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This also happened to me and a couple of my friends a month ago today ! We had all met up at a local bar for a AIDS fundraiser, BBQ . This was a sunday afternoon. My Ex and I both got to the BBQ around 1:30 that afternoon. I had NO intention of becoming intoxicated ,but knew that I would probably have a couple of beers so I had asked another friend if he would drive me because there was no way that I was going to risk driving even after only a couple ! I have to much at risk (past dwi..NoT cool. Learned my lesson the hardway ) Anyway , I had ordered a can of beer , about 30 minutes later another one which at that time we ate. Shortly after eating THE BAR bought a round of chucks for our table. about 15minutes After taking the shot, my friend and I went into the bar to get another beer and decided that we would get another round of shots for the table . As we were talking and waiting for the round and beers we took our shot and cheers each other and that was the last thing I remember ! Until, some guy got out of his truck and called me a f’ing bitch. I had rear ended his truck! I only remember a couple minutes of the whole accident and the police. The next thing I remember is being in the hospital and having 6 people holding me down trying to take my blood. Apparently, while in the police car a thought I was having a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. I had no idea what time any of this took place . The next thing I remember was calling my girl friend and asking her to get me out of jail. I had no idea why I was there at all. She picked me up around 3am. It wasnt until the next day that I knew what time any of this took place. I had to look up on the local police call log to see what time . It was at 7:54 pm that the ambulance was called!

Apparently, another friend of mine came on to the accident and returned back to the Bar I had been at to tell my Ex and other friends about the accident . While trying to figure out what the hell had happened I ask her what her reaction was when she was told about it and she says the only thing she remembers is crying nothing else. The more we talked about the last thing we remember we got a sick feeling that something was totally wrong and maybe we had been drugged. I had talked to my lawyer about it and they said that since the hospital had my blood we could get that tested but, we needed to know if my girlfriend had been drugged also! We went to a place called Anytime testing and had a urine test done. We recieved the test results last week and it came back POSITIVE for GHB ! As a result of this finding we have filed a police report and have taken steps further to confirm the drugging. She and I and 2 other friends that were at the BAR all went in to get hair tests done!

It is sure a violation , that we cant believe it !! The bartenders at this bar we would concider friends ! Well, at least we thought so !

I could have killed someone or myself driving! Why was I in my car ? I had a DD,and didnt even have my keys! My Ex and other 2 friends also drove home that night and dont remember a thing !

There was a young man that also believed that he had been drugged that same night . He doesnt remember a thing and was so concerned that he went the next day to get tested for STD’s .

This kind of thing has also happened to other people I know at this same Bar!

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