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so i do all the cooking…i work late so i make sure a home cooked dinner is in the fridge for him to heat when hes ready.

well i was running a little late so i just left the dishes in the sink and when i came home and threw a fit because he didnt put them away he told me

“if you would have rinsed them off i would have put them in the dishwasher.”

i think i acutally threatened to stab him with a fork that i was cleaning. because i was so irritated about how much i do for him and he couldnt rinse the damn plates off…

hahaha clearly, it still annoys me LOL

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We have vowed never to bring up The Ski Boot Incident again, because we STILL argue about who’s fault it was.

We were going skiing in a town 1.5 hours away.  Before we left, he was transferring gear from one car (where all our ski gear was) to the other car while I was gathering other stuff.  I saw him carry a bunch of skis and poles, and one of my ski boots.  I assumed – incorrectly – that he was loading up all the ski gear and that I would have two ski boots in the car.  

We got there, got all dressed, went to grab our gear…. and only one ski boot is in the car.  Long story short, it turns into a giant argument in the parking garage where I’m pissed that he would transfer all our gear except ONE SKI BOOT , and he’s pissed that I’m pissed at him when taking care of my gear should be my responsibility.

It was one of the biggest fights we’ve had in 13 years and it’s still a forbidden subject! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@lolot:  That is completely his fault. Yes, it is your responsibility to pack your own stuff. However, he decided to help out and load the gear. If it was your responsibility rather than his error, why would he have packed one of your boots? Clearly he forgot the other one, or thought he had grabbed it, and became defensive when you called him on it.

How he can possibly see this as your fault, I just cannot understand ๐Ÿ˜›

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I was hungry so I called and asked him (we were both in college, not living together) if he wanted to grab dinner. He said sure. I pick him up and ask what he’s in the mood for. He says “I already ate, so whatever sounds good to you since you’re the actual hungry one and I’m just along for second dinner.” I still don’t want to pick somewhere he doesn’t like, though. The place I’m craving (Quiznos) he doesn’t like. However, I could definitely settle for McDonald’s, which we both like. So I say, “How hungry are you? If you aren’t too hungry I’m feeling Quiznos but McDonald’s is close and that would be fine too.”

he said “Go wherever you want babe!” So I said “I narrowed it down to two places, you pick one.” And he wouldn’t do it! He just kept refusing to choose! For like 10 minutes! It was annoying – we had to turn around a bunch of times and get into different lanes and so on. I kept saying McDonalds was fine with me, that I was ok with either choice, but since I narrowed the options down he had to make the final selection. Finally he was like “Okay, okay, let’s go to Quiznos.” So I ask him if he’s sure and I thank him for choosing the place he likes less and he’s like “anything for my girl!”

K. So. Now we are at Quiznos. Sitting down and eating our sandwiches. And he goes “We are going to stop at McDonalds on the way home.”

I lost my shit in a Quiznos. It was difficult for me to keep my voice down. I threw down my sandwich and refused to eat any more and was like “now I know you’re just sitting here miserable so I can’t enjoy my food. if you just would have picked McDonald’s or not have been a giant baby about eating Quiznos one freaking time we could have had a nice dinner but nooooo you have to make it difficult.”

So we get in the car to go to McDonald’s and I’m not talking to him, just silently driving, and he’s like “don’t even bother about the McDonald’s. I don’t want it now.” And this just made me more mad. I was like “listen homeboy either you just pissed me off but at least you get French fries, or you made me mad for nothing AND don’t get any fries.” But he was like nope don’t want them. Fine.

BUT THEN 4 MINUTES LATER he was like “get in the turning lane! You’re going to miss the turn!” And I was like FOR WHAT and he said MCDONALD’S and I was just like I AM SO DONE WITH THIS WHOLE FIASCO

As soon as I got home I stormed inside and called my best fried and gave her a FURIOUS play by play and she laughed so hard she was crying and she was like “you are SO MAD about the damn French fries” so then I started laughing and the whole thing blew over. So basically he owes her one big time

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@MsBlackberry:  We had a fight in a fancy restaurant in New Orleans about whether or not scallops have dignity.

You read that right. I am a vegetarian and my SO was trying to persuade me to eat fish (in her defense there were VERY limited choices for me in New Orleans and it was a big pain). I argued that I couldnt because sea food has just as much will to live/right to life/dignity as land animals.

She is an ethics professor by trade and was not impressed with this reasoning. But would I give up? No. Huge fight on vacation and really REALLY dumb. :p

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He sat up and turned on the light at like 2 a.m. STILL ASLEEP and when I rolled over and asked him why he did that he started talking to me about needing to make sure I could sell the pieces of the wall or some such nonsense. I said “Aww, you’re still asleep” and he was like “NO IM NOT! NO IM NOT!” and freaked out on me. I was like “You’re talking to me about selling the wall, babe, you’re asleep” and he got up and stomped off and locked himself in the bathroom. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell? I tried to reason with him through the door (at this point I’m pretty sure he was actually awake), and he came out, rushed past me, put on his clothes and left. At 2 a.m.  Because he turned on the freaking light in his sleep and wouldn’t admit it. I had to call him on his phone and get him to come back inside. He actually didn’t leave, he just sat in his car brooding over how right he was. Whatever.

He still tells me he was absolutely wide awake and I was patronizing him, but I know he wasn’t. 

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@208bride:  Omg I hate that! I HATE INDECISIVENESS! My Fiance has done that to me before and I want to punch him in his face evey time.

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Fiance and I got into a huge argument about whether peanut butter belongs in the fridge or in the cabinet. I eventually won and the peanut butter lives in the cabinet now. About a year later when I took a food safety course I did have to rub it in a bit that the instructor said peanut butter has too low a water content for bacteria to grow so you don’t need to refridgerate it ๐Ÿ˜›

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@MsBlackberry:  Ours was over toilet paper too.  

FI’s chore is to empty all the trash cans.  One day, as he was emptying the trash in the bathroom, he said “Why is all this toilet paper in here? You need to flush it so I don’t have to empty the trash as much.”

This led to a small arguement with me explaining why the TP is in the trash. I use it to blow my nose, fix make-up, wrap up femine products. I put it in the trash.  I’m not going to flush the toilet everytime I blow my nose. 

Then somehow during the arguement, it comes out that he flushes his q-tips and I put mine in the trash.  I told him to quit flushing q-tips because he was going to stop up the toilet.  His logic is “they’re smaller than poop, it shouldn’t clog the toilet.”

Two weeks later, the toilet was clogged.  It flushed fine for him whenever he peed, but wouldn’t flush whenever I used it, so he blamed me for using too much TP and clogging it up.  He took it apart to find a complex matrix of q-tips stuck in the pipe.

He hasn’t said another word about TP since. ๐Ÿ™‚

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@208bride:  I can totally relate to the indecisiveness, and it drives me insane! Or like you, I’ll pick a place, he’ll say okay, and then bitch the entire time we’re there.

The biggest argument we got in early this year involved whose “duty” it was to do household work. My husband was in a crabby mood that day, and kept muttering around the house about how I didn’t pick up after myself, clean anything, etc. First off, I do clean up after myself and do things around the house. But I’m not his maid, and he knows where the dishwasher is located as well as the trash can.

I can get offended easily, especially if I think someone is attacking me, so I got pissy with him, and refused to speak to him. This wouldn’t have been a problem, but we went to a get together at my cousin’s house, ended up leaving early, and I cried the entire way home because he was being such a prick, picking apart every little thing I do.

I then demanded we go to Wal-Mart where I stalked to the paper plates/cups aisle, and told him to pick out which ones he liked, cause I was throwing out the regular dinnerware if he was going to get his panties in a wad over who should do the dishes. He blinked at me and walked off.

When we did get home, he launched into full-on clean mode, and I launched into full-on bitch mode, being very childish on my part, saying things like “Well, I’m not going to sit my lazy arse on the couch and watch TV….I’m now going to lazily put my water glass IN THE SINK instead of in the dishwasher…” you get the idea.

He now knows pretty much to leave me alone when it comes to household things, I’ll get to them when I get to them. Or if it bugs him so much, he can do it himself!

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That he goes through body wash too quickly. It feels like I’m always buying that shiz for him!… We have gotten into an argument about it LOL, didn’t solve anything.

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Not the seat, the lid.

He puts the seat down fine.  But my parents (whom i live with right now) have dogs.  And they are so far unaware that there is even water in the toilet because we NEVER leave it open.  And he needs to get used to this because we will have dogs for our entire lives.  And I never want to deal with the drinking out of the toilet.

And even besides the dogs, things fall in.  Just close the lid!

He is ADHD and tends to get something half done and then forget about it.  Or plan to do something and forget.  Which is not the problem, I understand he’s ADHD and that happens.  But when I gently remind him and if (God forbid) he’s already cranky or hungry or hasn’t had coffee yet that morning, then he gets mad because I’m “mothering.”  So then I get frustrated because i’m “just trying to help.”  Good times. 

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