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@renwoman:  My mom does this too now that she is older. She NEVER did this while I was a child or teen. It is very embarassing. Me telling her to stop doesn’t go over well either. So annoying. 

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My mom doesn’t do this but my grandma was brutal for not having a filter!  One time we were at the mall and saw a girl my sister had gone to elementary school with, and after we said goodbye to her (literally seconds afterwards, they weren’t even out of earshot) my grandma was like “Gee, she got real fat didn’t she!”  I hope my mom doesn’t turn out the same.

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My mom doesn’t really do this so much, she’s usually very polite (but not patient in stores! Or resturants! That can be a problem sometimes, oh boy)

But she sort of did that insult-to-your-face thing to the cat the other day.
Cat got spooked and hissed at us (we were trying to trim her razor sharp nails) because she was scared, my mom started yelling at her “bad cat!” I said “hey, cut it out she got scared – she’s just an animal.”
And my mom looked the cat in the eyes and said “Yeah… you’re just an animal!”
I mean at least it wasn’t in public but honestly it made me laugh.
Hope my cat story made you smile. 🙂

It’s good that you said something to your mom!
She shouldn’t feel like it’s OK to speak about other people like that – especially when they didn’t even do anything to her!
It was out of line for her and it’s great that she stopped when you basically asked her to.

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@renwoman:  I think menopause really screws with ladies heads. Honestly. We’re all doomed for it to happen. Since my mom has gone through “the change” she has been a selfish, RAGING bitch. Especially in public!

We were on a 2 hour train ride a few weeks ago, and everytime she received a text message (like literally every 3 minutes – her & her hens are worse than 14 year olds with the texting) her phone would BLARE an entire Coldplay song – which she allowed to play out. In it’s entirety. I asked her to put her phone on vibrate for the sake of the other passengers. “Screw the other passengers! I like my ringtone!” … “Mom, you really can’t do that, listen – no one else has a ringtone going all the time”… “What is there some sort of law about it?!” “*shifty eyes* YES! It’s Illegal to blare a ringtone on a public transit vehicle”. YES I LIED TO MY MOTHER. But I had to!

She refused to speak to me the rest of the train ride, but was fine once we got home.

Sometimes, moms be triflin’ and you gotta let ’em know it’s not OK. As nicely as possible, of course!

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@renwoman:  My mom has some hearing loss that she won’t admit to. It means she says everything much louder than normal. Her idea of being discreet and whispering can be heard from several feet away. It’s mortifying at times.

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My mom has always been like this!  She feels the need to comment on everyone’s appearance. It’s like, what does that person’s hair have to do with your life?  I get if someone is wearing something really outrageous and attention-grabbing, but this is all the time.  Just a few weeks ago I was showing her pictures from one of my friend’s weddings and she commented that my friend wasn’t that pretty and then started telling me that I was sooo much prettier than any of my friends.  I get that she’s my mom so of course she thinks I’m the prettiest, but come on! I told her that was really rude to say (her response, “But I’m complementing you!”) and that I think all of my friends are pretty.  Plus, why even say that?  If she didn’t think my friend was pretty she could have kept it to herself!

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