E-Rings: Trendy vs. Timeless?!

posted 3 years ago in Rings
  • poll: What kind of style did you go with for your e-ring?

    Trendy - "Whatever I love today, I'll love forever! No matter what!"

    Timeless - "I want something classic, that I know I'll still appreciate over time"

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    emmarcj :  I would pick something classic. You can always add some fancy fashionable bands down the road

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    Im going through the same issue right now. I don’t want a ring that is super common, but will i regret a Heidi?

    My Fiance said he would customize with HG before our wedding if I wanted to go that route. I would have to wait 2 years for that. I have a ring now, but I am  not crazy about it. 

    It was between that and a solitaire moissanite, but now I’m thinking I want a sea greeen/aqua solitaire moissanite to be “different.”


    sorry I have no advice. 

    We are in the same pickle!

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    I was in the same mindset, I liked the look of both traditional set and modern unique set. 

    My vision was all over, from a simple solitaire ering with pave Wband to a rose gold marquise halo ering with blinged crescent Wband. I loved both!!

    my Fiance chose my ring (I wanted him to) and I gave him no input whatsoever, he went down the timeless route for me, 1ct solitaire with pave side stones set in platinum. I couldn’t be happier with it, so glad he made the choice though, knowing me I’d still be deciding lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

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    I wanted trendy at first because I was into the halo setting (I know the halo dates way back but recently, its been trendy). And I eventually settled on a solitaire, because I wanted something more timeless and classic!

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    Busy bee

    I’m choosing a cushion halo which is very popular at the moment but I also think very classic and timeless. I wanted something that would stand the test of time and I didn’t want something that was too trendy or that I would grow tired of. It doesn’t matter what is in fashion, choose what you love and think you will love for a long time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I vote timeless, I’m a sucker for all rings but love a good timeless set ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’Ž

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    I think you should go with the ring that you love the most. Even if it’s look becomes a symbol of a specific time in your life, it’s fine- it represents a specific time of your life, anyway.

    I wanted a ring that I would feel good wearing for 50+ years and I specifically imagined what the rings I was trying on might look like when my hands are wrinkled and old. That eliminated a couple things I was considering! But you should still go with what you love. I was speaking to a woman today who has been married for 30 years. Her husband upgraded her set at their 25th and 30th anniversaries and she said he told her he intends to upgrade her again at 35. I don’t think I’ll ever want to upgrade. I love my ring but I also can’t say that if my husband really wants to gift me another ring at some point in the future that I’ll resist. You never know what will be going on in the future. Go for that gorgeous, elaborate ring if that’s what’s speaking to you and keeps moving you.

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    Personally I think you should just get what makes you swoon and forget about everything else. You will love it till the day you die.

    But I also kind of don’t get the trendy argument…not everything people say is a “trend” is actually a trend. Sometimes it’s a very classic style that has just been there all along. For example, People say my emerald cut halo is “trendy” and that baffles me, I don’t see it as trendy. Both emerald cuts and halos have been popular for many, many decades, a hundred years or more. I’ve wanted an emerald cut halo since I was a little girl, we’re talking almost three decades of wanting one. Almost every time some celebrity gets engaged with a giant rock, I’ve seen its an emerald cut. So I guess I don’t really see it as trendy, I see it as classy, glamorous, and classic.  

    Interestingly, I’ve also noticed that the rings that are supposedly “classics that never go out of style” have tiny trends in the setting that come and go, and make it look totally outdated to me personally…like bezel settings or cathedral settings or those fat bands vs a delicate knife edge. Yet people say they are classic because it’s a round solitaire…?

    So I guess I don’t get it. What I think of is classic is exactly what I got, so I’m bound to always love it. Therefore, I think if a halo makes your heart sing, get that. And if it’s a bezel set asscher, get that. And if it’s a plain old round brilliant solitaire; get that! If you truly love it, it will never be out of style. 



    Now, if we were talking about dresses or photography styles….I DEFINITELY THINK there are obvious trends that should be avoided!๐Ÿ˜†



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    Also, 4 of my friends got engaged after I did and all 4 of them have the exact same ring. It’s “timeless” according to these boards. And they’re all so beautiful!!! But, it’s the exact.same.ring. Just sayin….

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    emmarcj :  I have a very classic oval with side baguettes in platinum that I love๐Ÿ˜ it’s a good fit for me (I like diamond studs, pearl necklaces, easy to wear and timeless usually) and very comfortable.

    However, those Heidi rings are so gorgeous- I so want a blue sapphire one! I’ve been drooling over them for a while.  I can see why you’re torn. 

    You can either get the classic oval as your e-ring and get the Heidi as a RHR or go for it now with a Heidi as your e-ring. You can’t go wrong! 

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    I just hate the way solitaires look (especially on my hand). They just don’t do it for me. So I went with a clunky 7 stone ring. To me it looks “classic” rather than trendy without being a solitaire.

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    I got a solitaire plainly because i love it its timeless elegant and it will look beautoful forever 

    BUT now that ive had my ring for quite sometime and i do still love it i learned that there are ways to “DRESS THEM UP” with enhancers, wraps, and that you can virtually pair it with any wedding band 

    Solitaires are amazing not just because their are timeless its also VERY versitile.

    I have a friend that has a solitaire with an enhancer that makes it look like a hale when she wants to.

    But in the end get what you want. If it makes you happy then thats what matters.

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    Was in the same position a while back, SO said start looking, so I looked and I either wanted a classic solitaire (so long as it wasn’t round) or Heidi Gibson because I really love the art deco scene and if money weren’t an issue, that’ll be my wedding theme.

    But I figured, I wanted something I would always wear, and a solitaire is easy to dress up, you can always get 2 enhancer rings to circle it with diamonds for dressy events then just wear the solitaire for day-to-day.

    So, my personal choice was solitaire for engagement, Heidi Gibson for RHR years from now….if I’m still as keen on that style as I am today.

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    I went timeless/with a solitaire primarily because I knew I wanted to love it forever and never change it, and that I could add-on whatever fun style bands I might like along the way as my ‘trend’ tastes evolve. But I am generally a more ‘conservative’ person when it comes to jewelry and attire, so ‘timeless’ just fits my overall lifestyle better. 

    I have also owned & sold a few different styles of rings over the years, so I have learned what I do/don’t love to wear. That helped drive my decision a lot.

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    There are some aspects of trendy and some classic in mine. Mine is a round diamond with a cushion halo in a white gold setting. I think the round/white gold is classic. I think the halo is trendy. I almost did rose gold instead of white gold, but I was nervous about it being too trendy. Ultimately that wasn’t the deciding factor though. The setting just looked better in white gold than rose gold. I would have got rose gold had i loved it just as much. I still love rose gold/gold e rings so i say get what you love now!  I do love that my diamond is round so i could reset it later should i ever want to, but i don’t think i ever will. 

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