Early pregnancy nausea and can barely eat

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Oh I remember that early feeling but luckily it settled for me at about 13 weeks. I just ate lots of mini pretzels and sugar free sprite and that seemed to work. It is also why my husband has nicknamed the baby pretzel.  Also had to avoid plain water as that made things worse.

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@spookybride:  I’m so sorry. I’m gearing up to try for #2, but I was SO sick when I was pregnant three years ago. I was feeling on top of the world until the day I hit 6 weeks. Then it was multiple bouts of vomiting a day. I got to the point I couldn’t keep down water. Went to urgent care and got an IV of fluids after my OBs office and GP kept trying to push me off on the other or didn’t answer fast enough. They gave me Zofran..I just slept a little until I puked. Haha after some trial and error, Diclegis was my “miracle drug.” Instead of 8 bouts of vomiting a day, that brought me to 2. I was miserable until a little into the second trimester, if I remember right. 


if you are having trouble keeping stuff down, call your doctor. The earlier you get it under control the better! And if the first thing you try doesn’t work, keep calling until you get some help! 

I saw at least one other person say avoid ginger– I agree. At first, that helped..but after it came back up a few times, it is ruined for me for life haha another tip that worked for me- Ensure. It helped me not fear eating something, especially in the morning. If it came back up, it was easy/didn’t hurt…and then it also can help get some nutrition in there if it will stay down! 

I hope you start feeling better soon. I know it is not fun, but I promise the baby WAS worth it. 


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@spookybride:  Sidenote: Not sure if this is true, but my doctor told me that increased nausea means the pregnancy is “sticky” so that’s good news at least. But, it’s no fun at all so I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this.

Yes, I had very severe nausea that landed me on an IV drip. I couldn’t keep any food or water down for days. Every day I threw up until all that was left was bile, which I threw up too. I became very weak and lethargic. Too Much Information, but urine turned dark brown as a result of no fluids and my doctor told me to get to an emergency room. I was then hospitalized for dehydration and given the IV drip and medicated with chewable tablets (blanking on the prescription right now). After that incident, my nausea still lasted about 6 maybe even 7 months.

Honestly, what “worked” for me was drinking light, bland soup for nearly every meal. Literally, I drank soup for breakfast from a thermos. And learning what smells triggered me (like my husband’s deodorant and cologne). I’d be lying if I said my nausea ever went away. I still threw up daily. I just wasn’t throwing up all day anymore…

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i lost weight in the first tri of both my pregnancies. the only things i could eat were carbs, dairy, and fruit.  and that’s what i did.   chicken and brocoli were huge aversions.


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Oh my gosh I’m sorry. I went through that too. It got better during the second trimester and then worse again during the third. I did ginger ale, pb crackers, plain crackers, plain animal crackers, toast with a little jam and a lot of water. I still threw up a lot and had a lot of pepsid.

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I was super nauseaus and it didn’t clear up until week 16. Two things helped me: eating a little often and on a schedule, usually high in carbs. And Vitamin B-6! That helped so much! I didn’t want to take any anti-nausea drugs, so I just made sure I had toast or a muffin or something first thing in the morning. Had a high protein snack a couple hours after that. Ate a balacned, but light lunch. Ate a light snack in the afternoon, and usually split my dinner in half and ate half right after work and the other half a little later. I also snacked on popcorn whenever I got nauseaus and that helped me. You will find something that will help with your nausea, just keep a lot of it around! 

2 things that always made me sick: eating too late (dinner, snacks, breakfast, etc.), so sometimes I ate something even if I wasn’t hungry just because I would get sick by the time I actually got hungry. And eating anything too heavy/fatty/filling. I kept my meals light and ate often and that helped a lot! 

Definitely try the B-6. I know some people take it with Unisom, but I didn’t like the way that made me feel, so I just did the B-6 and it helped. Honestly, sometimes its just finding what works for you. One of my friends sucked on starbursts the whole first semester because that was the only thing that helped her! Starburst didn’t help me at all! A good sprite every now and again did, though! 

Also make sure you are staying hydrated. Drink water, tea, flavored water, whatever you can keep down. 

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