Dry Wedding followed by After Party

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To answer your original question, I think there would be two ways of doing it, one is to have the after party right after the reception dinner. Of course specify this in your invitations so people know what to expect. In this case, don’t make the reception too long. Do the usual speech and cake and eat etc, I think up to 2 hrs would be perfectly acceptable. Surely people can survive a couple of hours without alcohol? I can’t imagine people wanting to dance during this time anyway.

And the other way is to have brunch reception then hold the drinks and dance from early evening and you can genuinely call it an “after party”. The pro is its distinct and there’s no confusion when one ends and another begins, the con is people might hate having the number of hours in between the two, you could give people the choice to attend both or one of the two. But you might not get some of the friends at the ceremony if so.

I did actually consider the second option for myself even though there’s no opposition to alcohol or dancing from my family, just thought some of the older relatives my parents included wouldn’t be interested in staying too late. But ended up deciding against it.

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As someone else mentioned, word of mouth is not always reliable. As a guest I would appreciate that information being clearly presented on the invitation, since people will have to plan to visit two different locations after the wedding. I like pre-planning my routes and figuring out parking nice and early.

“Speeches and cake will be served at 6pm at Venue A. Drinks and dancing to follow, starting at 8 pm at Venue B. It’s a 5 minute drive away.”


When you say the 2nd location is very close, exactly how close? Would you anticipate guests would drive from Venue A to Venue B, or walk? That would influence my shoe choice as a guest. If I’m expected to walk a few blocks in my killer heels, I wouldn’t wear them.


Also, if I didn’t 100% understand the purpose of the 2nd event, I’d skip it myself. When I go to a reception, I don’t want to the hassel of travelling to two, even if they are a short distance away. Once I get up and leave, I go home.



If you are worried about your fiancé’s friends leaving early, he could inform them personally of the situation and when they can expect the party to start. 

Although people don’t require a warning that the event is dry, you might get better turn out to the 2nd half of the night from your younger crowd if you give them a heads up when the alcohol and dancing will start.


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