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I was thinking about this the other day. We have a cousin who is planning a birthday party for her 1 yr old twins. They’ve invited 50 people! To me that’s just too much for such little children. As an adult I can see myself being overwhelmed with all those people, let alone how I would feel as a toddler. My feelings might change once my LO is here but I’m pretty sure we’ll just do a small family dinner with a small cake for the first couple years until the child is a little older (3 or 4?)

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My sister has been doing these big, ridiculous blow-out type parties for my nephew ever since he was born; I think it’s absurd.  He doesn’t even remember last year’s birthday, much less his first birthday!

We’ve gotten some pressure from my family to do a big party for Addie’s first birthday because that is what my sister did, but we’re NOT doing anything big.  1) We don’t want to set her up to expect these big parties/lots of presents/spending tons of money/etc… when she gets older and 2) she’s not going to remember it, so I feel like it’s a waste.  For her first birthday, we’re just going to have a family dinner (my parents and my sister are coming up, but that’s it) with Addie’s favorite meal and her first birthday cake (homemade with baby-friendly ingredients).  We’ll probably continue with the small, family parties for a while. 

When she gets older, though, we want to do what our friends do with their kids.  Each year, the kids get to choose between a party with their friends or a special weekend trip of their choice.  In the past, their kids have chosen to go to the beach, the zoo, the aquarium, a Thomas the Train show, etc… (which, all of those are weekend trips, since we live in a rural area).  We love this idea, and it’s what we hope to do with our kids once they get old enough to decide (3 or 4 maybe).

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Our Dirty Delete is turning 7 (OMG, what?!?!?! How did that happen??), this year, and she’s never had an actual ‘birthday party’ with friends from school, etc.. it’s always just been a family thing with presents, and cake, and all that jazz. Her birthday is in September, so when she first started school, she didn’t have a chance to get to know anyone that well before a party could be planned.. and, then we moved, so she had a whole new set of kids to meet.. it’s never been an easy thing, I guess, lol. I’m hoping next year to give her a ‘party’ party, though.

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The earliest bday I remember was when I was 5. I got a bike – my mom hid it in the bathtub and made a scavenger hunt to find it.

I think much before kids are in school they should be kept small and family-only. But we also celebrate our dogs’ birthdays… 🙂

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I couldn’t imagine not celebrating my baby’s birthday. I’m not going to go crazy, but we’ll be having something, even if it’s just family for cake and punch.

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In my family, 5 is sort of the “bigger than just family” birthday stuff. It reverts back to that once you hit your teens most of the time, by the way. haha.

My youngest sister just turned 7 and had a Princess Dress-Up Tea Party (very easy – she invited 5 friends, they wore costumes, and they ate cake and drank out of tea cups and then played – she loved it). One of my brothers just turned 17 – we had a big family dinner (we got out to dinner for everyone’s bday – bday person’s choice) and then he got money to go out with his friends. About the same as what I got for 17-20.

To me, it doesn’t matter for the first few other than obviously acknowledging and celebrating it, but like – big blow out bday? No. I had like, 2 of those my entire life and it was my Sweet Sixteen and then 21 with friends. I have a friend who just invited me to her 2 year old’s destination birthday party. No, I am not joking.

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my sister in law had a huge party for her son’s first birthday. It was really over the top (cost her around $400 for food, plus everyone else was still bringing treats and other kinds of things) probably close to 100 people (not all at once, people would come and go) and she was completely overwhelmed. However, while her son may not remember it, he did have a great time. He’s a little ham, and he loved having all those people pay attention to him. I won’t be doing anything like that, but I guess if someone doesn’t mind the energy and money spent throwing a party like that, more power to her or him.

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I’m a twin, and from the time we were in school, my parents threw my brother and I two parties every year so that we each got to do exactly what we wanted and got 100% of the attention for that day. I mean biggish parties…horseback riding, laser tag, sleepovers…etc.

I know my mom though she was doing something good, but looking back, my brother and I think she was insane! Who throws two birthday parties (usually on back to back weekends) for 4-12 year olds? Neither my brother nor I was the jealous type. I think (I don’t know for sure because I was so young) that we would have been fine sharing something gender-neutral. 

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The earliest party I remember was my 5th Birthday.  My Grandma’s friend dressed up as Minnie Mouse and I had all my friends there, I do love that memory.


My son has had a Birthday party every year (he was even present for his Baby shower, lol that wasn’t intentional).  His 1st party was huge, mostly family (ex-husband has a large Italian family), but I also belonged to a Mom’s club until he was 3 and b-day parties are the thing to do with that crowd!  He had a great time, doesn’t a remember a thing.  He says he remembers his 2nd party but I wonder if that’s just because of the pictures, we never paid a ton always had them at home until he was older and it was cake, ice cream, and presents, a few games too. 

I put him in pre-school at age 3 and 4 then he started kindergarden at age 5, he’s always been around lots of kids so it seemed appropriate.  The largest party involved 21 kids, and I won’t ever repeat that, so overwhelming, I just wanted to lock myself in my room and hide!

For his 5th, 6th, and 7th Birthday we did bowling parties, about 6 kids would come and that was perfect.  On his actual Birthday from the age of 4 and up he’s been able to choose a restaurant and we have a family dinner.  His 8th we did a Pizza Party at a Pizza Parlor.  This year he gets to choose a friend and I’ll take them to a movie and that 1 friend can spend the night.  That will be in addition to the Family dinner.  I’m totally over big parties. 

My husband is against Birthday parties, he doesn’t understand them.  I think it’s funny ’cause he has 2 little girls who love their Birthday Parties and this little one on the way 😉


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