Early Maternity Shopping

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BeckyS0 :  Congratulations!  I’m 6 months PP and it has been quite the ride!

A lot of maternity clothes are designed to grow with you, so most of the stuff I was wearing at 11 weeks I was still wearing at 38!  Frankly, I found that some of it looked better when I had the bump! I also think that many of the shirts are wearable post partum too…just a little stretchier than a normal shirt!

For bras get a bigger one if your cup size is too small, but if it’s just the band get a band extender!  They’re super cheap and work really well.  I went up a bra size pretty early on (just a regular bra), and then later on I added the bra extender as well.  That held me until I gave birth and I bought nursing bras in my currently correct size.  Stay in regular bras for as long as they’re comfortable.  I never thought I’d say it, but now that I’m always in a nursing bra, I miss a good old underwire bra!  Even the “normal looking” nursing bras just aren’t the same.

For belly bands, I wore the ones from Motherhood Maternity or Target.  Both worked fine- neither was better than the other. I think the Target one was Belly Bandit and you can get it on Amazon as well.  I got a lot of clothes from MM, but they got pretty spendy.  Are their any consignment shops in your area?  Many moms donate their clothes after so you can often find really nice gently used clothes for super cheap!  I also liked PinkBlush.com for dresses and tops.  They usually always have a sale too.  Honestly I loved maternity clothes…I hope you find some good stuff!

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BeckyS0 :  I second getting a bra extender. They are super inexpensive and will get you use out of your current bras until you feel you NEED to buy news ones in a different size. As for belly bands I found them super uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just me though. It always ended up folding over on me. I’m 9 weeks at the moment and the bloat finally went away (thank goodness) but when I’m wearing tighter pants I’ve been doing the hair tie trick (looping it around the button and pulling it back through) for a little extra room. I didn’t need maternity clothes until I turned 16w with my last pregnancy. I’m hoping I can make it that long this time. Maternity clothes can get pricey. I found Old Navy best for tops (the other stores tops made me look so old and frumpy). My bottoms and dresses were all from Motherhood Maternity. I lucked out and always found things on sale or the lady at the register had a coupon for me. Target can be hit or miss. I purchased a pair of jeans there with the elastic on the side which fit really good for the early stage of bump.

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I LOVE the Cake brand nursing bras- I bought a size up and wore them throughout my pregnancy and now tha I am nursing they are perfect. I bought them at Nordstrom. I second Old Navy maternity tops, especially the tanks. They are so comfy and even though I’m back to pre-pregnancy size, I still wear them as undershirts. For leggings, I just sized up the Old Navy ones and they took me to the end. I didn’t need maternity clothes until about 24 weeks but I got pretty big by the end.

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BeckyS0 :  I third the bra extender.  If it is an issue with the cups, then just buy a regular bra in a bigger size.  I wouldn’t wear a nursing bra yet.  I wouldn’t recommend buying a nursing bra until 3 weeks post-partum once your boobs level out a bit.  Just get one or two stretchy kind or nursing tanks to hold you over until then.

Re pants – I’d just start shopping for maternity pants.  Unless you gain an obsene amount of weight during your pregnancy, they should last the whole time. I am up 15 pounds starting this pregnancy and my maternity pants fit just fine.  Start with a couple pairs and then see if you need more.  I got 2 jeans and 3 work pants.  I hate one of the pairs of jeans so really I got by with 1 and 3.  I had a few dresses too.


Overall recommendation is to not buy your clothes too big.  

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Bra sizes, if the cups, go up a cup size, just the band, get the extender.

Skip the belly band for pants, just get maternity pants. They are so much more comfortable and intended to grow with you instead of trying to make your regular clothes fit. Dresses are fantastic, you can get away with buying regular dresses a size larger than you usually wear and they will be great postpartum too. 

If you want nursing bras that are comfy, just order some off of Amazon, they’re cheap there and can b good around the house bras for you. 

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One trick for the early days is to just keep your pants closed with an elastic to buy you more time before buying maternity clothes. I didn’t like the belly band, I just wore maternity pants and jeans.

Definitely get the bra extender. Your rib cage will be very happy.

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i got my nursing bras from walmart, skip maternity bras.  i used a hair tie to extend my pants until i got maternity pants.

i got most of my maternity clothes from mom swap fb groups. 

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BeckyS0 :  I started wearing the side panel maternity pants from old navy at 8wks because of the bloating and nausea–the tight pants were not helping! No regrets. 

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wvkc :  Amen to that. I’m 8 wks tomorrow and just wore maternity pants for the first time today!

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BeckyS0 :  Here is the belly band set I got – I loved having them and wore regular clothes right up until the last couple of weeks, barring one pair of maternity jeans.  Now that I’m all floppy-bellied, I noticed that wearing them helped stabilize me a bit until my abs started functioning again. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N8U448W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1  They came with waist expanders as well – still using those 2 weeks after birth.  I did buy a nude belly band from Target that had a silicone band in it and it developed fuzzies – I didn’t feel like I looked nice in it when it peeked out.  Once I had these bamboo ones, I never wore the nude one again.


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I’m only 6 weeks and went and did some shopping to try on some maternity jeans the other day. I didn’t buy any because it felt too early and they still felt a little too big. I obviously have no bump, it’s just bloating and fell sort of uncomfortable overall. Right now I’ve just been wearing dresses, leggings with flowy tops, and occasionally some of my super stretchy jeans.

I too also don’t live near good shopping, the closest target is 1.5 hours away. I had to run up that way for some other things so I stopped to check them out. Mostly I just wanted to see how they fit so later on when I was ready to order I could get them online first try without having to send them back.

I did go to our local bra store and buy some soft no underwire bras to wear because my boobs hurt SO bad.

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I was clearly uncomfortable by that time with this pregnancy (my first) too, but maternity clothes were also uncomfortable as they really were designed for a clear bump, not just bloat, and would fall down.  I had to buy a bunch of “in between clothes.”  I bought a couple black pants for work that had elastic in the band and were a size bigger than normal (or as big as you can go without it being too ridiculous to grow into- I had 1 pair 3 sizes up that looked good on me for awhile), and some bigger/ loose fitting blouses (which were both comfy and helped get me not look so obviously pregnant until I was ready to tell the world).  I also stocked up on a lot of leggings and cardigans, and could comfortably wear most of my prematernity dresses for quite awhile.  The first kind of maternity clothes that I was comfortable in were Alien maternity dresses- they aren’t too different than prematernity wear- just a bit longer and made of a stretchier fabric.  They fit me well at 7 and 8 weeks, and most of them still fit me now at 36.5 weeks- and honestly some of them are so cute I may even wear them after labor!!  Definitely the maternity wear I would start with!!!!  I didn’t start wearing maternity pants until like 13 or 14 weeks (I bought my first pair at 8- they just felt ridiculous until then to wear out) and didn’t wear maternity tops until around 18 weeks (by that time I was clearly pregnant- like noticable to neighbors and random strangers out shopping too).  Now at 36.5 weeks, a lot of my maternity wear is too small- many tops aren’t long enough, and my bands keep rolling down- I have 1 or 2 dresses that are now too short, but most are still ok.  Sucking it up because I’m so close and don’t want to buy more maternity.  

In terms of buying online- I would be careful of sizing, because in my experience it was ALL over the place- even more so than regular clothes.  I usually wear medium tops and a 6-8 in pants and dresses, but in maternity I have sizes from S all the way to XL- and some of the XL things are smaller than some of my smaller sizes.   

I found target stuff to be really expensive for the quality.  I love old navy tops (their sizes are about true to prematernity sizes), but their pants didn’t even remotely come close to fitting me at any point of the pregnancy.  Motherhood has lots of great stuff (macy’s sells their stuff too so look who has the better deal) and has lots of sales especially online- maybe their stuff runs a hair small but not too bad.  If you have a Ross or Burlington Coat factory look there- many of them have maternity and have some great finds really cheap (sizes are all over the place so you really need to try on).  Surprisingly the maternity wear at Walmart (they only sell online) end up being my favorite for yoga pants, shorts, casual lounging around clothes.  I have never shopped at Walmart before and only bought because I needed summer gear and was sick of how much money I spent on maternity- figured it was a waste and I’d be returning everything, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I actually prefer their shorts to Motherhood, Old Navy, and everywhere else, and they are a fraction of the price.  Found work pants and jeans I love at Ross and Burlington for cheap, but would probably actually try walmart jeans next time!  

In terms of undergarments- nursing bras (or even just thin wire free bras up a size- similar to nursing bras) are the way to go for maternity.  Maternity underwear seems like a scam because it doesn’t look much different and is more expensive than non-maternity, but it absolutely isn’t!  I bought seemless underwear from Victoria Secret up a size between 10-12 weeks because my underwear were so uncomfortable.  They were fine for a little bit, but mid way through 2nd trimester they were giving me serious wedgies, and I was already uncomforable enough to put up with it.  Ended up getting maternity underwear from Motherhood- they look the same as nonmaternity only at a higher price, but are more expensive, but utimately I would have been comfier and saved money if I skipped my in between underwear and went straight to these.  

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