Dumb dumb dumb Typo. Help me feel better: share yours too please

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    Shesaidyes :  I almost mis-spelled “Seventeenth” for the date of my wedding invites as “Seventeeth”. Thank goodness I posted them on here for advice and several Bee’s shouted at me to correct it!

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    I have a similar story. So for our first wedding anniversary my husband orders this world map where you put pins on all the places you’ve been to together and it was personalized with our names and wedding date.  Well I unveil it and he was proud as anything until I point out that it has the wrong date, 9/16 instead of 9/26.

    Then he also didn’t get around to contacting the vendor until like months later (read: past the return period). That actually turned out to be a moot point, because when he checked his order form, he saw that he had given them the wrong date, so the mistake was not on the vendor’s part. He ended up just sucking it up and ordering a new one, triple and quadruple checking everything this time.  It’s hanging up in the hallway now and we still have the wrong one up in the attic somewhere since it’s not like we can donate it or anything, it being personalized, and I didn’t want to throw it away. I thought the whole thing was hilarious. 

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    While I didn’t order anything with the wrong date, I was the bride that when people asked our wedding date I could never remember the correct date. I just kept saying, “the last Saturday in September”. In the excitement of it all it’s hard to remember details. The mock up is lovely <3

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    Mine isn’t a typo story, but it’s still pretty silly/funny.

    My anniversary is in October. So, around August or September, I told my husband that I wanted to get a special ring for our 20th anniversary. And I wanted to plan ahead to make sure I had everything in place to do that next year for our 20th. My husband looks at me and says, “Babe, our 20th is this year.”

    What?!? I had to find a calculator and do the math. I felt like such a doofus. We had a good laugh over it, and my husband spent the time up to our anniversary yelling out “TWENTY YEARS!!” at random moments.

    EDIT TO ADD: Your mock-up is lovely! I think, overall, most people you send the cards to won’t pay much attention to if the actual date is correct or not. But, if it was me, I would re-order them because it would bug me. And also because my mom would probably remind me of it — constantly. LOL

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    another bee posted on here yesterday about a typo on her invites and she called the company up and explained and they fixed the error for her at no extra cost! Is there any chance you can try that? 

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    Agree with PP. I would call the company ASAP to get it fixed pronto. Most places have great customer service.

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    Mine isn’t a typo but still an invite/announcement mistake that if I don’t laugh would probably cry. We have 150 total people coming to our wedding. I was so excited to order the invites that I ordered 150 invitations to cover the amount of people rather than just enough to cover the number of households! So, I ordered about 80 extra invitations. Tried to cancel the order the next day when I realized my mistake but the company said they were already printed and the order could not be corrected. Now I have enough extra invites to wallpaper a bedroom!!!!

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    I would still call and explain the situation to their customer service and at minimum ask and see if what they can do. Calling tends to put people on the spot and has a more personal element to the situation. People make mistakes and things happen, they’re people too. I would recommend at least trying

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    Shesaidyes :  

    As part of the big build up, allow me to begin by pointing out that I am a bit of a grammar and spelling enthusiast. Dh has learned to ignore it and continue butchering the language (speakers do not infer! They imply. The listener infers). Why it matters to me, I don’t know. It’s rather like having to walk past a crooked painting.

    All of which makes this screwup even more embarrassing.

    My first book was published by a major house.  What a pia, mostly the unbearable amount of time they take to get anything done.  There is a lot wrong in the publishing industry.

    It was time to give self-publishing a go.

    I knew I needed a good editor/proofreader. In those days, I used e-lance a lot. I found a woman with excellent references so I contracted with her.

    The editing was done promptly, and I went over it a few more times. There’s a saying that writers never submit their work, they surrender it. Truth.

    The trouble with proofing your own work is that your brain knows what is supposed to be there and that is what you end up seeing.  (That could be a good dissertation topic for someone).

    In the end, after all of my painstaking research, dozens of rewrites, and three nervous breakdowns, my book went to its first print run. And, how impressed were prospective readers going to be with a book that launches itself with a well reasoned “INRODUCTION”.

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    I ordered my wedding invitations online (around October 2017 I think) and the next day, my mum asked to see them and the first thing she pointed out was that I had ordered them with the date 26 May 2017 instead of 26 May 2018. And they had already been shipped! 

    I went into panic mode but luckily zazzle was nice enough to refund about 50% for me. But surely someone on the other end noticed that I had ordered invitations for a date that had already passed unless it’s all automated. Anyway I ended up receiving two sets of invitations – the wrong date and the right date. 

    Lesson learned!

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