not just diet. Weight loss is more effective and permanent if it’s a combination of factors and not just lifestyle.

Aside from eating small portions and eating frequently, cut out high-fructros corn syrup and refined grains and sugar (e.g. soda). If you like bread, try whole wheat/multi-seed, etc and have small portions. Hydrate with water constantly. Eat as much as you want of the healthy portions before 6pm. In the evening eat small stuffs. If you crave fat, eat good fat like nuts, olive oil, avocadoes, etc.

As for working out, you must combine cardio and weight lifting. Weight lifting may include exercises that use your own body weight such as yoga, pilates, etc. Switch up various exercises (running swimming cycling, rowing) often to avoid injury. Pay for class in the gym to keep you motivated to go. If it’s free, usually people don’t feel compelled to use the service. Look around for work out buddies so there’s accountability. I understand if work out is boring but are there intramural, PE classes, city league team sports in your community/school that you’ll like to play? Side job walking dogs? Sometimes it’s all a matter of doing something that you like that will keep you physically active.

Check out Mrs. Stiletto’s blog about her own journey. It’s inspiring!

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Count your calories, write down what you eat then add up the calories, if you start at 1600cal perday and as you get thinner drop it down to 1200cal The only way to loose weight is to expell more cals than u put in, I had a really slow metabolism a ew years ago, 800 cal/day so I made sure I only ate 1200cal and burnt at least 400cal in exercise. It sounds harsh but it is. It is not easy to loose wt if it was we would all be thin. I lost 25 kg or over 50 pounds in a year and have kept it off until the past 2 months (i have gained 10 pounds giving up smoking) but I still work out hard every day. and everyone says I had got too thin and look better now.

You can speed up your metabolism

-drink plenty of water


-Coffee b4 you exercise

-eating small meals often

Hope this helps

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I just wanted to add a point becuase I noticed you were in nursing – don’t be afraid to eat on night shift. I am a nurse as well, and if you are doing shift work, you need more calories than the average person, especially if you are switching from days to nights. I know some nurses who don’t eat at night becuase they are afraid of the “eating after 6” rule – but this really only applies if you are going to sleep at night! On nights, bring healthy snack options to keep you going – yogurt, trail mix, fruit, granola bars. I usually eat a “lunch” at around 1 or 2 am. My shifts run 7 pm to 7 am. I usually eat breakfast when I get home, then sleep through lunch, and eat dinner before going in for the next night shift. On days, I eat on a regular schedule.

Hope that helps! All the previous advice is great – don’t focus on low-carb, just switch the KIND of carbs you eat to whole grain…it will keep you full longer anyways (think glycemic index).

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