DYI hair and makeup brides – any regrets?

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  • Wedding: August 2019 - City, State

ahsoka :  So I have not had my wedding yet but I am planning to do not only my own makeup for my wedding but my bridesmaids as well. I am a sort of self taught makeup artist and when I started to look into a makeup artist for my wedding I had a ton of difficulties.

I was very specific in the look I wanted and the products I wanted used. As I researched artists and looked at their work and instagram profiles – I found I was unable to find anyone whose work I was happy with. I was finding flaws with everyone I looked at and couldnt justify hundred of dollars to go towards something I suspected I would not be happy with.

Instead of paying for multiple trials until I found someone I was happy with – I decided to do those trials on myself and my bridesmaids. I have done the look on them twice now and I can do a full face in 30 minutes exactly. I’m super happy about the look and happy with how it turns out – so I’ve decided this is the plan I am going with. I will also do a couple more trials with each girl to really get to know their faces. They will provide their own foundation and from ym extensive makeup collection I will supply the rest!

As for hair – well I can’t do hair at all – so I hired my personal stylist for my wedding. Although I have to say – doing hair AND maleup on the big day would definitely be too much for me to take on. Especially if I was doing it for my bridesmaids as well.

If you are thinking of doing them both for just yourself and feel confident in your skills – I say go for it! Research good makeup products for photography/weddings and make sure you cake on your makeup a little – heavy makeup in person looks much lighter in pictures! Do multiple trials – take pictures in different lighting and make sure you are really happy with it!

PS. I feel the same way with makeup. It’s cathardic for me. Many peopel told me to absolutely not do my own makeup or if I did – absolutely not to my bridesmaids also because I would be way to stressed out. However – I know myself and watching someone else do their makeup would be way MORE stressful for me!

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I thought about doing both, but will just be doing makeup DIY and get hair done by a stylist. I am already doing so much DIY, but I think doing both hair and makeup would have tipped it over to being too stressful the day of.

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My first wedding I did both myself. But I have a background in modeling so used to photoshoot makeup. Only regret was the weather , it rained. 

I will do my own this time too, I will enlist my daughter to help. 

I second doing several trials, and take test photos outside from different distances. 

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ahsoka :  I didn’t do my own but here are a few tips:

1. Make sure your foundation is compatible with flash photography. Sometimes foundation has something that reflects in light and makes the makeup look a different color. 

2. Use setting spray so your makeup doesn’t melt or rub off as the day goes on. You’re going to be giving lots of hugs and may break a sweat depending on weather. 

3 Go heavier than your usual makeup looks because it photographs well. Think long, thick, eyelash extensions to open up your eyes. 

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ahsoka :  I WISH I had done my own hair and makeup!  We eloped out of the country and I allowed two people I didn’t know to do my hair and makeup.  The hair was truly terrible and I still look at it in pictures and cringe.  Anything I did myself would have been better than what this person did to me.  My makeup was competent, at best, which is frustrating because I unequivocally do my own makeup better. 

So my advice to you is this.  You do you because you know you better than strangers.  Practice, practice, practice and take lots of test pictures.  And learn how to apply false lashes, if you don’t know how already.

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ahsoka :  if you’re more comfortable doing your own, go for it! I can’t do my makeup to save my life, so I had it done and I was so happy with it! One of my friends did her own and she was not happy with the way it turned out. She just didn’t put enough on so it came out really flat in pictures. I highly recommend a trip to Sephora and tell them it’s wedding makeup! They can point you in the right direction and get you color matched. I would take in some inspiration pics so they know what you are looking for! 

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I am doing my own makeup. I dont usually wear makeup at all  or very rarely and was really worried that if I went with a professional make up artist I wouldnt look like me. I bought all my make up new in January and February and have been practicing off and on with it since then. 

I have taken tons of photos and placed them on line and the only major criticism I have gotten from friends is that you shouldnt do dark lips and a dark eye, so I bought a lighter shade of lip gloss called honeymoon. 


I was originally going do my own hair since I am doing a pretty simple but elegant style..old Hollywood glam curls and I have hot rollers…but I love getting my hair done. It’s like the one girly luxury I allow myself.. so I decided I wanted it proffessionally done.


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I’m having a friend do my hair, and I have a makeup artist booked, but I’m really considering doing it myself instead because I HATED my makeup trial. Trouble is, the makeup artist is FI’s family, so that’s a little stressful. But, I am so particular about my makeup that I just end up totally hating what anyone else does. I want to feel like ME on my wedding day!

If you’re comfortable with doing your own hair and makeup, I say do it. If you DO go with professional hair and makeup, I definitely recommend doing several trials to find someone you like.

Me with my normal makeup vs what the makeup artist did, for reference:

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I colored my own hair but I didnt do it (although I wish I did, I was actually upset on how it turned it as one side’s kept curling into one giant roll) and I did my own makeup. I liked my hair color as well as my makeup as I felt like I looked like me. I do want to note that I do wear a full face every day. Plus I’ve done friends wedding makeup. And I actually did a couple of my own bridesmaids hair and makeup on my wedding day too. I enjoyed keeping busy. 

Good luck! 

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ahsoka :  Are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding?  I’m really into makeup, apply my own lashes watch YouTube videos.  I could have done my own makeup, and looked great under normal circumstances.

But it was extremely hot on the day of my wedding.  Like 100 degrees in the shade.  With 100% humidity.  Everyone was sweating buckets.  I decided to go with a professional makeup artist, and it was the best decision I made.  Somehow, through magic, everyone’s makeup stayed in place.  We looked fresh and nice.  There is so way that would have happened had we done our own makeup. We would have been sweaty messes.  

If you are having an indoor wedding, and are good at hair and makeup, go for it.  If not, it may be worth hiring someone.  

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  • Wedding: September 2018

I hired a hairdresser (she is a professional but also a friend – I like her work but also didn’t want strangers around me). It was a style I couldn’t have done myself. But I did my own makeup. There was a separate room with a mirror and I retreated in there where it was calm.

I have no regrets other than I was dumb enough to try out a new foundation that morning, which turned out to be too pale so I took it off and started again with my old foundation! 

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  • Wedding: May 2019 - City, State

I’ll come back and update once it’s over, but I’ve decided to do my own hair and makeup for my wedding in 2 days. 

Like you I have a background in drama – I was a theatrical makeup artist in college so I am very used to doing elaborate hair and makeup for 10-20 people that need to last under extreme conditions, look consistent, and be done quickly. Plus, my name was attached to my work and a large number of people saw it. In comparison, doing my own (plus a couple bridesmaids) hair and makeup for an indoor wedding where less than 70 people will see me seems like a walk in the park. 

I did look into makeup artists and hair dressers in my area, but I hated everything I looked at. I’m also very particular about the techniques used, and I generally hate people touching me so having someone do my hair/makeup would just stress me out. Plus like you I enjoy taking the time I spend on my hair/makeup to center myself and take a breather. There’s also an element of if it’s gonna look bad, I’d much rather I made it look bad than someone else. If I fuck it up, I fuck it up – it is what it is and I just have to deal with it. But if someone else fucks it up, I’ll be irritated at them all day and be thinking I could have done better – and that’s really not something I want in the back of my mind on my wedding day.

If it’s something you are comfortable with and enjoy doing, I would say go for it. Though I would definitely still do makeup and hair trials to really hone the look you’re going for. 

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somedaymrsj :  Your makeup is significantly better than the pro job.  Your makeup looks like the pro job.  That black liner is so harsh and uneven…

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