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I was sharing a hotel room with my brother once time when we were kids and I remember him sitting bolt upright in bed, shouting “you double dribbled!  You double dribbled!” and then he lied down and went back to sleep.

I also had a roommate in college who would occasionally shout expletives in her sleep.  Which I thought was hilarious, but others might find offensive.

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Hahhahaa ohhh boy! I do the same thing in my sleep. Darling Husband gets a kick out of it too. He is always telling me stories in the morning. Things I said, the simple fact that I was giggling in my sleep, that bolted out of bed because there was a “bug” and I made him check the blankets before I would go back to sleep, that I swear I’ve seen things move, stories I told him, one way conversations as if I was on the phone, etc…

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I do this in my sleep, too! Just a few weeks ago my husband said he came to bed and I had one arm straight up in the air with just my pointer finger extended. He said it looked as if I was pointing at something. He thought maybe I was awake and really pointing, but then he realized I was dead asleep. Then, as he crawled into bed my arm went down. He said it was weird and he couldn’t stop laughing when he told me the following day! 🙂

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My husband yells out random words in his sleep. I’ve heard “scooter,” “cappuccino,” and “rasin” before. When we first met he yelled out “get those microphones out of my face!”

It wakes me up, but I always mess with him and ask him “what did you say? Say it again” and he will repeat the word. He never remebers but its so funny!

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Too funny and something similar happened with me and my fiance very recently. We have been living together for 4 years sleeping in a queen-sized bed. We got a new one 2 years ago which I figured should last as another few years. Out of the blue last week he brought up buying a new bed. A king-sized bed. I thought it was weird that he would want it so suddenly since we had been perfectly fine with the bed we have now. Turns out, one night I punched his face in my sleep. I thought he was joking at first, but I guess he wasn’t. I felt so bad. I have no idea what I was dreaming about. Now I make a conscious effort to face the other way. Buying a king-sized bed is not an option for us at the moment.

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My Fiance has been working at Starbucks while in school for the past 4 years a few months ago he sat up in bed! Dead asleep was pulling shots and taking orders! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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Hahahahaha!  The very first time I ever spent the night with a guy (my current Boyfriend or Best Friend, this was several years ago, right after we went to college), I started dreaming during the night about this really annoying girl from my high school.  She was being even more awful than normal in this dream, and I finally got so upset that I punched her in the nose.

Of course, that was when Boyfriend or Best Friend sat straight up in bed next to me and yelled, “What the F***?!?!”

I got him pretty good.  It was another few weeks before I was able to talk him into letting me sleep over again, and we both still tell this story all the time – six years later.

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Honey Beekeeper

Does Miss Coffee know you shared this story online? Haha. 🙂

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Haha there isn’t much of anything that I don’t do in my sleep!  I walk, talk, sing, answer my phone, and one time I drove my car.* I’ve also been known to throw elbows in my sleep.

*Thank god I woke up before I got more than 5 feet from my house.  Hasn’t happened before, or since.  Super scary.

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Oh my gosh, when I am stressed I do very silly things in my sleep! The boy tells me I have some very weird conversations with him (particularly if I fall asleep on the couch!) and when I am super stressed I tend to sleep walk! Nothing scary as yet, but once I got up and wanted to wear a specific set of pjs… which happened to be iin storage at the top of the wardrobe, so I managed to reach up there, get them, get changed and then hopped back into bed and slept soundly for the rest of the night. Only to freak the hell out in the morning about why was I wearing these pjs!

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That is absolutely hilarious!!

I am ALWAYS talking to FH as he’s trying to fall asleep and a lot of times, instead of just telling me to shut up, he’ll just try to follow along with the conversation and talk back to me. But he always says random things and I’ll try to get him to continue talking but I always end up laughing so hard that I wake him up. He gets so irritated but I can’t help it. It’s so damn funny!!

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Hahaha, I’ve actually been heard singing in my sleep. True.

I wouldn’t worry about any bad effect on the realtionship, tho… My Future Mother-In-Law is a nutso sleeper. Soooo many times Future Father-In-Law has woken up with her sitting up roaring in the bed, and he’s been punched, pushed, kicked more times than he can count…. And they’re happy as Larry.

And it is vaguely hereditary. We had an apartment overlooking a river for a few years. I woke up one night to see Fiance standing in the balcony, muttering about going for a walk down the ‘road’, and wondering how the ‘road’ had been moved to right under our window… Eeeek. I hid the french door key after that one.

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My husband thrashes about wildly in his sleep, and once did PUNCH ME ON THE HEAD. Nothing like waking up with a blow to the brain, no idea what just happened, seeing stars. Needless to say, he was sent to the couch the rest of the night while I was cussing and tending to my little bump…To add insult to injury (literally) , I’m pretty sure I heard a small chuckle in there between his profuse apologies.

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