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Blushing bee
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I think I’m out. I had a sudden loss of symptoms last might, a huge bbt drop this am and when I POAS this am it was super-light; as light as it was ( or even lighter) than when I got my bfp. Kind of crampy too so I’m just waiting for the bleeding to start. 

Good luck to you all who are still going…

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Buzzing bee
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I’ll repost my info:)

Date of BFP: 11/9/11

Estimated Due Date: 7/21/12

Previous children? No, this will be our first after ttc for a year:D

First doctor’s appointment: December 20th. Such a long wait!

How are you feeling? Exhausted ans I’m starting to get some morning sickness.

Gut feeling: boy or girl? I think it’s going to be a boy!

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Helper bee
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@dagret:  Oh no…I hope that this is just an anomoly for you…I’ve heard not to take your BBT after you get a positive HPT as your temp fluctuates a lot after you’re pregnant…How long ago did you get your BFP?  I’m praying that it sticks.  Please keep us posted.

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@chastenet: I like the additional question about gut feeling: gir/boy: I have no idea and because it took us so long to get pregnant again after our first loss, I’ll take either one as long as it’s a healthy baby!!  But, I did have a dream last night that we went in for an ultrasound and found out that we are having TWINS!  LOL that would be hilarious!

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Sugar bee
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Date of BFP: 11/8/2011

Estimated Due Date: 7/14/2012

Previous children? Nope, this will be our first

First doctor’s appointment: December 8 and I can’t wait for it

How are you feeling? Fine, mainly just tired and I don’t really have an appetite

Gut feeling: boy or girl? Right now I’m feeling like 60% boy, 40% girl and we’d be happy either way but would like a girl!

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Blushing bee
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Date of BFP:  11/9/11

Estimated Due Date:  7/21/12

Previous children?  Nope!

First doctor’s appointment:  December 7th – a week from today…

How are you feeling?  Up and down.  Pretty good so far today.  Have had nausea off and on, exhaustion almost always, food aversions, and a good amount of bloat.

Gut feeling: boy or girl?  I totally think girl. 


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@JewishBride: we are BFP and due date twins πŸ™‚

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Blushing bee

Yay!  I am super curious to find out how all you new moms are feeling and what you guys are doing to prepare!

Date of BFP: 11/27

Estimated Due Date: 8/3

Previous children? Nope!  Our first and SO excited!

First doctor’s appointment: Likely Dec 9 for our 6 week ultrasound

How are you feeling? Totally normal.  I am a liitel scared that I feel normal, and got my second HCG blood test today.  Really praying that the numbers have doubled so I know everything is on track

Gut feeling: Boy.  I didn’t think about it until I started referring to it as a “he”!  So, I guess I think its a boy!

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Bumble bee
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Date of BFP:  11/14

Estimated Due Date:  7/23/12

Previous children?  Nope, this is our first!!!

First doctor’s appointment:  I had my first appt on November 18th but it was a set appointment and there was not much to do since I was so early in the pregnancy.  I have another appt on December 16th and will have my first ultrasound then.  πŸ™‚

How are you feeling?  Exhaused.  Like I’m fighting a cold or like I have the flu when I’m super tired and fighting the naseau.  MS comes and goes, as does number “2” issues.  I get crampy now and again, which always makes me nervous, and my boobs are already growing out of my bra.  I’m definitely bloated and did I mention I’m exhausted.  Always.  All I can think about is going to bed or taking a nap.

Gut feeling: boy or girl?  My original gut was a girl, but now sometimes I go back and forth.    

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Busy bee
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Date of BFP:11/30/11 TODAY!!!!!!!

Estimated Due Date: Either July 18 or August 13 (depending on LMP)

Previous children? no–this is our first!

First doctor’s appointment: December 16 at 1:20 p.m. Cannot wait for it to get here!

How are you feeling? Tired. Had a major headache yesterday and boobs are very sore. I’ve gone to the bathroom forty million times this morning.

Gut feeling: boy or girl? girl, but that may be wishful thinking πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee
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@Mrs. Bonnie Blue: congrats!!


Date of BFP: Late 10/30/11

Estimated Due Date:7/8/12

Previous children? None, this is our first, and probably our only miracle baby.

First doctor’s appointment: 11/23/11, we got to see the little marshmello, and see it’s hearbeat.  We go in on 12/23/11 for our 12 week appointment.

How are you feeling? Really, Really good.  Other than feeling like a cow.  I swear I have a big belly already.  I don’t have any major pregnancy symptoms. No sickness, no sore boobs etc.

Gut feeling: boy or girl?  Girl, I have no idea why.  DH had a dream we had a girl too.

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Worker bee
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Date of BFP: 11/27/11

Estimated Due Date: internet puts it around 8/11/12

Previous children? Nope, this would be numerio uno

First doctor’s appointment: haven’t called yet…going to give it a few days to sink in before calling

How are you feeling? You mean other than incredibly anxious?!?! I’m worried this is a cruel joke and it’ll disapear faster than it showed up Undecided Other than that I’m feeling ok. A little bloat, nausea and light cramping

Gut feeling: boy or girl? Always, always thought I’d have all girls. For some reason I’m thinking boy now but at this stage it’s purely a guess!


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Busy bee
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Date of BFP: 10/30

Estimated Due Date: 7/11/2012

Previous children? This will be our first (but had a prior pregnancy that ended in a MC at 10 weeks)

First doctor’s appointment: We had our first appointment 11/22 and everything looked good. I go back in on 12/6 for another ultrasound.

How are you feeling? Oh boy. I have a lot of symptoms. Exhuasted! All day nausea, food aversions to almost everything, huge sore boobs, constipated, bloated, back acne, burping… I’m just waiting for the “pregnancy glow” to kick in! πŸ™‚

Overall, I’m feeling very positive, as this pregnancy feels very different than my last. I am still anxious, though, and very happy that my midwife will see me every 2 weeks in the beginning to help with the anxiousness! 

Gut feeling: boy or girl?  At first I thought boy. Then I thought girl. Now I have no idea. I’d probably prefer a girl and my husband would probably prefer a boy, but after my MC I can HONESTLY say that all I want is a healthy baby.  

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Helper bee
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Date of BFP: 10/29/11

Estimated Due Date: 7/12/11

Previous children? one 14 month old

First doctor’s appointment: Monday

How are you feeling? Sick, adn tired!

Gut feeling: boy or girl? I have no clue! Maybe boy.

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Busy bee
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Date of BFP: 11/28/11

Estimated Due Date: 8/7/12

Previous children? Nope, this will be the first for both of us. 

First doctor’s appointment: Had a confirmation appointment on Tues and was told to call back in a few weeks to schedule an 8 week appointment. 

How are you feeling? Pretty good. Light cramps here and there, gassy, thirsty and a little tired. I have a bad cold so that is also contributing to some of the symptoms I think. 

Gut feeling: boy or girl? I really have no idea. I think girls only because we BD so many times in and around ovulation but DH really wants a boy so I don’t know what I’m leaning towards yet. 

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