Earliest pregnancy symptoms post ovulation?

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I too am one of the ones that just *knew*. I think at 1dpo I turned to my husband and said ‘this is crazy but I think it worked’ 😂

My earliest symptoms were just odd twinges and pulls in my uterus, something I don’t normally get. It’s hard to explain but I honestly just felt like something was going on with me. I also felt much warmer and actually got hot flushes randomly for a few days! Another random change very early on was a bit of heartburn and an upset stomach. I kept a journal somewhere and I’ll try to remember to post it! X 

I got my BFP at 9dpo 🙂 

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I wasn’t symptom spotting since we were taking a charting break and I refused to think about it for the month, but Darling Husband noticed my appetite increased and I had a very keen sense of smell. He didn’t tell me this until after I got my BFP, but apparently it started around 8-9DPO (based on when I noticed fertile cm since I wasn’t taking temps or doing opks). I got nausea and vomiting around 5 weeks, so just a few days after I took the test. 

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It’s hard to say what were actually symptoms and what would have happened regardless, but I had bad gas pains which led right into morning sickness starting within a week or so of my missed period. I tested at 11 dpo and don’t recall having any symptoms at all at that point, I just planned to test that day. Of course I can say that I just had a feeling it worked…but it was really just a strong hope! 

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Well….my hangovers suddenly became a lot worse! On a couple of occasions I had one or two glasses of wine in the evening and woke up feeling as if I’d had one or two two bottles! Luckily I did a test quite soon afterwards so I didn’t have months of drinking! I also woke up a few times in the night habing period cramps and was convinced I was starting my period but found this not to be the case when I rushed to the toilet. It’s strange because I had a tiny niggling feeling that I might be pregnant but I’d prepared myself so much for it not happening in the first six months that I probably discounted a few other ‘signs’ too without realising it! 

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Sugar bee

I must be a freak, before I could even get 2 lines on a test my boobs were so sore and swollen that even wearing a bra upset them. My feet were on fire, and I slept for like a whole entire day because I was SO exhausted. I don’t know how many dpo I would have been at that point, it was a crazy long cycle and I wasn’t charting.

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For me, it was my boobs. I obviously was expecting to get my period so at first I thought it was PMS. But, they weren’t sore in their usual SPOT. My breasts were sore on the sides and down into almost my armpit? It was weird. They just felt way different. But other than that I had no idea I was pregnant. Heck, I was in Chicago out drinking with the girls till nearly 3am the day before I took a test 😂 I think a lot of women symptom spot, but you wouldn’t be in the TWW if you didn’t! 


Ps they started to get really sore as described above at 8DPO. 

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Sugar bee

I had a hunch that we had conceived because I was getting splitting headaches and heartburn consistently from 6dpo. My BFP took its time getting here and was only really clear at the day of my missed period. 7w5d today, so hoping it grows strong! 

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Mine might be Too Much Information but I had somewhat strong cramping after an orgasm.  I have never experienced that.  So at 11 dpo I took a urine pregnancy test at 11 p.m. with no idea how long my urine hold was and I got a very obvious positive.  I work in a lab and ran my HCG the next morning at it was 64.  I had no other symptoms for a few weeks and had the cramping after orgasims for about 3 months.  I’m currently 15 weeks. 

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nurseybee55 :  I felt very overheated. Like if I sat on the couch for a little while, the area on the couch would be very warm. Then absolute exhaustion.

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I didn’t notice anything at the time but in hindsight I was really hungry at around 8/9 DPO, and the at 12 DPO I had a terrible headache and was just exhausted.  I also had the tiniest bit of implantation spotting…but I didn’t realy think too much about it.  I got my BFP at 13 DPO (only tested once before at 10 and got a BFN).

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I was driving to work and just felt a huge wave of exhaustion. It was different from the “oh I didn’t get a good nights sleep” kind of tired and was more like “holy crap, I need my bed now!” That was 8dpo and I got a BFP 9dpo. 

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I konw it’s easier said than done, but the best thing is just not to overthink it. Searching for symptoms will only drive you nuts!!!

The TTC process was really draining for me and month after month I would hunt for symptoms, convinced I was pregnant. Each month my period would come. The problem is so many symptoms of pregnancy are things a lot of experience with PMS anyway. We tried for a good year before we got pregnant, but then had two losses. The month we ended up with a sticky we had sex literally only TWICE and weren’t even trying (it was the month following my second loss). Aside from the app I’ve always used to track my cycle I didn’t even use OPK’s to confirm ovulation so I didn’t even know how many DPO I was. Something made me test, even though I had no symptoms, like 2 days before AF was due. It was positive. 

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nurseybee55 :  it’s a pregnancy symptom but it more has to do with the increase of progesterone after ovulation but tender breasts and creamy CM, but these can go away before AF or intensify if you get a BFP. 

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At 8DPO I thought I felt some weird pinging in my uterus. This could have been entirely psychosomatic, just product of being super aware and dreaming up symptoms in the TWW, but I remember thinking to myself – that’s it, I’m pregnant.

The next day I was irrationally upset about a project at work. I’m pretty even tempered, but I was so stressed and nearly to the point of tears, which was not like me.

10DPO I got my squinter. My boobs were extremely sore and I had chills (which lasted for a week or so). I was also nauseous, but looking back I think that was just excitement. Real morning sickness clicked in at week 6 and was an absolute beast in comparison.

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