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Just to be safe I would call Clair’s to find out. I wouldn’t want to give you false information.

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Hi, I would recommend this aftercare https://www.safepiercing.org/aftercare.php by the Association of Professional Piercers. It definitely is not ready to be changed yet, I would wait longer. Claire’s uses piercing guns which cannot be properly sterilized unless it was a single use gun, but they still cause blunt trama because they basically punch a hole in your ear instead of piercing with a hollow needle. Would definitely recommend going to a piercing/tattoo shop for your next piercing. 

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I agree with krfrank. Even a professionally done piercing, which heal much quicker than a gun piercing, will take 6-8 weeks minimum to heal. Don’t mess around with it. 

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I see that the linked site says not to use hydrogen peroxide, but I have used it on my ears and clean my earing posts with it all the time.  Maybe it’s ok when your ears are healed.

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1. Don’t get piercings at Claire’s or anywhere that uses piercing guns. They cause trauma to the lobe and often don’t heal correctly. Plus they’re usually done by amatuers who can mess up the placement/angle.

2. Use salt water, preferably sea salt with distilled water to clean the piercing and jewelry. Using harsh chemicals in soap can irritate the site and cause issues with healing. DON’T use any “cleaning solutions” you can buy at Claire’s or similar stores!!!

3. Please leave the jewelry undisturbed for at least 6-8 weeks. I leave mine for at least 3 months to be safe.

4. Surgical steel is always the best option for fresh piercings.

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The three ingredients in that Claire’s solution are water, sodium hypochlorite and potassium iodide.That’s basically watered down bleach with a bit of iodine to balance the ph. I would not continue to use it, and would not have used it in the first place!

Buy or make a salt water solution, recommended by every reputable piercing place.


Claire’s and similar places are not a recommended place to get piercings due to the guns, as mentioned previously. Always get a needle piercing!


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krfrank :  this 100%.

Anytime I’ve gone and gotten a piercing I’ve always been told to soak with warm water and sea salt. And avoid getting shampoo/conditioner in the piercing while it’s healing. I think ear lobe piercings can take 6 to 8bweeks to fully heal. 

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Normal saline is sufficient to cleanse the area. I’d follow that up with a little dab of antibiotic ointment. Dont take the earrings out for 2 months, make sure to rotate them once or twice a day.

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gray15 :  Whyyyyy would any self respecting adult go to Claire’s for a piercing?!

That being said…. stop using their overpriced and chemical laden “cleanser”. Get sterile saline solution and lightly cleanse with a qtip. Rotate the piercings. Don’t use ointments because the piercing needs to breathe. 

Picture this… a piece of paper. Would you rather punch a hole with a pencil or a hole puncher? That’s the difference between a gun and a hollow needle. Don’t ever let Suzy the sales associate with her gun come near your ears ever again 

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